Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Review

The Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro (NV355, NV355CS, NV356, NV356E, NV356KCS, NV356K, NV357) is a slightly larger version of the Shark Lift Away with only a few minor changes. The Lift-Away Pro has increased dust bin capacity, a slightly longer power cord, and a specially designed bare floor tool that combines the powerful suction of the Lift Away with a micro-fiber bonnet to remove more dirt and dust than traditional bare floor heads.

Like the standard Lift Away, the Lift Away Pro uses Shark’s never loses suction technology to give you strong suction for powerful cleaning. It also shares swivel steering for nimble maneuverability around obstacles as you clean. And a sealed system keeps dust inside the vacuum where it belongs.

View our comparison chart of the two models for more details.

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro Vacuum Cleaner

Price: $199.99 (MSRP)
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  • Good performance in a small package
  • Easy to use
  • Poorly emptying triangular dust bin
The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro gives you performance that is similar to larger, more expensive vacuums in a small convenient package. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and maneuverable, perfectly suited to small and medium-sized homes.


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Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Review


One of the nicest features about the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro is that there are no screws or confusing assembly procedures, unpack the components and just stack them together. The components click together and are meant to be removed and reconfigured depending on what you are cleaning and how you want to use the vacuum cleaner. While this is a simple process, the owner’s manual has complete and detailed instructions.

It takes less than 5 minutes to go from box to cleaning your home. Controls are few and simple, such as the three-position power switch which gives you the choice to operate the vacuum with or without the motorized brush roll depending on the surface you are vacuuming. For floor work you simply hold the floor head with your toe and tilt the handle back. Above floor work is done at the press of a button to release the wand. It is no more complicated than that.


You’ll notice that the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro shares many of the same features as the standard Lift Away, so as you would expect, performance is very similar with this capable vacuum cleaner. For a comparison, you may be interested in our review of the Shark Navigator Lift Away and our Shark Navigator Lift Away vs Lift Away Pro Comparison Chart.

The standard floor head has an independently controlled brush roll to allow you to deep clean carpeted surfaces or turn off the brush roll to sweep bare floors. To really get bare floors clean, the Lift-Away Pro also comes with the Dust-Away™ hard floor attachment that uses a combination of vacuum suction and a washable, micro-fiber pad to clean your floors.

Dust bin capacity has been increased from 1.2 quarts to 2.2 quarts, allowing you to vacuum longer without emptying the dust bin. To go along with the added capacity, Shark has equipped the Lift-Away Pro with a longer power cord to also give you a wider cleaning radius.

The floor head is self-height adjusting, just turn on the power switch and start vacuuming. Whether you’ve got deep pile carpet or light area rugs, the Lift-Away Pro is able to handle them with ease. Edge cleaning is acceptable, though as with most vacuums, a quick swipe with the wand may be required to pick up all of the carpet litter that gets caught along baseboards.

To transition from carpets to bare floors, simply move the power switch to the “bare floors” position. This turns the brush roll off to prevent damage to delicate surfaces. If you are more serious about your bare floor cleaning, switch to the Dust Away attachment. The Dust Away attaches to the wand and uses a combination of the Lift-Away’s powerful suction and a micro-fiber bonnet. The vacuum cleaner sucks up the large debris, while the washable micro-fiber bonnet gently wipes away any remaining dust.


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Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Vacuum Cleaner Features

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Dust Away

Dust-Away™ Hard Floor Attachment

Vacuums and dusts bare floors in one easy step with a combination of vacuum suction and washable, micro-fiber cloth to get your bare floors clean.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Power Brush

Premium Pet Power Brush

The Turbo power brush is the perfect tool for cleaning up pet hair messes.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Long Crevice Tool

Extra-Long Crevice Tool

Clean between appliances and other hard to reach places.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Dust Brush

Dusting Brush

Soft, synthetic bristled brush won’t damage delicate surfaces.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Hepa Filter

HEPA Filter

Washable, lifetime HEPA filter.


Above Floor Work

Above floor cleaning couldn’t be easier with the Navigator Lift-Away Pro. The on board tools and hose are always at your finger tips and give you good cleaning reach. When you need more flexibility, the main vacuum assembly detaches into a lightweight, portable canister vacuum. If you can lift a gallon of milk, you can transport the 8 lb. canister anywhere it is needed.

The wand releases with the touch of a button and can use the tools with or without the extension tube. The tools easily slide on and off the wand to suit your cleaning needs across a multitude of surfaces. Suction can be reduced by rotating a collar on the handle. Suction control is handy when cleaning delicate fabrics, drapes, or lightweight throw rugs.

The dust brush is soft enough not to harm surfaces, yet stiff enough to aid in cleaning blinds, drapes, and upholstery. Shark gives you two crevice tools, a short one for general cleaning needs, and an extra-long crevice tool for hard to reach spots. The pet power brush is excellent for stairs, upholstery, cleaning pet bedding, detailing your car, etc.


General maintenance on the Lift-Away Pro is minimal and effortless. The dust bin detaches quickly and easily, though the design could be better.

While you only have to empty the bin when the dirt level reaches the “full” line, we advocate emptying the vacuum cleaner after each use to ensure optimal performance and to help reduce odors.

All filters are conveniently located and washable. We recommend that you purchase a second set of filters and simply remove the dirty set and install the clean set to keep on cleaning. At your convenience, wash the dirty filter set, dry, and store so that they are ready for the next time the filters need to be changed.

The Lifetime belt is designed to give trouble-free service. It bears noting that “lifetime” refers to the length of the warranty, not the life of the vacuum. Meaning, Shark will replace a damaged belt for free while the vacuum is under warranty, after that you’ll have to pay for it. The good news is that the typical warranty is 5 years.


Overall we very much like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro. It is lightweight and very easy to maneuver with its swivel steering. It works well on all flooring types. Above floor usability is equally efficient. The larger dust bin and longer power cord make this good vacuum even better.

The only detraction we have for the Lift Away Pro is that the shape of the dust bin tends to trap debris within the container. This isn’t a big deal, but can make emptying a bit messy.


“Amazon’s discount prices change daily so check out the June 20, 2021 sale price for this item right now by Clicking Here.”



Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Specifications

Vacuum Type: Bagless Upright
Construction: ABS body
Motor: 1200 watts
Power Controls: On/Off switch
Dust Cup Capacity: 2.2 to qts.
Filtration: Washable filter/HEPA Filter
Included Attachments: Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment, Power Brush, Crevice tools, Dusting Brush
Cleaning Path: 9.5 in.
Hose Length: 8.5 ft.
Power Cord: 30 ft.
Dimensions: 14.9″ W x 11.4″ L x 45.2″ H
Weight: 14 lbs. Full unit
8 lbs. Canister only
Safety Shut-Off: Yes
Warranty: Limited 5 year
Price (MSRP): $199.99 Buy Now



  1. Horrible warranty policy. Really? I have to pay to have my vacuum fixed and it is less than 6 months old?

  2. This vacuum is great on floors, but terrible on everything else, which is too bad because it has a lot of good features.

    If you’ve read many reviews of this vacuum, you’ll already know that it likes to tip over when you use the hand vacuum tools. What I’ve found is that the tippiness is greatly understated. There is no question of if it will tip over, it will tip over for certain, then the vacuum cleaner will be lying on its side and you’ll be dragging it around by the hose. Also, the hose, while stretchy, is too stiff to ever stretch. If you try to stretch it, the vacuum cleaner will tip over. The end result is that you’re working with a hose that’s about 18″ long, not enough to reach very much. If you try to reach high, you’ll be trying to lift the vacuum cleaner off the floor. Furthermore, the hand tools are cheap, come apart, and get stuck in the suction wand/tube, so every time I use them, I have to struggle to extract them from the hose when I’m done.

    As a floor vacuum, I like this unit very much. It has great suction and is very maneuverable. I wouldn’t recommend it for large houses, however, because it has a very narrow suction head, so vacuuming a large room will take a long time. Our house is small and crowded, so the maneuverability is appreciated.

    The swivelling head is a gimmick. It works, but isn’t really necessary or terribly helpful.

    The end result is a vacuum that I want to like, but hate whenever I have to use the hand tools, so I cannot recommend it unless you only use it for floors.

  3. akward swivel, hard to push on carpet even w/less suction, bare floor….would not pick up sesame seeds, using canister on stairs is not easy either, sealed system hah, bottom of dirt cup full of dust on outside, used 3 times since I just purchased it, back to good ole hoover!!

  4. Used 3 times nothing but problems tips when using you take the attachment off to do baseboards. Was doing this then switched it back to vacuum floor and the roller would not turn nothing ever was stuck in it had to buy special star wrench set to remove screws and a new belt opened it belt was still attached but figured it might be a little loose so changed it roller still doesn’t move now I have a vacuum that can only do baseboards and clean furniture what a waste of money. Don’t waste your money on this

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