Shark Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Shark vs Dyson, Who Makes The Better Bagless Vacuum?

The Shark Navigator Lift Away (NV350, NV350A, NV350E, NV350Q, NV350T, NV350W, NV350WC, NV350WM, NV351, NV352 26, NV352C, NV352E, NVLFT199, NV360, NV361, NV361BK, NV361PR, NV581, UV440) is actually two vacuums in one. It is both an upright vacuum, perfectly suited to all floor types, as well as a portable canister vac to handle all your above the floor needs.

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Update: There are now two main Navigator LiftAway series vacuums, the Lift Away NV350 – NV352 series and the Lift Away Pro NV355 – NV357 series. While they share many of the same, basic attributes like being lightweight, having good performance, and being easy to use, Shark has added a few features to the Navigator Lift Away Pro. View our comparison chart to see how they stack up to each other.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Price: $199.80 (MSRP)
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  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Detachable canister works great
  • Poor dust cup design
  • Limited on-board tool storage
  • No wand extension
The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is an impressive performer that is easy to assemble and operate. Filters and dust cup maintenance is simple. Onboard tools are kept at your fingertips and the swivel steering works well. This upright vacuum is definitely a viable alternative to larger, heavier, and more expensive vacuums.


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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Review

You’ve probably seen Shark’s infomercial for their new Navigator Lite Lift-Away where it is advertised as being comparable to a Dyson, not unlike their infomercial for the original Navigator. Like the Navigator, we found the Lift-Away to be a pretty good vacuum, especially for the price, but make no mistake, a Dyson it’s not.

See our detailed comparison chart of the two models to see how they compare.

Going from the box to vacuuming takes less than 5 minutes. Assembly of the Lite Lift-Away consists of simply stacking the preassembled components together as you take them out of the box. Each component has a positive lock keeping it in place until you decide to change configurations.

Two upright vacuum cleaner heads are available for the Navigator Lift-Away, one for carpets and one for bare floors. The carpet head incorporates a motorized brush roll to loosen stubborn dirt and pet hair, and can be turned on and off independently of the suction motor. The bare floor head uses a felt strip to gently loosen debris and catch loose hair without damaging even the most delicate of floors.

Attachments consist of a duster brush and short crevice tool that live onboard, conveniently placed just below the wand handle. Additional tools with the Lite Lift Away are a turbo brush that is perfect for removing cat and pet hair from carpets, bedding, or other fabric, as well as a handy 24 inch long crevice tool that is great for reaching high corners, getting between appliances, or under furniture.

The dust cup portion of the Lift-Away is held in place with two quick clips. Release the clips and the dust cup lifts away from the motor assembly. Hold the canister over a garbage can, press the release on the front of the dust cup and the bottom opens to drop out the debris. However, due to poor design, dust and hair clogs can remain, requiring the dust cup also be emptied from the top. A light tapping on the edge of the garbage can released the stuck debris fairly well, though heavy dust rings remained.

In comparison, our Dyson DC07, with its round dust bin, releases from the vacuum with the touch of a button, then empties completely with the pull of a trigger. Quick, easy, no stuck debris, no hassles.


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Like the Dyson, servicing the filters on the Lift Away is a breeze. The primary foam filters live under the dust cup, simply remove the dust cup, remove the foam and felt filter pads, and wash them under warm running water – no soap or detergent. The secondary filters on the Lift-Away are located on the front of the vacuum cleaner behind the grill of the suction motor. Pop the grill loose and wash just as you would the top filters.

Note: Purchases directly from Shark will come with a HEPA secondary filter, all other retailers will be foam.

It doesn’t take long before you get into a cleaning rhythm and using all the functions of the Lite Lift-Away become second nature. We really like how lightweight the Lift-Away is, at only 12.8 pounds in full trim, it is much lighter than many of its counterparts. Drop off the powered floor head to use the canister by itself and that weight becomes a very manageable 7.5 pounds. The one downside comes when using the hose with the vacuum in the upright position. The vacuum cleaner is not heavy enough to stay put and can topple over if you’re not careful. For the most part, this is a small issue, as most hose cleaning will be done with the vacuum in “canister” mode, not “upright” mode.

Because of its compact size and swivel steering, the Lift-Away gets around furniture much better than larger vacuums, without compromising suction power. All it takes is a gentle turn of the wrist and the vacuum goes where you point it. It does an excellent job removing dirt and pet hair from the carpet and furniture, and detailing your car was never easier.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the Lift-Away is how quiet it is. It’s not exactly a whisper, but it’s easily below a conversational level, very refreshing over the typical scream of most other vacuums, including Dyson.


The Shark Navigator Lite Lift Away is a powerful performer that is easy to use and maintain. Onboard tools are kept at your fingertips and swivel steering makes maneuvering around obstacles like child’s play. Truly, one of the few vacuum cleaners we’ve tested that makes vacuuming fun! This upright vacuum is definitely a viable alternative to larger, heavier, and more expensive vacuums.

And … when directly compared to a Dyson, we still find that, overall, the Dyson is a better bagless vacuum, even at more than twice the cost.


“Amazon’s discount prices change daily so check out the June 20, 2021 sale price for this item right now by Clicking Here.”


Shark Navigator LiftAway Features

  • No Loss of Suction Technology
  • Lightweight Detachable Canister
  • Swivel Steering
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology™
  • Large Dust Cup Capacity
  • Lightweight
  • 5 Year Warranty


Shark Navigator Lite LiftAway
Technical Specifications

Vacuum Type: Upright w/ lift off canister
Motor: 1200 Watt, 10 Amp
Power Controls: On/Off and brush roll control combined into one switch
Dust Cup Capacity: 1.2 qt.
Filtration: Washable foam and felt pre-motor filters and HEPA exhaust filter
Included Attachments: Onboard accessory holder for the 5.5” crevice tool and dusting brush. Additional 24” crevice tool, turbo brush
Power Cord: 30 ft.
Dimensions: 11.4” W x 12.4” L x 45.2” H
Weight: 12.8 lbs. (full unit)
7.5 lbs. (canister only)
Warranty: 5 years
Price (MSRP): $199.80 Buy Now


Disclaimer: Euro-Pro Operating, LLC. generously sent us a complimentary unit for the purposes of testing and review. However, that in no way influenced the information presented here. We always give our honest opinions, findings, and reviews. You can read our full Disclosure Policy here.



  1. Rebecca Ramirez says

    Ordered the Navigator Liftaway on 1/3/2011. Finally received it on 1/27/2011. Used it for 15 minutes and then it broke. The premium pet turbo brush stuck to the main hose and would not release. Ordered replacement parts on 1/27/2011. It’s now March 3rd 2011 and I am still waiting for replacement parts. Called customer service, which is terrible, several times and was told items are on back order and would arrive in a few days. A few days has now turned into 8 weeks. Spoke to several customer service supervisors as well as a manager at the corporate office in Canada and they told me how sorry they were. Two supervisors in customer service refused to tell me how to return the item and instead offered a shipping and handling credit while I continue to wait for my replacement parts. I am still waiting for my parts. I would never buy this product again. It is too flimsy, mostly made of plastic, although the suction is very good and it is too difficult to get replacement parts and it is next to impossible to get a return on the item and get your money back. My advice is stay away. I would not buy it again and I would not recommend to others.

  2. dan bostelman says

    I’ve owned this vacuum for a couple of months now and overall I’m very happy with it . I have used tons of different cleaners and for the money this one is by far the best.

    its smaller than I expected which could be a good or bad thing. For big wide open rooms it means more going back and forth, for smaller hard to reach areas its great. The suction is as advertised and is strong even when the dust can is filled over the full line. The dust cup is a little small and needs to be emptied every time I clean the whole house but is much easier to clean than any other bagless I have ever owned. My only problems with this vacuum are minor little annoyances that for most people wouldn’t be a big deal.

    -fairly short cord
    -small dust cup
    -exhaust fan is up front and can blow pet hair around (but if if were in the back it would be blasting you with hot air.
    -vacuum is too light(for me anyway ) i find it tips over very easily
    -the hose is too hard to stretch and with pull the light vacuum over

    Other than the minor issues listed above that i find annoying its really a great machine. it feels small and cheap but cleans better than anything i have tried including built in central vacs dysons kirbys and various others .

    Just do yourself a favor and buy it at a store not online or over the phone the bad reviews in here come from the random lemon and if you have no store to bring it back to if its broken you end up waiting forever for a replacement. Buy it from a store keep the box for a little while and if it breaks take it back for a new one.

  3. Abel Gonzales says

    I tried to order the Navigator Lift Away on line but never was able to complete the order. The site continued to throw up popups on products that were recommended but I did not want or need. When I clicked on the “No THanks” button it did not remove the popup and so I was not able to order the Vacuum cleaner. The only way to move order process forward was to continue to add the unwanted products. What a RIPP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I only gave it 2 stars because of the customer service and because they did not take out the correct amount of money from account. The company took out way more than they were supposed to and could not get anyone to resolve this issue. I like the cleaner but would not buy from them ever again had to cancel debit card so they don’t take more from account.

  5. This vacuum rocks! For the money I don’t see how you can get any better….

    The PROS:

    – Suction. It is off the charts. Almost scary. Go watch the video on YouTube about how it can suck up 16 pool balls and still have suction. It’s astonishing.
    – Low noise. One of the quietest uprights….you can actually talk to someone without yelling.
    – Extremely light. Makes it a snap to pick up and use with the Lift-Away design. This is a GREAT feature. You don’t realize how much you would use a portable canister type vacuum until you have the capability to do BOTH with this version of the Navigator. AWESOME!!!
    – Super easy to push….the swivel steering is VERY nice! Makes it so easy to maneuver in and around tight areas.
    – Small profile. Beyond the maneuvering benefits it also takes up less space inside of a closet.
    – 5 year warranty. I was looking at a pretty nifty Panasonic upright, but it only had a 1 year warranty and no Lift Away.

    The CONS are almost all “caveatable”:

    – Small profile. I listed it as a PRO and it definitely is, but it also takes more swipes to cover an area. The caveat is that you can move it so quickly (and it picks up so efficiently even at a high speed) that it makes up for the swath deficiency.
    – Extremely light. Also listed this as a PRO….the lightness is due to size but also to all the fairly thin ABS plastic. The caveat is that it still seems durable enough. The tolerances are tight and everything fits together well.
    – Buttons, disconnecting latches are not the most ergonomic. This is a relatively minor nit….the caveat being that they do function well.
    – Dirt cup. Well, it’s not really that small as some have mentioned. It’s the design. The fill line is about half the capacity of the cup….and there are plastic channels inside that trap the dirt/hair. Using the unhinging cup bottom to empty is not that beneficial because you must scoop it out. The caveat is….if that is part of the effectiveness of the entire dirt catching dynamic, then it’s worth the relative inconvenience.
    – Attachments. They’re just okay. The pet hair roller attachment is effective, but I have used better. The caveat is the ability to unsnap the hose/wand at two different lengths and use the attachments on either end is a big plus.
    – Color. Obviously not a huge deal for a practical item like a vacuum, but I’m a guy and not crazy about lavender. The pastel hue definitely belies the power and functioning of this otherwise “alpha” piece of equipment.

    All in all the pluses FAR outweigh the minuses. If the PROS add up to 5, then the CONS might knock it down to about 4.8—-this is by far the best vacuum I have ever used (and I can’t afford a Dyson). I can almost guarantee you will like it… daughter even said it inspires her to clean her room more often. How can you beat that?

  6. gave it a 4 stars just cuz the nv352 claims to have HEPA filter but after investigating further, i gotta get the real HEPA filter. the only model that have that is the nv350. unfortunately, due to low reviews of direct buy from shark, I opt from amazon. the vacuum was GREAT!!! suck away everything.

    plus amazon’s customer service is tha bomb (compared to shark of course). So my recommendation, get one from amazon, they only have other model, not nv350. Then just get the HEPA filter through shark (wait a little bit longer than amazon of course). investigate some promotional offer floating around. Then voila!! you got yourself a convenient, long lasting vacuum without breaking your budget. make sure also, clean the vacuum regularly, people.

  7. D Krolczyk says

    I wanted this vacuum the moment I saw it. The features that are included with this vacuum is just what I need. I went right out and bought one. It is quieter, easier to maneuver and has the ability to change from an upright to a portable. I feel I have the equivalent to the high end $500-$600 vacuum for much less money. Thank you for an excellent product.

  8. i hate the liftaway i bought one and it lost suction i called shark to get a new motor they said it would be ready in 3 days i waited 3 months and i said forget it. I bought a dyson and unlike anyother vacumeit never lost suction. I thought it was expensive but you get what you pay for

  9. christopher kerr says

    I purchased a shark vacuum nv335 series from wal-mart on 11/14/2011 . dust-away hard floor attachment is to hard to push a round on the floor and the hose is to short to reach spot on the wall . can i order additional part to vacuum nv335 series like long are hose . I can not afford to buy another one

  10. This review is from: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum – Model NV356 (Kitchen)
    The Shark Navigators design had defeated the purpose of what a vacuum is supose to do what it is for and that is to vacuum dust and dirt high and low from the floor to your shelves, tv and cabinets.
    This is why…When my wife came home with the Shark Navigator, my first thought was it’s just another upright vacuum cleaner.
    As I started to read the directions and started to put the Navigator together I notice the really bad idea the engineer had added to the design
    And ever since then every time I use or put the Navigator to use I just want to shut it down.
    First of all we all want a good vacuum cleaner yes, and not have dust blowing everywhere but you have to understand that is what the Shark
    Vacuum does everytime you plug the damn thing in and start it up. First of all you’re facing ahead pushing forward pushing and pulling your vacuum
    back and forth and hoping that the dust will be kept in the vacuum and the filtration will work as the product clams but what’s the use of claiming all of that
    when you design a vacuum that have the exhaust in the Front of the SHARK NAVIGATOR, Facing the dusty area you are trying to vacuum.
    All you are doing is Blowing the dusty area that you are trying to vacumm everywhere and when you start sneezing and seeing dust you’ll know
    Damn what are you really doing? You’re just Blowing Dust everywhere, it’s gonna go everywhere because you have to understand the Damn vacuum
    Exhaust is totally in the front sorta like where the dust and dirt is in the front and now you’re moviing the lose dust flying around the room.
    Don’t believe it, test it the next time you vacuum with the Shark Navigator, but you have to not lie to yourself, you must be Honest.
    Put you hand in front of the Exhaust and feel the pressure, well that is how fast and strong your dust will push and fly around before you even
    pick up any dust and dirt particles. You ever notice even the poorest vacuum cleaner they add or put the exhaust blower in the rear or the back of the vacuum
    just for that fact so it does not blow dirt and dust before being picked up by the vacuum, but in the Navigator’s case they reversed their design and it’s a bad flaw of a design
    and they went with it as though people are just damn idiots and dumb that we just will never notice the flaw, especially dust on the higher and upper levels such as shelves or even
    bags boxes that have dust on them as you lower the arm and the Exhaust shoots upwards that dust will be flying around like a hurrican been there.
    One test go into an empty room put Dust on the floor and on higher levels have the Navigator a distance away but in front of the dust start the Shark Navigator up and start moving forward
    as you get closer watch the dust push forward and fly around you and the room. So what is the product really used for?
    Yes I like the design but not have the Exhaust in the front of the machine. Even a damn car never has the exhaust in the front end of a car.
    unless you want exhaust fumes blowing back into the car.
    For all those that claim they love the vaccum well you better ask yourself did you really clean your house that day or are there dust somewhere else and perhaps on your dinner table on your food on your bed.
    Sorry this is only my opinion. I give it a very poor mark 1 star, only because the engineer is a damn idiot.
    Plus I never like vacuums that cannot clean under the bed and the attachments are too short for cleaning jobs under the bed and of course the exaust blowing the dust again.
    Hey think what you may but I’m just being an honest consumer and we have the damn product.

  11. I bought mine on Woot because it was inexpensive and purple.

    Side latches on dust cup come open on their own all the time. I have to tape them down to keep them closed.

    Today when vacuuming it finally wouldn’t turn on. I figured a fuse was blown but apparently it doesn’t have a fuse. In the book it says to let it set for 45 minutes to cool off and clean out debris from hoses. I was amazed how much cat fur and carpet debris was stuffed in the connector that goes to the floor brush. Cleaning the dust cup and filters apparently isn’t enough – the hoses and tubes need to be checked and cleaned regularly. I hope I haven’t burned out the motor. It didn’t sound like it was straining, nor did it feel hot so I don’t know at this point. I’ll put it back together now that everything is cleaned out and 45 minutes have come and gone.

    I’ve liked this vaccuum since I’ve had it. It doesn’t get heavy use but still somehow the floor brush connector was really jammed up with fur and carpet fuzz. Hopefully now it will turn on.

    • Okay . . . next day. Took everything apart and found I had plugs in the hoses and tubes! No wonder it shut down! I thought I’d find a fuse somewhere within it and replace it but it doesn’t have a fuse. It has thermoelectric protection on the motor to protect it and just like the operator’s manual says, let it set for 45 minutes and try again . . . but in the meantime try and find out where it’s plugged up ’cause that’s what causes the motor to shut down.

      I let it all dry from my cleaning job of hoses and tubes and put it back together today and it started up like a charm. I wasn’t expecting it to. I’d figured I’d burned something out but no . . . it just needed to cool off, although it had not seemed to be hot. But it must have been. I was amazed to find such thorough plugging of cat hair and carpet fuzz and thread and just “vacuum stuff”, especially in that hose that connects to the floor attachment. Also, the upper tube was SOLID, thick crap that took a bamboo pole for pushing and a long nose set of pliers to gradually pull it apart a piece at a time until finally it came unplugged. I’m amazed with all that crud the vaccuum was still making suction at all. But it finally stopped running yesterday and so you know the rest of the story now.

      Great vacuum!! Use a piece of Scotch tape on the canister clamps to keep them from flipping open when you’re using the vacuum. Many have complained about those latches – with good reason – but all it takes is a piece of tape to hold the clamp down in the clamped position.

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