Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Review - The Vacuum Cleaner With 360º Glide Turning

Oreck is constantly improving their products and the new Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Vacuum Cleaner is no exception. The Platinum Pilot offers faster start-up, better filtration, improved lighting, and more maneuverability with its 360º Glide turning system.

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Oreck XL Platinum Pilot

Price: $599.95 (MSRP)
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  • Lightweight
  • Agile
  • Powerful suction
  • None
The new Oreck XL Platinum Pilot is a powerful, easy to use upright vacuum. It is lightweight, maneuverable, and effective on both carpets and bare floors. Oreck also backs the XL Platinum Pilot with a 10 year warranty and 10 free tune-ups at your local Oreck authorized dealer (a $400 value).


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Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Getting started no longer requires tools, simply slide the upper handle into the connector and tighten the collar and you’re done! Plug in the XL Platinum Pilot, rock the handle back, flick the power switch at the tip of your thumb and off you go.

The Oreck XL Platinum Pilot has a host of new features, from an ergonomic handle and two speed power switch to improved filtration and odor control by incorporating layers of activated charcoal into the inner dust bag as well as high filtration HEPA-Celoc® to the outer dust bag. Additional sound deadening insulation makes the Platinum Pilot much quieter than its predecessors.

The most noteworthy change is the 360º Glide turning system, bringing maneuverability of the Pilot to a whole new level. Unlike the large, heavy vacuums of its competitors, you do not have to be a body builder to use the XL Platinum Pilot. With just a twist of the wrist, the Pilot changes direction, going where you want it to go, without strain to the wrist, arm, or user.


“Amazon’s discount prices change daily so check out the June 20, 2021 sale price for this item right now by Clicking Here.”


So how have all these improvements affected the performance of the XL Platinum Pilot vacuum? The first thing you’ll notice is that the Pilot actually pulls itself along, yet it’s still surprisingly easy to draw it back when it gets to the end of your reach. The XL Platinum Pilot has larger, non-marring wheels making it a bit more stable. With its low-profile floor head and 360º Glide turning system, this vacuum goes nearly anywhere.

Suction on the XL Platinum Pilot is excellent. The Pilot will pick up in one pass what takes other vacuums several passes. Edge cleaning has also been greatly improved. The XL Platinum Pilot isn’t quite as effective on bare floors, however, it does an acceptable job. Our test included scattered kitty litter on a vinyl surface, the XL Platinum Pilot was able to pick up the litter in just a few passes, without spitting it in all directions. The Pilot vacuums large, heavy area rugs with ease, though it doesn’t do small, lightweight throw rugs or pet bedding as its powerful suction will suck them up into the vacuum cleaner and bind the brush roll.

Like all Oreck upright vacuums, the XL Platinum Pilot stays lightweight because it is not built as an all-purpose machine. Instead, the Platinum Pilot is designed to only vacuum floors, and leaves above floor cleaning to the Ultimate Handheld canister vacuum that comes with the Pilot as part of the "Platinum Power Team". You get two vacuums for the price of one. Some users will find having two vacuums cumbersome, some will gladly trade in their bulky multi-purpose vacuum for two smaller, more maneuverable, more effective vacuums. We found there to be little difference in the amount of time or effort required to switch from the Oreck XL Platinum Pilot upright vacuum to the Ultimate Handheld canister vacuum, as opposed to converting the average all-in-one machine from floor mode to above-floor cleaning mode. Oreck’s dual vacuum system is more nimble, has better reach and cleaning ability, with less hassles, compared to all-in-one vacuums. Ultimately, it is a personal preference, and one should not be quick to judge until they’ve become familiar with the Pilot and the Ultimate Handheld canister vacuum’s operation.

The Ultimate Handheld Vacuum that rounds out the XL Platinum Power Team weighs a mere 5 pounds. With the padded shoulder strap and 159 air watts of suction, it is a powerful and easy to use vacuum that doesn’t cause fatigue. The 20 foot power cord, 60 inch hose, and telescoping wand means that dust and dirt will have a hard time hiding. Also included are a crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, and a horse hair bristled floor tool. An onboard tool caddy keeps the accessories at your fingertips.

The bag inside the Ultimate Handheld Vacuum is made from the same high quality, filtration materials as the standard Oreck vacuum bag. Additionally, it can be used as a blower simply by switching the hose to the exhaust port on the back of the canister vacuum.

Final Thoughts:

We liked this vacuum, it performed well in all the important areas. The new Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Upright Vacuum is powerful and easy to use. It is lightweight, maneuverable, and effective on both carpets and bare floors. Plus, Oreck backs the XL Platinum Pilot with a 10 year warranty and 10 free tune-ups at your local Oreck authorized dealer (a $400 value).

In addition, our experiences with Oreck customer care has been second to none! Everyone from our local Oreck dealer to corporate customer service, has been extremely friendly and helpful. If you value consumer support after the purchase, you won’t be disappointed with Oreck.

Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Unique ball-joint and pivot connection provide easy steering and greater maneuverability.

  • Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Swivel Animation

  • Advanced HEPA filtration and anti-microbial protection.
  • Two speed motor.
  • Advanced sound-dampening technology.
  • Sleek, simple, modern design.
  • 10 FREE annual tune-ups.
  • 10 year warranty.

Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Vacuum Cleaner Features

Oreck Platinum Pilot

Ergonomic Handle

The Arthritis Foundation® has given the Oreck Platinum Pilot the Ease-Of-Use Commendation for its innovative, strain-free, ergonomic, no-squeeze handle.

Oreck Platinum Pilot

Improved Brush Roll

A re-engineered, powerful pile-lifting roller brush cleans carpet better than ever.

Oreck Platinum Pilot

Low Profile

Lays virtually flat to fit easily under furniture.

Oreck Platinum Pilot


Unique ball-joint and pivot connection guides the vacuum exactly where you need it to go.

Oreck Platinum Pilot

Above Floor Cleaning

Oreck’s 5 lb. Ultimate Handheld Vacuum with hypo-allergenic filtration and 8 attachments tackles all above-the-floor jobs. It easily cleans stairs, furniture, ceiling fans, molding, bookshelves, curtains, drapes, and everything else up high.


“Amazon’s discount prices change daily so check out the June 20, 2021 sale price for this item right now by Clicking Here.”



Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Specifications

Vacuum Type: Bagged Upright
Model: Pilot – U7220, U7220ECS
Platinum Pilot – U7200, U7200ECB, U7200ECBS
Platinum Pilot Plus – U7300, U7300ECB, U7300ECBS
Motor: 10 Amp/1200 Watt
Airflow: 102 mph
Power Controls: Two speed On/Off switch
Standard Filters: A HEPA filtration bag consisting of:
  • 4-Layer Outer Bag
  • 4-Layer Inner Bag
  • HEPA Celoc® Filtration
  • Lifetime HEPA Filter
Included Attachments: Platinum Pilot and Platinum Pilot Plus only – 5.5 lb. (2.5 kg) Ultimate Handheld Vacuum, 60" Hose, Telescoping Wand, Padded Shoulder Strap, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Brush, Crevice Tool, Floor Tool, Tool Caddy
Power Cord: 30 ft. (35 ft. Platinum Pilot Plus)
Dimensions: 47.5" H x 12.5" W x 8.75" L
(120.5cm x 31.75cm x 22.25cm)
Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5kg)
Warranty: 5 to 15 year limited warranty (depending on model)
Price (MSRP): $399.95 – $599.95
Amazon.com: Buy Now


Disclaimer: The manufacturer, Oreck Corporation, generously sent us a complimentary unit for the purposes of testing and review. However, that in no way influenced the information presented here. We always give our honest opinions, findings, and reviews. You can read our full Disclosure Policy here.


  1. I recently upgraded from a 9 year old upright Oreck to the Oreck XL Platinum 360. WOW! It is self-propelled, and is so easy to use, it’s unbelievable. Love the tilting capability. I believe the cord is longer as well. It goes under furniture that my previous vacuum couldn’t.

    I highly recommend this vacuum!

  2. Arlene Matthews says

    I recently bought an Oreck XL- Platinum Pilot Series Vacuum Cleaner. I am highly disappointed with the performance of the vacuum itself, there is no height adjustment and going from one height to another makes the roller brush get hung up and stop working. As far as the suction and pivot, I was happy to finally get a vacuum to be so easy to use……until…..you change carpet heights. Less than six months old and it is in the repair shop. Not a very good buy for the amount of money you spend for a quality vacuum cleaner.

  3. Ruth Blair says

    Bought the Oreck XL Platinum Pilot 6 months ago and am now shopping for a replacement unit.

    Just recarpeted with a frieze style carpet (very soft 1″ shag type pile) …..cannot even push the vacuum on this surface! Never thought to ask about what stlye carpet this vacuum was compatible with or if there was an adjustment feature..nor was this asked by the person who sold this unit. ….and as it has been rated as fairly poor when used on hard surfaces (half ths house is tiled) I am forced to purchase another vacuum.

    We have been Oreck fans for years and have used or own about every product….first negative with the company.

  4. Holly Darrah says

    I own a cleaning business and thought Oreck vacuums were going to be good because they are so lightweight and easy to bring from one place to another. Big mistake! I have 5 Orecks, and after using them for less then 2 years, I am down to only 1. After using these vacuums in your home for a year or so you will find them to be impossible to push on carpet. I have seen my girls try to push the Oreck by using thier body weight, and the vacuum was still moving very little. These vacuums are good for the first few months you use it, but it gets harder and harder to push. I am now forced to replace them after using them for such a short time.

  5. I have been wanting a Oreck for about 6 years now and finally my husband got me one for me 10th anniversary. I hate it. I falls over by just looking at it. It is made from really cheap materials (considering the price) It cannot clean floors and it most definately does not pull itself I have to push really hard and go over one spot many times before it picks crumbs up. It does not vacuum edges at all and I have to unglog it every week which takes forever with all the screws. Also I know it does not work well because the bag takes months to fill to the line and my previous bagless vacuum filled up in two days. I am on the monthly payment and still has about 7 months left to pay for this piece of garbage, It works good just until the 30 days to return is up. I would never buy it again or recommend it to anyone.

  6. I gave my son my old white model, (which I was happy with for 10 years.) I purchased the new Oreck XL Platinum Pilot. It barely makes it over the carpet which is not even 1/4″ pile. The roller gets clogged after cleaning even a small area. I wish I had my old one back.

  7. Elizabeth says

    I miss my old white vacuum which was the older model. Like another reviewer said, it lasted over 10 years. This vacuum gets clogged quickly. After owning it for two months something happened to the 360 degree turn. It has never been able to stand upright. The entire vacuum detatches from the base. I am so unhappy, I am going to completely swith companies. I am looking into a Miele. This vacuum is equalivant to the lowest brand at walmart. I told my husband if we left it at a trash dump, someone would take it and bring it right back. I feel that the quality of this company has really gone down hill. I bought my “package” deal from a dealer in Vienna, Va which was my first mistake. The salesman was a complete con-artist. After I paid in full, he gave me a floor model and told me he would contact me to pick up the second vacuum which never happened. When I called the owner of the shop I asked for my old vacuum back. He said he threw it in the trash and I would be getting my money or any vacuum back. Like I said the entire quality of the company is garbage. I am going italian. I pay for quality and good customer service/professionalism! You won’t get that here!

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