SteamFast Steam Cleaners - Affordable Home Steam Cleaning Products

SteamFast Steam Cleaners are manufactured by Top Innovations, Inc., which also makes SteamMax and McCulloch Steam Cleaners and CleanFast cleaning products. They have developed affordable steam cleaners that are simple to use, and with performance you’d expect from much more expensive steam cleaning machines.

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Steamfast debuted its first product, a garment steamer, in 1999. From there they expanded to include steam cleaning machines that range from the lightweight and portable SF226 Handheld to the SF140 Steam Mop to the SF275 Canister Steam Cleaner. Models range in price from $49.99 to $129.99 and several have even earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

The benefits of steam cleaning are well known, especially to eco-conscious consumers and people with allergies. Vapor Steam Cleaners have been popular in Europe for many years and the list of uses for these machines is nearly limitless. If you are like most people, you’ll soon learn that steam cleaning can be addictive! Once you start cleaning with steam, you’ll find more and more uses for it.

Steam cleaning is an excellent way to clean and sanitize your home without the use of harmful chemicals. It’s also very economical, since the only ingredient you need is simple tap water. And with SteamFast machines, steam cleaning is easy, affordable, and fun!

SteamFast, SteamMax, and McCulloch Steamers are available at local retailers and online at, which also carries many steam cleaner parts and accessories for these machines.


SteamFast Steam Cleaner Models

SteamFast SF-275 Canister

SteamFast SF-275 Canister Steam Cleaner The SF 275 is SteamFast’s top-of-the-Line canister steam cleaner. This 1500 watt machine holds 48 oz. of water that heats to over 200º F in 8 minutes and lasts for approximately 45 minutes of continuous use. At just 10 lbs. the SF275 is lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

A comparable model in the McCulloch series is the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner.

SteamFast SF-246 Portable Canister

SteamFast SF-246 Portable Canister Steam CleanerThe SF 246 is a portable, shoulder-carried unit equipped with a 1500-watt heating system, 33 ounce water tank, 4.5 foot hose, and 12.8 foot power cord. It comes with 10 accessories including, brass and nylon utility brushes, a small jet nozzle, and 2 extension wands.

A comparable model in the McCulloch series is the McCulloch MC1246 Portable Power Steam Cleaner.

SteamFast SF-226 Handheld Steam Cleaner

SteamFast SF-226 Handheld Steam CleanerThe SF 226 is a compact, yet powerful handheld steam cleaner with a 900-watt boiler and 6 oz. water capacity to provide 8-10 minutes of cleaning and sanitizing steam. 8 accessories are included.

Additional models in the SF 226 Series include: SF-226H Combo Pack

Comparable models in the McCulloch series are the McCulloch MC1226 handheld steam cleaner, MC1226A degreaser combo pack, and MC1226W wallpaper combo pack.

SteamFast SF-294 Three-In-One Steam Mop

SteamFast SF-294 Three-In-One Steam MopThe SF294 is a steam mop, steam cleaner, and enhanced fabric steamer all in one. Variable steam adjusts for use on a number of surfaces. The SF 294 features a 1300-watt boiler and continuous-fill water tank for virtually unlimited steam.

SteamFast SF-140 Steam Mop

SteamFast SF-140 Steam MopThe SF140 Steam Mop replaces conventional mops and allows you to clean and sanitize with the power of steam. A swiveling handle increases maneuverability to quickly and safely care for a wide variety of hard floor surfaces. Its 1000-watt boiler and 8 oz. water capacity, provides up to 12 minutes of steam cleaning and sanitizing. The SF140 comes with a telescopic pole, 2 micro-fiber cloths, fill cup, and a resting pad.

Additional models in the SF 140 Series include: SF-140F Steam Mop Combo Pack

SteamFast SF-141 Steam MopSteamFast SF-141 Steam Mop

The SF141 produces constant steam and is a chemical free way to clean your hard surface flooring. With 1000 watts of power and 10 oz. water capacity, you can steam clean and sanitize for up to 12 minutes. The SF 141 Steam Mop is easy to use and store.

SteamFast SF-142 Steam Mop

SteamFast SF-142 Steam MopThe SF142 Steam Mop with 1000 watts of power, uses ordinary tap water and gives you up to 12 minutes of steam to clean a variety of hard floor surfaces. Also included are two machine-washable microfiber pads, measuring cup, and resting pad.

Additional models in the SF 142 Series include: SF-142F Steam Mop Combo Pack

SteamFast SF-145 Clean Mist Steam Mop

SteamFast SF-145 Clean Mist Steam MopThe SF145 features an on-board reservoir for CleanFast steam-activated hard floor cleaning solution. Pre-treat hard floors to help release stubborn scuffs and stains with the press of a button. A 1000-watt boiler heats water in about 3 minutes, providing steam for up to 12 minutes. The telescoping handle adjusts for any user height.

Additional models in the SF 145 Series include: SF-145XR

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