Oreck XL Signature Plus Vacuum Cleaner - Features, Reviews, and Ratings

The Oreck XL Signature Plus vacuum cleaner and its little brother the Oreck XL Signature are powerful, lightweight uprights sold exclusively at Target stores nationwide, online at Target’s website, and Amazon.com.

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Update: The Signature® and Signature® Plus have been replaced by the Signature II and Signature Plus 2. The features and performance of the two new models are identical to the old, the primary difference is aesthetics. The new models have a new, more modern looking outer bag design and the helping-hand handle that used to be only available on Oreck Silver Series and above models.

Note: Several Oreck vacuums are, for all intents and purposes, identical and are merely re-packaged for, and marketed by, specific sales outlets. For example, the Signature Plus II (Target retailers), Pro Plus II (Costco retailers), Element (Oreck direct), and XL® Classic (Oreck direct) are identical vacuum cleaners with exception of their outer bag graphics.

Oreck XL Signature Plus Vacuum

Price: $299.99 (MSRP)
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  • Powerful
  • Lightweight, and easy to maneuver
  • Easy change bag with Saniseal® dust control
  • No brush roll control
  • A bit noisy
The Oreck XL Signature Plus vacuum cleaner is a well-built vacuum with strong suction that is lighter than its competition due to its dual vacuum design. The Signature Plus handles the floor care issues while a separate handheld vacuum takes care of above floor needs. Consumer satisfaction is generally high with Oreck products.


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Oreck XL Signature Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Oreck upright vacuum cleaners are well-built vacuums with strong suction that are lighter than their competition because they are not built as an all purpose machine. Instead, Oreck designs their upright vacuums, in this case the XL Signature Series, to do what they do best, vacuum floors. All above floor cleaning is done with the Oreck XL handheld canister vacuum, which comes with the XL Signature Plus. Some folks will find having two vacuums cumbersome, some will gladly trade in their bulky multi-purpose vacuum for two smaller, more maneuverable, more effective vacuums. Ultimately, it is a personal preference and new users should not be too quick to judge until they’ve become familiar with their Oreck upright vacuum and handheld canister vacuum’s operation.

There are two distinct differences between the Signature and the Signature Plus vacuum cleaners. The XL Signature upright vac does not have a headlight nor is it accompanied by the lightweight Oreck XL handheld canister vacuum normally associated with Oreck vacuums, while the XL Signature Plus has both. If you need a floor vacuum only, then the Signature will save you about $100 over the Signature Plus.


The XL Signature Series upright vacuums are a breeze to assemble, merely insert the upper portion of the handle into the lower portion and install two screws. After checking that the inner vacuum bag is in place, all that’s left is to plug in the vacuum and flip the ON/OFF switch conveniently placed at your fingertip on the handle.

The Signature is a powerful vacuum. It does well on carpeted surfaces, quickly picking up dirt, pet hair, and debris and stowing it in its 3 layer Celoc® hypo-allergenic vacuum bag. The bag is equipped with a Saniseal® door and antimicrobial protection to inhibit odor causing mold and bacteria. The outer bag offers an additional layer of filter protection. The Signature comes with a 6 month supply of replacement bags (3 bags).


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Maintenance on the Oreck XL Signature Series vacuums is easy. Bag changes are simply a matter of unzipping the outer bag, tilting the bag dock out, and pulling the cardboard tab at the top of the bag. As the bag slides out of the bag dock, the SaniSeal bag door traps dust and dirt inside the bag. The new bag is slipped into place and the outer bag zipped.

Oreck recommends replacing the belts on their upright vacuums every 6 months to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. To that end, a convenient belt door is located on the side of the floor head to ease access and replacement. Should your Signature vacuum develop a clog, the lower suction tube quickly disconnects from the floor head for effortless clearing.

The Signature handles carpets with ease. Edge cleaning brushes and suction pathways are molded into the head to help pick up debris along baseboards and furniture, unfortunately edge cleaning is not a strong point. The XL Signature Series vacuums also employ a Microsweep system that adjusts automatically from carpet to bare floor to help capture debris when sweeping bare floor surfaces. The Signature does an adequate job on bare surfaces.

The Differences:

What makes the Signature Plus different from its little brother? Mostly, it’s that the Signature Plus has a headlight and is accompanied by the Oreck XL handheld canister vacuum. The Oreck XL Signature Plus is identical to the Oreck XL Pro Plus, a Costco exclusive, the Oreck XL Element, and the Oreck XL Classic, which are sold by Oreck online and Oreck authorized dealers.

The Signature Plus also has Microban® which is an anti-microbial agent built right into key points of the vacuum that inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria, mold, and mildew – in and on the vacuum.

The Oreck XL handheld canister vacuum that rounds out the Signature Plus Power Team weighs a mere 5 pounds. With the padded shoulder strap and 159 air watts of suction, it is a powerful and easy to use vacuum that doesn’t cause fatigue. The 20′ power cord, 48" super stretch hose, and extension wand means that dust and dirt will have a hard time hiding. Additionally, a crevice tool, upholstery tool, floor tool, and dusting brush are included. The bag inside the Oreck XL handheld canister vacuum is made from the same high quality filtration materials as the XL Signature vacuum bag. A tool caddy keeps the accessories at your fingertips and the cord wraps around the base of the vacuum for convenient storage. The Oreck XL handvac works well on a variety of surfaces and fabrics, and is perfect for cleaning cars, trucks, boats, and RVs.

Final thoughts:

The Oreck XL Signature and the XL Signature Plus upright vacuums are intrinsically the same, their performance identical. The main difference is the Oreck XL handvac that is included in the Signature Plus package, allowing you to clean all surfaces, both on and above the floor. If all you need is a floor vacuum, the XL Signature is the better choice. If you need an all purpose, all surface system, then the XL Signature Plus vacuum is the one to choose.

Oreck vacuums are well made, durable vacuums that are lightweight and easy to use. They excel at cleaning carpets and are acceptable as hard floor sweepers.

Common Features of the Oreck XL Signature Series Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The Oreck XL Signature Series vacuums are lightweight, with a 4" high low-profile head and pile-lifting roller brush.

Other common features include:

  • Bristled Edge Cleaning System
  • Easy Load Bag
  • Metaxalloy Motor Fan
  • Easy Access Belt Door
  • Large Dirt Bag Capacity
  • Non-marring Wheels and Bumper
  • Cord Guard
  • Energy Efficient
  • Top Fill Design

Oreck XL Signature Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features

Ergonomic Handle

The Arthritis Foundation® has given the Oreck XL Signature Plus the Ease-Of-Use Commendation for its innovative strain-free, ergonomic no-squeeze handle.

Extend the life of your carpets & rugs

The brush grooms the nap as it cleans, extending the life of your expensive flooring.

Fast. Simple. Sanitary.

The Saniseal® System automatically seals shut, locking dirt in the disposable filter bag.

Simple above-the-floor cleaning

Oreck’s 5 lb. XL handheld canister vacuum with hypo-allergenic filtration and attachments tackles all above-the-floor jobs. It easily cleans stairs, furniture, ceiling fans, moulding, bookshelves, and curtains, as well as cars, trucks, boats, and RVs.


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Oreck XL Signature Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Technical Specifications

  Oreck XL Signature Plus Oreck XL Signature
Vacuum Type: Bagged Upright
Motor: 4 Amp/480 Watt
Airflow: 102 mph
Power Controls: On/Off with two speed motor control
Standard Filters: 3 layer, 630 cubic inch capacity with Celoc Hypo-Allergenic bag
Included Attachments: 5-lb. Handheld Canister Vacuum with a Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Telescope Reach Wand, Dusting Brush, Low Reach Floor Tool None
Head Lamp: Yes No
Power Cord: 30 ft. (9.1M)
Dimensions: 48" H x 13" W x 9.5" L
(121.9cm x 33cm x 24.1cm)
Weight: 9 lbs. (4kg)
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
Price (MSRP): $299.00 $199.00
Amazon.com: Buy Now Buy Now

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