Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers Provide Repair Assistance To Consumers


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Times are definitely tough out there, which is causing more and more people to opt for repairing their household appliances rather than replacing them.

This trend has spurred many manufacturers to focus additional resources towards customer help lines and online tutorials to accommodate the increase in demand from people wanting to do the repairs themselves.

One such vacuum manufacturer is Techtronic Industries, the maker of Hoover and Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners. Techtronic has seen a 40% increase in U.S. help line calls over the past two years, which equates to more than 2,000 calls a day. Dan Gregory, president of Techtronic’s American floor care division says that in many cases, “if you call us, we can fix it with you over the phone.”

Smart manufacturers know that providing these services is just good business, creating a win-win situation for both themselves and the consumer. Manufacturers ultimately save money and hassle not having vacuums returned and potentially losing a customer. And the consumer saves time and money not having to buy a new vacuum or the inconvenience of taking their existing one in for repairs.

A new vacuum cleaner can cost several hundred dollars, whereas most common repairs can cost less  than $50.00 with a little effort on the part of the owner. Sometimes it’s as simple as hitting a reset button, removing a clog, or replacing an inexpensive belt or filter.

Bottom Line: When you encounter a problem with the performance of your vacuum cleaner, start by calling the manufacturer’s help line for assistance. It may save you a lot of headaches … and money!

Source: Wall Street Journal

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