Oreck Quest Canister Vac Review - The Power Of An Upright Vacuum Cleaner In A Lightweight And Easy To Use Canister Vacuum

The Oreck Quest Canister Vac is the latest canister vacuum in the Oreck lineup. It is lightweight and easy to use, making the Quest ideal for small homes, apartments, and homes with stairs.

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Oreck Quest Canister Vac

Price: $199.95 (MSRP)
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  • Powerful
  • Maneuverable
  • Easy to maintain
  • HEPA filtration
  • No onboard tool storage
  • Short power cord
The Oreck Quest canister vacuum is lightweight, easy to use, with conveniently placed controls, filters, and dust bag for efficient operation and ease of maintenance.


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Oreck Quest Canister Vac Review

Power controls on the Oreck Quest Canister Vac consist of a large crescent shaped ON/OFF switch on the left rear corner of the canister body that can be operated either by foot or by hand and a variable speed slide control to adjust motor speed from low to high, and all points in between, in a smooth, sweeping motion. Additionally, manual controls include a rewind for the power cord and a suction control on the hose handle.

The power cord is pulled from the back of the vacuum and is conveniently marked with yellow at 30" and red at 15" to indicate that you are nearing the end of the cord. To retract the 16 foot power cord, simply press the cord rewind paddle opposite the ON/OFF switch. The cord is quickly drawn back into the vacuum canister body.

Filtration on the Quest starts with a multi-layer dust bag to contain the dust and debris, followed by a pre-motor filter and a HEPA exhaust filter. We were impressed with the ease in which both the dustbag and filters are accessed and serviced. The pre-motor filter sits behind the dust bag and the HEPA filter compartment is right next to the bag compartment. Both filters are washable, which will save you considerable money over time. Oreck does not currently offer activated charcoal dust bags or filters for the Oreck Quest canister vac.


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The handle, wand, and attachments of the Oreck Quest are slightly larger in diameter than other Oreck vacuum cleaners, Oreck has included an adapter nozzle so all Oreck vacuum accessories can be used. Also included is a 19" metal wand that extends to over 30", a 2-in-1 crevice/dust brush tool, and a non-powered, multi-surface floor head with retractable bristles. The non-powered floor head is not as effective at removing pet hair as a motorized brush roll would be. We have been told that the Oreck Quest canister vac will have a companion model with an electric floor brush feature, a release date has yet to be announced.

The Quest has not one, but two wand parking locations on the canister body. One is on the end of the canister for when the vacuum is in use. A second wand park is on the back of the canister for storing the vacuum cleaner neatly upright.

The Oreck Quest canister vac is extremely quiet, a mere whisper compared to other Oreck models such as the Oreck XL Pro Plus or the Oreck Platinum Pilot. The Quest has excellent suction through the handle and extension wand. The multi-surface floor head does well on both carpet and bare floor surfaces, and has good side sweep abilities. The crevice tool is limited due to its short 4-1/2" length and the integrated dust brush that pivots at its end. The dust brush itself, at only 3/4" x 1-1/2", is also too small to be of much use. We recommend purchasing Oreck full-sized vacuum cleaner accessories as the best option for serious cleaning needs.

For floor work, the Quest follows you around fairly well, though on deeper pile carpets the vacuum cleaner does have a tendency to tip over. The hose and wand do their business properly, while the floor head glides where you direct it. For above floor work, the Quest has an impressive reach of over 9 feet. Weighing in at just 10 pounds, slightly more than a gallon of milk, means that reach can be greatly extended by utilizing the integrated lift handle for almost effortless higher cleaning or when carrying the Quest up stairs.

Overall, the Oreck Quest canister vac is lightweight and easy to use. Controls are conveniently located and the filters and dust bag are well placed for efficient operation and ease of maintenance. The Oreck Quest canister vac is great for smaller homes, apartments, and homes with stairs.


Oreck Quest Canister Vac Features

  • Excellent suction
  • Maneuverable
  • Large wheels and convenient carry handle
  • Sanitary 2-filter system
  • Extension wand, multi-tool, and floor tool
  • Variable speed control
  • Weighs 10 lbs.


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Oreck Quest Canister Vac
Technical Specifications

Vacuum Type: Canister model MC1000
Motor: 10 Amps
Power Controls: On/Off switch, variable speed slide control
Dust Bag Capacity: 3.6 qt.
Filtration: Pre-motor filter (washable), HEPA filter (washable)
Included Attachments: Combination crevice tool/dust brush, multi-surface floor head, attachment adapter, extension wand
Power Cord: 16 ft.
Dimensions: 12″ W x 17.5″ L x 9″ H
Weight: 10 lbs.
Warranty: 3 years
Price (MSRP): $199.95
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  1. Jan Watkins says

    Purchasing the Oreck Quest was a very big mistake. Initially I was thrilled that Oreck had put a canister on the market. I have had an upright Oreck for several years and I was very hapy with its performance. Having on board attachments is a convenience that is important to me. I know that my friends electric broom by Oreck has more suction and pickup ability than my Quest. The performance of the Vacuum keeps getting worse. Of course, they have a no return policy. $199.00 is a lot of money for a machine that does not do the job. Jan Watkins

  2. We purchased this vacume for our RV, and have had Oreck products in the past and found them to be well made and designed. This product works well. My complaints are as follows:

    1. The vacume came with a defect. The rubber grommet from the power cord hole is handing loose on the cord.
    2. Due to the static electricity build up on the vacume head, dog hair stick to it.
    3. No on board storage for the accessory.
    4. This product ,like everything else in this country is made in China 🙁

  3. Mark Radell says

    It’s hard to rate this vacuum cleaner because it works excellent for vacuuming with the accessories that come with it but… The hose and wand are an unusual size (1.5″) so it’s very difficult if not impossible to find additional accessories. Unfortunately even the Oreck stores don’t know much about this. We bought a turbo brush when we bought the cleaner but they didn’t tell us we needed an adapter which was difficult to get.

  4. i just bought one of these through oreck and got it for 149.95. i bought this for cleaning under furniture and hard to reach places. i absolutely love it! in my opinion, if you are wanting a vacuum to clean the entire house, this is not it. i bought it as a second vacuum to get into places that my upright oreck can’t get to. it has very good suction and cleans wonderfully in hard to reach places. it is compact and very easy to move around and would even be good to clean your car out. i have used it to clean around base boards, under the couch, under the bed, and lots of small spaces that i normally can’t get to. i love it!

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