Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum - Comparable To A Dyson?

The Shark Navigator (NV22, NV22W, NV22L, NV22LCO, NV22T, NV22TGR, NV22C, NV22P, NV22Q, NV22X, UV400 Deluxe Edition, NV36A, NV42, NV70, NV80, UV420) is a compact, lightweight vacuum cleaner designed for ease of use. It has all the features of a full-sized upright vacuum in a package that is about half the size.

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Update: The Euro-Pro / Shark Navigator NV26 is the latest model in the Navigator lineup. It has the same features and performance as the Navigator NV22, but with a swivel steering floor head, like the one on the Navigator LiftAway.

Shark Navigator

Price: $199.99 (MSRP)

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  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Easy empty dust cup
  • Lifetime washable filters and lifetime belts
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver
  • Small dust capacity
  • Somewhat fragile
The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner does a good job with both carpets and bare floors. Its small size makes it great for storing and daily spot cleaning needs, such as picking up pet hair. The Navigator is well suited to small apartments and homes, or as a second vacuum to clean multi-level homes.


Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner Review


The Navigator is the model shown in the latest Shark infomercial where it is advertised as being comparable to a Dyson. While that is a bit of a stretch, overall the Shark Navigator NV22 is a pretty good vacuum.

When we first looked at the Navigator NV22, we were skeptical that such a small vacuum could deliver the performance of its much larger and more expensive rivals, but after only a short time of using this vacuum cleaner, it was obvious why consumers have rated it so highly.

Like the Dyson, the Navigator is a bagless vacuum that uses cyclonic technology to separate dirt and dust particles from the vacuum’s air stream. Also like a Dyson, there is no bag to clog, providing consistent suction as the dust bin fills to capacity. That is about where the similarities end. These are two uniquely different vacuum cleaners.

In the battle of "Shark Navigator vs Dyson", the Dyson comes out ahead on performance and build quality. The Navigator is good, but a Dyson it is not. View our comparison chart to see how they stack up to each other.

Here is the Official Shark Navigator Infomercial


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Navigator Vacuum Models

Shopping for a Navigator NV22 can get a bit confusing with all the different model numbers available. But, basically, they are all the exact same vacuum with either a slightly different accessory package.

For instance, all Navigators in the NV22 and UV400 series are the base NV22 vacuum and the letters that follow identify the different attachment package included with the vacuum. For example, the NV22C has the optional Pet Hair Power Brush, models NV22T, NV22P, and NV22Q have the power brush and also include a 24" crevice tool. The NV22Q also comes with an additional ten foot section of stretch hose. Regardless of the letter designation, you’re still getting a Shark Navigator NV22 vacuum cleaner and all Navigator tool options are available for your choosing.

Then there is the UV400 series, which is an NV22 with a slightly longer warranty (7 yrs. vs. 5), plus an additional wand, hose, and floor brush.

Shark also has a few specialty kits, such as the Extended Reach Cleaning Kit and the Back-Saver Kit, available for all NV22 models. The Extended Reach Cleaning kit consists of a ten foot super stretch hose that extends the on-board hose to a total of 22 feet, an extra wand doubles your reach from the hose end, and a low-reach bare floor brush for all types of bare flooring. The Back-Saver Kit includes a wand that is both articulating and telescopic, along with a low-profile, dual-purpose, carpet/bare floor brush so you never have to bend down to clean.


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Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Compact and lightweight with smooth glide rubber wheels for effortless navigation around furniture.
  • Deep carpet and superior bare floor cleaning. The Navigator power head easily removes pet hair on carpets.
  • Turbo brush removes pet hair from carpets and upholstery.
  • The 24-inch crevice tool extends your reach into tight places.
  • Infinity Technology – a patented dirt separation system that maintains constant suction power.
  • 2 motor system with brush roll shut off.
  • Lifetime washable filters and lifetime belts.
  • Super stretch 12 ft. (3.6M) hose and 30 ft. (9.1M) power cord.


Our tests show that both the carpet and bare floor cleaning abilities of the Shark Navigator are top notch. Pet hair and dirt are vacuumed up from carpets with ease, while on bare floors, cat litter and dust bunnies don’t stand a chance. Edge cleaning is also very good.

Shark utilizes twin motors, one for suction, one for the brush roll, both of which are operated from a single conveniently located power switch at the base of the handle. The brush roll can be turned on or off independently of the main suction motor for vacuuming bare floors and to prevent damage to delicate flooring surfaces. The brush roll turns itself off automatically when the vacuum is brought up into the parked position. This prevents damage to carpets and bare floors alike when using the wand and hose for corners or above floor cleaning. These features are key elements in both performance and safety.

The Navigator’s small size makes it extremely nimble in small rooms and tight spaces. At just under 15 pounds, it is easy to lift and move around, a good trait for cleaning stairs. These are also attributes that are well-suited for convenient storage or quick pick-ups and spot cleaning.

Above Floor Work

The Shark Navigator is a multi-purpose vacuum, meaning that it is capable of both on-floor and above-floor cleaning tasks. You’ll find a neatly coiled 12-foot hose onboard, along with an extension wand, crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dust brush.

The turbo brush has felt strips on its leading edges to facilitate pet hair removal from nearly any surface, be it carpet, upholstery, or fabrics. The power brush makes short work of cleaning dog bedding, cat trees, or just about anything else that pet hair is attracted to. It is also the perfect tool for cleaning the interior of your car.

We like that there is a suction control vent on the end of the hose to reduce suction as needed, such as when cleaning knick-knacks, lightweight draperies, or delicate fabrics. Additionally, there is no handle on the hose, it’s just a hose nozzle that the accessories attach to directly. This reduces the size and bulk in your hand, giving you more precise control and the ability to clean in cramped areas.


Maintenance of the Navigator is as easy as using the vacuum cleaner itself. The dust bin releases from the vacuum with the press of a button and empties just as easily. If you are allergic to dust, or are dust sensitive, you can minimize your exposure by wrapping the dust bin with a trash bag first and/or emptying the container outside.

All the filters on the Navigator are washable. The motor filter is directly below the dust bin and the HEPA filter is accessed from the front of the vacuum. With the filters removed, simply run them under cool, clear tap water to rinse clean. The foam motor filter can be squeezed within the water stream to help flush the dirt free. When the filters are completely dry they can be reinstalled in the vacuum cleaner.

You can download the Shark Navigator Owner’s Manual for models NV22, NV22C, NV22P, NV22Q, and NV22T here.


The Euro-Pro / Shark Navigator upright vacuum cleaner is reasonably priced and delivers good performance on carpets and bare surfaces alike. For above floor tasks, onboard tools are only a fingertip away when you need them. The bagless design and permanent filters will save you money over the life of the vacuum cleaner. The Navigator is well-suited to small apartments and homes, or as a second vacuum to clean multi-level homes.


“Amazon’s discount prices change daily so check out the June 20, 2021 sale price for this item right now by Clicking Here.”



Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Specifications

Vacuum Type: Upright – Bagless
Motor: 12 Amp/1400 Watt
Power Controls: On/Off and brush roll control combined into one switch
Dust Bin Capacity: .75 qt (.82L)
Standard Filters: Pre-Motor Filter, HEPA Filter
Included Attachments: Dust Brush, 24" (61cm) Crevice Tool, Turbo Brush
Suction Wand: 16" (40.6cm) Extension Wand
Operating Radius: 30ft (9.1M) power cord / 12ft (3.6M) super stretch hose
Auto Cord Reel Rewind: No
Thermal Safety Shut-off: Yes
Dimensions: 46″ H x 11.25″ W x 10″ L
(117cm x 28.5cm x 25cm)
Weight: 14.7 lbs (6.6kg)
Warranty: 5 year limited warranty
Price (MSRP): $199.99 Save At Amazon!



  1. I’ve had this vacuum about a month. It’s totally GREAT !

    I bought it to replace a 14 year old Fantom Thunder – which is still working, but I’m finding it heavy to navigate, and I’m sick of the expense of replacing Hepa filters.

    The Shark Navigator has a WASHABLE Hepa Filter. Cool!

    The suction power on this vacuum is EXCELLENT. My carpet is OLD and the pile is very worn, but the Shark fluffed it up, pulled a lot of dirt out, and improved it dramatically. Being able to shut the brush-roll is an excellent feature so I can vacuum my light weight area rugs without getting them caught. Emptying the dirt container is super easy and no mess. And no bags to buy! The smaller head on this machine allows it to get in and under tight spots easily. The pet hair attachment did a terrific job of sucking dog hair out of my upholstery!

    This vacuum has very much exceeded my expectations! It’s all they claim it to be, and more. PLUS the free Steam Mop is a GREAT easy-to-use tool for cleaning floors (and refreshing carpet). The vacuum and steam mop were both easy to assemble. I would HIGHLY recommend both products. I’m a very pleased customer !

  2. I have 4 young children, 1 dog, and 1 husband, so as anyone could imagine I need a great vaccumm. I owned other shark products before (the steam mop I love) including a vaccumm by them called the power pet, its a canister vac. The Power Pet was fine for hard floors, but horrible for carpet, and I finally talked my husband into the Navigator purchase. The suction on this rocks!!! My dad came over the day after I swept without even knowing we got a new vac and asked if we got new carpet! I wish! 3 months later its still going strong! I do wish it had a better attachment for stairs, but the ones that come with it do work, although I don’t think they were intended for that. Also, I have off white sitting chairs in my living room and the upholstry attachment gets the black dog hair right off. I love it!! Also, I have dealt with there customer service before and they were easy to get ahold of and very helpful.

  3. marsha snyder says

    I just received my vacuum yesterday. First time around d I found out I put the filters in the wrong place. it has to go on top of the motor under the canister.

    after i put the filters in the right place i tried the vacuum again and was I amazed. I have two cats that leave fur on everything – that little attachment for animal fur is unbelievable. It sucks up every little hair stuck to pillows, couch, etc.

    vacuum the rug was so easy and it cleaned so well. I never fell in love with a vacuum but I love this one so much and just washing the filters in a couple months i ca deal with that.

    Thank u Shark for such a wonderful vacuum.

  4. Krystal Longsworth says

    I literally just bought it last week and i am totally in love! i had a 6 yr old bagless eureka that i thought was good but new i needed a new one. so i seen the commercial for it one night and begged my husband to get it! as soon as i got it, he assembled it in 2 minutes and minute 3 it was in use! i immediately noticed the suction on it was amazing as i could actually feel it pulling! so we spot tested it with our other vacuum to see how well it did. we swept a small spot of carpet for a minute and a half with our old vac, and then went over the same spot for the same amount of time with the navigator. the results SHOCKED me! i was in awe! i had three times the dirt and dust in the navigator then my old vac! and to think all that time i was breathing in all the nasty my old vac left behind! to put it this way, last september i sprinkled the white carpet deodorizer on my carpet, and have swept a hundred times since then. the navigator, honest to god, was white when i finished sweeping my entire living area! i could absolutely not believe it! i think everyone should get one! they are simply amazing! you would be shocked the things your old vacuum left behind that the navigator picks up! i dont have any complaints and i dont think i ever will!!!

  5. i have 8 animals in my house 5 cats 3 dogs, so if anyone needs agood vacuum its me, we were going through vacuums almost every two years, we ‘ve had eureka, kenmore , bissel , dirt devil and they all worked great at first , but then just couldn’t hack it, it was such hassel to vacuum before it took forever having to vacuum the same spot over and over again , but the shark navigator cuts my vacuum time in half not only that but the carpets actual feel cleaner and i think my shark actual took the place of my broom as well it goes from carpet to floor so easily its so light weight and a joy to clean, i love this vacuum , i wouldn’t change a thing about it , absolutly perfect, 5 is the highest your aloud to rate it but its a 10 hands down! the best and the last vacuum you’ll ever own!!!!! thankyou shark!!!!

  6. I first found the Shark Navigator on one of those “Sunday morning infomercials” that was playing as background noise on the TV. It caught my eye as I was looking to replace my Hoover Bagless Twin Chamber system, which had begun to smell like a wet dog despite repeated attempts to clean it. So I watched the Shark commercial, and their comparison to the Dyson, and thought “No way is it THAT good ..” By the end of the 30 minute show I decided to do some research on my own (since I’m a skeptic) and couldn’t find anything less than a 4 star review – most being a 5 star! So I went to their website and decided to try it. I am glad I did!

    The Shark arrived and it was easy to assemble. I gave it a test run and was immediately impressed with the amount of cat hair it pulled from the carpet (which I *thought* was clean, thank you stinky Hoover!). They’re right – it doesn’t loose suction, so you have to keep an eye on the collection chamber, which takes about 2 seconds to empty and you never get your hands dirty in the process. The extra long power cord means I can do my entire 2,000 sq ft house with only having to move the cord 3 times. Switching from hard wood to the Berber carpet is simple with the flip of a switch. There is writing all over the unit to tell you what things are for, like the little hook on the back of the handle for the cord so you don’t have to carry it with your free hand (someone thought of that). The filters on mine came preinstalled, along with another set so when I wash the first I can keep on vacuuming (not sure how long they expect the first set to dry, or how excited about vacuuming they think I am).

    Now I said it was great, but not perfect. It does have some things that I feel I must point out which held it back from being 5 stars. First is the weight. 15 lbs might not seem like a lot but considering how you have to grab it and carry it, it can be tiresome. Frankly though, who really carries their vacuum around? That’s why there’s wheels on it. The handle has a little rotational twist to it that could have been machined out. This gives it a “cheap” feel at times. Nothing major, but once you feel it you’ll always know it’s there. The vent on the front is the biggest complaint I have. Unless you tip the unit almost horizontal, air blows straight out in front of you. In the horizontal mode it will blow upwards. If you have hardwood floors and end up chasing cat hair like I do, this gets old fast when the vacuum blows it all over the place. A deflector or simple port to the back would have been more logical. Anyone use the light on their vacuum? I never did, or thought I did. The Shark doesn’t have one and I have found myself in closets suddenly wishing I had one.

    Don’t let all of this stop you from buying one though – it is still an awesome machine.

  7. I have been using a Dirt Devil vacuum for 4 years. I also get Sears in to do my carpets every 2 years. When I used this vacuum I couldn’t believe how much dirt the Navigator sucked out of my carpets. We filled the canister twice & I vacuum daily with my Dirt Devil. My carpets after 4 uses are almost like new. I have 3 kids and my carpets were almost brown. The real color is light beige. I bought this because I am having company flying in and wanted to see if it could clean my carpets as well as Sears does & it is very close. It doesn’t get stains out but the dirt that it got out of my carpets was unbelievable.

    If you are wondering if the suction as good as they say, I have to say yes. As soon as I was pulling the vacuum back to me I could feel the difference. When I am cleaning near my hallway my old vacuum would shoot the dirt onto the floor and my hall floor is white. When I did the same test with the Navigator, the Navigator clung on to the carpet and did not shoot dirt onto my floor.

    I vacuum my couches weekly and when I used the hand held brush it picked up so much more dirt. I am hoping when I have used the hand held 3 more times I will see my couches change color as well.

    I haven’t had this product very long, but I know it’s worth it.


    Especially if you have kids!


  8. Have had unit over six months now after two years looking for a new cleaner. There are so many units and different stores carry slightly different models it can be confusing buying a stinking vacuum. After plenty of testing, borrowing friends units and listening to people the shark was the unit to get. Six months later and I wonder what took so long. Best unit on market and only dyson can compete if you are willing to pay triple. In testing I truly believe the shark is better built and easier to use than the dyson.

    The shark performs superb, easy to operate, comes with the needed extras, has lifetime belt and five year warranty, and seems to be very durable well built machine.

    Minor quibbles are front exhaust vent blows hair on hardwood and no headlight.

  9. Thomas Hugh Hollyday says

    NV22T FRAGILE!!, August 23, 2009
    By Tom
    it worked fine! But when I accidentally dropped it from about 6″, the head broke off. If I send it in to be repaired, i will be spending $19 to the company minimum, plus my out of pocket shipping expenses, and I don’t even know if Shark will repair it. I am not sure I will buy another. It is FRAGILE…!

    This was posted awhile back…. I would love to know how they delt with this problem before i buy this item. This is the true test to know if they really stand behind there product, Please update the world…..

  10. This thing is being compared to a Dyson by every infomercial and customer review I see around. I own a Dyson animal myself and love it. Not only do I own one for several years… but I also convinced my mother to get one herself as well since she also has several dogs in the home. Then the shark comes out and I have to look into this thing.

    I’ve always thought Dyson’s were far overpriced, and always sneered at the price tag. Over the years, I’ve replaced vacuum after vacuum with a cheap $50-$100 models that would just clog, break, or just plain not do the job I hoped for. Eventually I ponied up and bought myself one because I figured I would end up spending that sort of money in the long run and NEVER have carpets clean as I like. So I invested my college tuition into a Dyson and just ate tomato soup and top ramon for a year to get myself one. Bum deal, but at least my carpets were clean!

    Fast forward to present day and I am watching this groovy infomercial. I see this shark thing and had to check it out. I’m asking myself, if this thing is as good as a Dyson, then I’ll sell mine and regroup some of that money! The marketing was almost to good to be true.

    Now that I own one, I have to be brutally honest about it… the shark isn’t as good as a Dyson, but I honestly can’t tell that much difference in the clean-ness of my carpets. Truth is, I’m not even sure if I half expected it to be the same as my Dyson or not… (maybe I fell victim to good advertising and B.S. we all get bombarded with by infomercials and the marketing hype) The shocking part about this vacuum is that I really CAN’T see that much of a difference. My carpets are just as clean as when I use my Dyson.

    So the verdict was in… and after listing my Dyson for sale on Craig’s list, I will be keeping the shark! For 1/5 the price that I paid for my animal, his little wonder does exactly the SAME job! It has some disappointing parts to it however, but for the price I can live with that. It’s not as good as Dyson, but it’s definitely close to the same thing without having to take out a freakin loan just to buy a vacuum!

    The thing I find the most irritating about the shark is the exhaust that blows hair and dirt around on hardwood floors. The fact that it has no light was of no importance to me until I realized just how useful a vacuum light on the front is. Anyway, tis something I just shrug off and deal with. I hope to sell the Dyson soon and regroup some of that hard earned money. Who knows… I may have to use that money to buy another shark… because the true test is time. And only time will tell how long this little marvel will keep working. My Dyson lasted 3 years so far without a hitch. I’ll be happy if my Shark can last at least 5!

    4 stars for not having a front mounted light, and for annoyingly placing the exhaust in the most retarded location ever for a vacuum… blowing everything in front of it as you try to vacuum! I thought it was a pretty huge oversight…but then the longer I thought about it, I was convinced it had to be intentional. No person in their right mind would willfully design a vacuum with the exhaust directly in front to blow what you’re trying to vacuum unless it was an inside joke… right?

    The engineers that designed this vacuum should be punished for their facetious sense of humor!

    Anyway… When it comes to the shark, do yourself a favor and just buy it. Don’t even consider a Dyson as long as you live! The price tag on Dyson is pure greed, and the shark definitely has given that company a run for their money! When you compare how well it works at almost exactly the same vs. an overpriced Dyson, you’d be a fool to pay any more for a vacuum that works just as good!

    The shark is truly a great vacuum! And I say it’s about time that someone came along and offered the consumer public a much more sensible price for the same technology; and gave those overpriced greedy capitalistic companies some good old fashion competitive marketing lessons!

  11. I rated it the best so far because I have read the other reviews and am hoping they are telling the truth. My husband just bought it for me we were going to buy the Dyson but the cost is what drew us back to the Shark. Right now it is in the back of my Van waiting for me to get home and attack the floors. We go through vaccums yearly they can’t defeat the dog hair from our German Shepherd. I am so excited to try this vacumme out. Apparently there is no returns at Canadian Tire if it is opened and used but I going to take my chances and see how it goes. Will post back tomorrow when I have given it a test drive I have almost $200.000 invested in this machine and that was on sale too without the steam mop. We like instant gratification so we bought it in the store instead of online plus our other vaccum blew up a week ago. I am also so impressed with the 30 foot cord and the washable filter. Can’t wait till I get home to try it out.

  12. Unpacked the Shark very very impressed. Does everything it says it does. The one draw back is it is fragile don’t think it could withstand banging it into walls or dropping the heads. The dirt cup could have been made bigger too.

    In my opinion it is worth the money my husband and I took turns using it. I like where the switches are and the cord is a good length for the unique size and light weight of the Shark Navigator. We took back two vaccums this past week because they were too heavy and flimsy and had no suction power, this one does.

    Very very pleased with it and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a tool that does what it says it does!

  13. We bought the Shark Navigator and we were really pleased with it for the first month and a half, then the motor stopped working, no suction.

    We called customer service, which is in India, they were very nice and tried to help, but they were hard to understand, I did everything they told me to do to get it to work again, but the motor for the suction would no longer work, the motor to the power brush still worked.

    When I bought it they gave me a 10 year warranty, it cost me $45 dollars to send it to North Carolina and it will take six – eight weeks for them to ship the vacuum back, I also had to include a check for $16 for them to ship it back to me. To say I am worried about the reliability of the Navigator would be an understatement, Shark should pay for all shipping costs! I sent it off a month ago, if they actually ship the vacuum back to me and if I have no other problems with it and it works for a year maybe then I can give it a few more stars, but not now!

    • Deborah Wisecup says

      My vacuum did the same thing. Having been in the real estate industry for 40 years, I had to explore before calling anyone. Turns out that when my husband vacuumed the day before (just a few days before Christmas) he had pick up a piece of clear cellophane wrap that he did not see. It has adhesive on one side so it got stuck between the roller brush and the tube the dirt goes through. Well it didn’t stop it and he continued to vacuum the rest of the house. Then I vacuumed almost the whole house again the next day and toward the end it stopped because it was clogged. I was not upset as I consider this a great feature that the motor stops before it gets burned out. I didn’t even need a screwdriver. There is a “clasp” at that location that allowed me to open it and find the problem.

      Also, you can imagine just how much I have vacuumed in forty years. Every one knows that a clean house is a sold house and a clean rental unit (both residential and commercial) is a leased unit. So you really have to check every day to make sure a castrophe hasn’t happened overnight (leaks are the most common but we also want pristine carpet with those gorgeous vacuum marks on them so that everyone thinks no one has stepped on the carpet after it was either newly installed or even just cleaned, so we vacuum our way out every day to remove any foot prints in the carpet). I can not tell you how many vacuums I went through. I hated every one of them. Then I was in a car accident and I was told that vacuuming was one of the things I could not do as I have severe injuries to my back. I was also told that because of my back injuries I could no longer do real estate as my injuries would not permit me to get in and out of my vehicle repeatedly every day and walk up long driveways and up and down stairs. So now I am stuck at home as I rarely drive anymore. Forty years of non stop and almost a year of recuperation from the accident and all I could do was sit and look at the footprints that I hated. I couldn’t afford maid service and my poor husband did his best along with my kids, but I almost went crazy. Then one day when I was home alone I pulled out the vacuum. I had never realized just how heavy and hard to manage it was before. I got about half way through and ended up back in bed on the heating pad again for two days. Then I saw the commercial on TV. I asked my son to take me shopping on his day off and I bought the navigator. He got me home and put it together, all the time telling me I need to chill out and accept that I could not do what I had done before. The navigator proved him wrong. I am now able to vacuum my entire house almost daily (depends on how I am feeling and if there is a weather front coming in, bones and joints hate wet and cold weather fronts) The vacuum is easy to manuver and easy to clean and picks up more dirt than even I could imagine. I love this little vacuum. My only regret is that shortly after I bought it, they brought the newer model with a few extra features. Oh well, maybe if I mention it often enough I will get one for Christmas next year. Until then I am happy with the one I have. It has beaten the performance of every bissell, eureka, dirt devil, rainbow, kirby, oreck, and all the brands I don’t remember the names of and stands out as a definite answer to those that have to vacuum daily because of kids and pets and also those of us who are simply OCD.

      I hope this review helps you to make a decision. It is truly an affordableand good vacuum.

  14. I was debating on getting either the navigator or the dyson, needless too say I’m happy I didnt waist all that money, bc I’m more then happy with my vacuum!

  15. Lida Nass says

    It was easy to assemble and it collects a lot of dust and very good suction. But, it is heavy, the picture of the woman holding it with one hand is not true. And the tools/pipes that we connect to the hose to vacuum corners of the room has 2 holes in it. and the pipe is 24 inches and the holes are in the middle of the piple. I cannot use it at all. there a little piple also about 5 inches, that has 2 holes in it two in the middle. good vacuum but what can I do without pipes? someone told me use electrical tape to cover them.I went to store all of them were the same.

  16. Amy Ohlinger says

    The problem with this vacuum is it blows away the stuff your trying to pick up.
    The exhaust filter is directly 4 inches away from the floor in front and it puts out lots of air.
    I was using my new vacuum on my wood floors in front of a window where the sun was shinning in and the air was full of the dog hairs that the exhaust was blowing away.
    On my carpets it also did the same thing.
    I called and the shark reps said” this is normal it is a very powerful unit and will blow small things away, there is nothing wrong with the vacuum”.
    This is a horrible design… Why bother to vacuum if it is just going to spread the stuff around.

  17. I have had my Shark about a year. No, did not save the receipt! I know, stupid. Anyway, read reviews, thought it would be a great small vacuum…and it was ok (comparable to Dyson??? That is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard) the roller brush stopped working. Did ALL the trouble shooting and still nothing. Live chat referred me to 800 number. 800 number was rude rude rude, and finally hung up on me after I said, “So you are saying that your product only lasts 1 year?” That was that, she hung up on me. Terrible customer service!

    Now, I have a vacuum that only works on bare floors. Oh well!

    • My Shark vacum did the same thing. I bought it a little over 2 months ago, we used it 4 times in my one bedroom apartment and the roller brush stopped driving! Nothing in the owners manual resolved the issue. I saved my reciept so back it goes.

  18. I have owned many name brand vacuums. I bought this vacuum & could not believe how much dirt & pet hair this picked up! I have a very clean home, and was horrified at the amount of dirt & pet hair this picked up! I was skeptical after reading some of the reviews on various websites. I am so HAPPY I went ahead & purchased the vacuum. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with pets or allergies. This is the BEST VACUUM I HAVE EVER USED! LOVE….LOVE…LOVE!!!! If you have doubts just buy it from a retailer that will take it back if you aren’t 100% satisfied!

  19. Danielle Benazet says

    I just bought the Shark Navigator Light Upright Vacuum. My 9×13 oriental rug was full of cat hair that my old Oreck just couldn’t pick up. The Navigator cleaned so well that the whole canister was full of cat hair and dust after just one use. It was easy to assemble (except for attaching the onboard tools) and when you go over the carpet it almost feels like it is self propelled. I would have to struggle pushing the Oreck and due to breathing problems I would get out of breath trying to use the Oreck. The Shark Light Upright is so easy to push and effortless. I was not even out of breath after using it. I love it so much and would highly recommend it. I even got it at a discount. Bed Bath and Beyond had it for $149 and I used their 20% off coupon for a $30 savings. Now that’s a good deal !

  20. I LOVE this vacuum. due to a basset hound and a bulldog i have had MANY vacuums. for the price, this vacuum rocks my world. i even had my husband vacuum and he was ok with it. it does great with pet hair and is easy to empty and move around, as i live in a three level house. someone accidentally broke by turbo pet vac and it took a while for them to replace it but its the only thing that gets the hair off my furniture. (Stella has to look out the window on occasion) buy one… trust me.

  21. i bought this product at canadian tire the model is nv 100c i think is the first model dont now but i love the shark navigator light upright so i give it 5 stars wean i called customer service to register my product i live in canada and here there is a canadian number i got a hold of so i registered it the person on the other end was great and i give my phone call a 5 and the overall sucking power was great i got so much hair out of my carpet that it was dark and dirty ewww
    my carpet is 10 years old in my apartment and i am going to be moving in june it works great you should buy it if you want a clean home

  22. Garbage…Cheap feel, suction does not last. You are better off spending the money and getting a quality vacuum.

  23. Stacy Twellman says

    This vacuum is easy to use and lightweight. I have owned this vacuum for several months now and have had no disappointments just raves.

  24. shop vac filter says

    Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner is really good with nice performance. problem with this vacuum is it blows away the stuff your trying to pick up.

  25. Zion1King says

    I really am confused about the review of this vacuum cleaner. On the one hand the reviewer states that the Shark is not as good as the Dyson yet when you look at the reviews of both machines from the same source you will see that the reviewer rates them both as nearly identical! WTF?????? Personally< i am a bit put off by a site that favors one product over the other yet contradicts themselves when reviewing both machines head-to-head. Not only that but the Shark is less than half the cost of a Dyson. Something is missing here and I am not sure I like what that something is….

    • Zion1King,

      Thank you for your comments. However, we clearly state that the Navigator, while, on the surface, has many similarities with the Dyson, it clearly does not have the performance, build quality, nor durability of the Dyson. Our testing found the Navigator to be a decent vacuum overall, but in no way close to being identical to a Dyson, as stated in our review. In fact, a direct quote from our review above states:

      “Like the Dyson, the Navigator is a bagless vacuum that uses cyclonic technology to separate dirt and dust particles from the vacuum’s air stream. Also like a Dyson, there is no bag to clog, providing consistent suction as the dust bin fills to capacity. That is about where the similarities end. These are two uniquely different vacuum cleaners.”

      This is also clearly summarized on our head-to-head comparison page here –

      • William King says

        Well… I still think the Shark vacuum is a much much better value. Less than half the price of a Dyson with similar performance. If you don’t abuse your vacuum cleaners and can’t afford the price of a Dyson then the Shark is a much better deal.
        I’ve had my Shark for over 5 years with no issues other than the dust cup to wand hose being too short. Some of the recent Shark vacuums now have longer hoses, so I might upgrade.

  26. mike gleason says

    i love the vacuum but the brushes (rollers) stopped. i cleaned it out and they started again but then stopped a second time

    • Hello Mike,

      Page 12 of the Navigator’s owner’s manual gives a detailed list of items to try in order to fix problems with the brushroll.

      If none of those things work, check the condition of the belt.

      First, unplug the vacuum and ensure that the brushroll turns freely by spinning it by hand. Then remove the bottom plate to get to the belt. Once you have access to the brushroll, belt, and motor, check that the belt is not broken or damaged and that it is properly installed. Replace it if necessary.

      Next, clean any debris out of the motor and belt area. Reinstall the bottom plate and test the vacuum again.

      Please see our How To Replace Your Vacuum Cleaner Belt page for more detailed instructions –

  27. My Navigator Lift A Way Pro brush doesn’t turn. Where can I get this repaired my zip code is 08846 in New Jersey
    I am in trouble at home till I get this fixed

    Thanks for your help steve

    • Steve,

      The best thing you can do is refer to your owner’s manual and go through the diagnostic checklist. With luck, the motor safety switch has tripped and needs to be reset. Look at the top of the floor head, there will be a small button in the general vicinity of the motor area. If it is tripped, the button will protrude from the surface of the head, simply push the button and it should reset flush with the surface of the head.

      Also, the belt may be off the pulley, or broken. In either case, you will need to access the belt area to inspect and repair accordingly.

      Your only other courses of action will be to call Shark’s customer service number, or take the vacuum to a local repair facility. You’ll have to call local repair shops to find one that services Shark vacuums.

  28. I have had both Dyson and Shark. When I can get the money I am getting another Dyson. Shark has the exhaust in the front, which is a pretty stupid engineering move. You CANNOT clean floors because it blows the pet hair around. I have to use the crevice tool on my bare floors! Also, when you use any tool with the Shark, as you walk, the machine falls over . . Usually hitting me in the back. My Dyson NEVER fell over. Those are two major reasons you should not get a Shark. You may not think it’s a big deal and that you can “live with it”, but just wait and see. Like I said . . When I get the money I will buy another Dyson.

  29. Within five years this went into the garbage. All the hoses busted and pulled apart at the connections. I had to use duct tape to keep it together for last 3 years. I’m shocked that they would put fragile hoses that tore easily and I barely used it much so it can’t be from wear and tear. Won’t be buying another shark vacuum again.

  30. Oh ya and it does fall over easily like Brenda mentioned.

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