Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

What are the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners? Answering this question is not as easy as you might think. With dozens of different vacuum brands and more than a hundred individual vacuum cleaner models to choose from, the choices are literally mind boggling. [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t3-top-left.shtml] Where do you start in your quest for the best upright […]

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners - Using The Power Of Water To Clean

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners have been manufactured by Rexair LLC since 1936. Utilizing the power of water, Rainbow vacuums clean 99.997% of dirt and allergens from the home. [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t2-top.shtml] Within a few short years of its release, the Rainbow vacuum was being hailed as a major breakthrough in eliminating dust from the home. Medical professionals […]

Canister Vacuum Cleaners - Reviews, Ratings, and Top Recommendations

Canister Vacuum Cleaners are excellent for cleaning solid flooring, stairs, drapes, blinds, and ceilings. While canister vacuums also vacuum carpets, generally upright vacuum cleaners work better on large areas of wall-to-wall carpeting. [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t2-top.shtml] Which canister vacuum cleaners are best? Well that, of course, all depends on what your needs are. Here are a few […]

Miele Red Velvet Canister Vacuum Review

The Miele Red Velvet Canister Vacuum (S6270) represents Miele’s relaunch of the S6 series vacuum cleaner. A high quality, full-featured vacuum that balances beauty with power and functionality. Price: $469.00 (MSRP) PROS Very quiet Agile Excellent suction and filtration CONS Cannot use hose or attachments without the handle BOTTOM LINE The Miele Red Velvet works […]

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners - A Complete Line Of Vacuums From Sears

Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners were first sold in 1932 by the Sears Roebuck Company. They are currently manufactured primarily by Panasonic and sold predominantly at Sears and Kmart stores nationwide. [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t2-top.shtml] There are a wide variety of Kenmore vacuums and carpet cleaning products to choose from, including, uprights, canisters, central vacuum systems, and a carpet […]

Aerus Electrolux | Aerus Lux - The Original Electrolux

Aerus Electrolux or Aerus Lux, which is it? A lot of people are confused about who actually makes the Electrolux brand of vacuums. The confusion is justified, as there are two companies involved with the “Electrolux” brand name. The “new” Electrolux models available at local retailers, or online at, are made by Electrolux Home […]

The Best Cleaner Money Can Buy - Choosing The Best Cleaning Appliance For Your Needs

Choosing The Best Cleaner, whether it’s a vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, steam cleaner, or another cleaning appliance, requires careful assessment of your needs, thorough research of the available options, and then finding the proper balance between price, features, and usability for your particular situation. [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t3-top-left.shtml] We are constantly asked: Who makes the BEST vacuum […]

The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

We are often asked what is the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair? Is it an upright vacuum cleaner, a canister vac, bagged or bagless vacuum? The ability to vacuum up pet hair has less to do with the style of the vacuum cleaner than with its beater bar bristle design and vacuuming power. Using a […]

The Best Vacuum Cleaner You Can Buy - How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Your Needs

Find the Best Vacuum Cleaner based on price/value, performance, features, and consumer reviews. Things to consider when choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner: [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t3-top-right.shtml] What types of flooring will you be vacuuming? Lots of wall-to-wall carpeting? Mostly solid flooring? Or a combination of both? Do you have delicate flooring like hardwood? Consider the following: Upright […]

Eureka Vacuums - Makers Of The Famous Boss Smart Vac

Eureka Vacuums got their start in 1909 as the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company. They’ve sold millions of vacuums since then, even selling as much as one third of all vacuums manufactured in the U.S. during the 1920’s. [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t2-top.shtml] In 1974, Eureka was purchased by AB Electrolux of Sweden and officially changed their name to […]