Eureka SurfaceMax 300 Vacuum Cleaner - Features, Reviews, and Ratings

The Eureka SurfaceMax 300 is described by Eureka as a multi-surface vacuum, designed to clean everything from bare floors to thick carpets. With a built-in hose and onboard tool selection, the SurfaceMax can also handle above floor cleaning tasks.

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The SurfaceMax™ upright series comes in two models, the SurfaceMax 200 and the SurfaceMax 300. Standard features range from the Easy Empty Dust Cup and HEPA filtration to a 12 amp motor and edge cleaning. See our side by side comparison for all the features of each model.

All of the filters on the SurfaceMax 300 are readily accessible for ease of maintenance. The dust bin removes easily for fast emptying, simply slide the release lever and the bin drops from its cradle. A nice feature here is the filter and belt maintenance label on the back of the dust bin, it not only reminds you to check the filters, you won’t have to search for your owner’s manual to know when or how to service them. Basically, you’ll empty the dust bin after every use, wash the foam filter and filter screen weekly, and replace the HEPA filter every 6 months. The belt and brush roll are cleaned and inspected monthly.

The controls on the SurfaceMax 300 consist of a single ON / OFF switch located on the front of the chassis, while this is not a bad location, it would be better if the switch were up on the handle. There is a large dial with five settings in the center of the floor head that controls height. When the vacuum is in the parked position (for storage and above floor use), the floor head is raised completely off the floor, an excellent feature so as not to damage carpets or delicate flooring surfaces while attending to above floor tasks. A cautionary note on this vacuum is that the brush roll is always rotating, which makes cleaning bare floors more dangerous and difficult. Dangerous because the brush can scratch delicate floor surfaces, difficult because the brush roll has a tendency to flip large debris particles out from under the floor head.

The SurfaceMax has a floor head release pedal that is depressed once to go from “park” to vacuuming floors. When you need to get under low items you step on the release pedal a second time and the vacuum will lay nearly flat to the floor. In our opinion, the vacuum should have full range of motion without the unnecessary and inconvenient second pedal action. Another annoyance is that returning the vacuum to the “park” position requires depressing the release pedal, otherwise the vacuum does not easily return to a fully upright and locked position.

Above floor cleaning with the SurfaceMax 300 is limited due to the hose not extending more than a few feet from the vacuum. The hose is actually much longer than this, however, it is routed through a loop on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner to prevent tipping the vacuum over when pulling the hose to full extension. The hose does not freely slide through this loop, resulting in half of its length being lost. While a short hose is fine for quick pick-ups and low area cleaning, it is not suitable for reaching higher areas such as book shelves, ceiling fans, or out of the way corners where cobwebs like to gather. Even with the 16" extension wand and an additional 16" crevice tool, usable reach is limited. Removing and reinserting the hose into its cradle is cumbersome due to the hose wrap guides and the telescoping duster cradle being in close proximity.

There is a convenient handle on the back of the vacuum cleaner for carrying the vacuum. While this is very handy, the upper electrical cord wrap is also located in this area and as your fingers wrap around the back of the handle you can’t help but pop the cord wrap out of its socket. One of two things will result from this problem, either you’ll toss the cord wrap in a box somewhere and forget about it or it will get lost. Either way, you’ll lose the only means to secure the cord on the machine for storage.

The SurfaceMax 300 is equipped with a Telescopic Self-Cleaning Duster. It is holstered in a cradle on the side of the vacuum, where with the flip of a lever it is “self-cleaned” and a static charge is placed on the duster so that it attracts and holds dust. The shortcoming of any duster is that they tend to push more dust around than they pick up, even with a static charge, then flick that dust into the air. A better method of dusting with a vacuum cleaner is to use the dusting brush on the end of the hose, where the brush will break the dust loose and the vacuum is right there with the brush to safely contain the dust. When reinserting the telescoping duster into its holster, it does not lock down into place without effort. Without being locked into place, the “self-cleaning” feature doesn’t work properly and the duster will bounce around while using the vacuum in “floor” mode.

Other onboard attachments on the SurfaceMax 300 are an extension wand with a nested crevice tool, a dusting brush, and a Power Paw™ with Riser Visor™ turbo brush. The extension wand and crevice tool are both 16" long, being nested makes them cumbersome to use when you only want to use one of them at a time. The bristles of the dusting brush are soft and well suited to dusting delicate items. The Power Paw™ is cradled conveniently on the front of the vacuum cleaner handle and works well for cleaning upholstery and drapes. The unique feature of the Power Paw is its Riser Visor. The Riser Visor is a two position door. In the “up” position the Power Paw brush roll is exposed to the bottom of the tool and useful for flat work. In the “down” position, the brush roll is exposed to the tip of the tool to aid in cleaning stair risers and the backs of furniture. While this can be useful in some tight locations, the suction is somewhat reduced due to the dual opening design and air leaks around the door.

The SurfaceMax 300 is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to use, however, it is a poor quality vacuum overall. It has poor suction, resulting in little to no pick-up of debris from either carpets or bare floors. The belt on our test model broke within the first week and is indicative of the overall quality of this machine. We would like to say that the performance of the SurfaceMax 300 is what you would expect of any vacuum cleaner in its price range, but that would be high praise, something that the SurfaceMax 300 does not deserve.


Included with the Eureka SurfaceMax 300 Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka SurfaceMax 300

Wide Floor Head

Wide path makes vacuuming with the SurfaceMax 300 Vacuum Cleaner fast.


Turbo Brush

Power Paw® Turbo Brush with Riser Visor™ conveniently located onboard.

Eureka SurfaceMax

HEPA Filter

Captures 99.97% of dust, allergens, and pet dander for a cleaner home.



Eureka SurfaceMax Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Specifications

  SurfaceMax 300 SurfaceMax 200
Model: SurfaceMax 300 (2976AVZ) SurfaceMax 200 (2977AV)
Color: Yellow Blue
Vacuum Type: Upright – Bagless
Motor: 12 amp / 1400 Watt
Power Controls: On/Off located on front of chassis
Dust Bin Capacity: 1.3qt (1.4L)
Surface Types: Bare Floors, Carpet, Upholstery
Standard Filters: HEPA Filter
Included Attachments: Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool
Turbo Nozzle Power Paw™ with Riser Visor™ No
Additional Tools: Nested Wand/Crevice, Combo Brush Crevice Wand and Dusting Brush
Suction Wand: Telescopic self-cleaning duster
Edge Cleaning: Yes
Operating Radius: 30ft (9.1M) power cord
Cleaning Width: 15" (38cm)
Dimensions: 43.5″ H x 15″ W x 12″ L
(110.5cm x 38cm x 30.5cm)
Weight: 20.8 lbs (9.4kg) 20.3 lbs (9.2kg)
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
Price: (MSRP) $89.99 NA Buy Now NA


Consumer Reviews of Eureka SurfaceMax Vacuum Cleaners

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  1. Kay Santos says

    I purchase this vacuum for the price. It worked great for one day. The belt broke. After changing the belt the suction was greatly reduced. It also has too many replacement filters and required cleaning after vacuuming. I thought I would save money by not having to replace bags. The telescopic wand does not extend or retract easily. I am off to return it. I was very pleased with my older Eureka.

  2. I have had this for two months and all I have is complaints. First, it will not suck the stuff from the carpet if you have the inside filter clogged and its hell to get out, once you do get it out, dirt is flying everywhere! If you have kids or pets forget it! It will not pick anything up and will take time to chew small items up before throwing them out the back at your feet. I took mine out and left it out. Second, the attachments are crappy since they do not have the lenth to be heald by one attachment, so you have to use both–or none. Third, I tried to vacum my plastic floor in the kitchen and it wore spots into the floor where it rested for too long (I have a 3×3′ floor in the kitchen so it wasnt but a few seconds it had been straight up to do that). IT is NOT worth your money. You might as well open up your window driving to get it and throw your money out–that’s what this thing is worth. I MISS MY OLD VACUUM =


  4. This is the worst vacuum I have ever purchased. Within one week of owning it, the belt broke and had to be replaced. It does not pick up like it should. It simply shuffles the debris into little piles that you have to pick up. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone. Unfortunately I am stuck with this vacuum now because the store will not take it back due to the numerous complaints they have had about this model.

  5. Archimedes of Henrico says

    Once upon a time, in a rural town of North Carolina, eight housemates embarked on a risk-taking voyage towards cleanliness. Cleaning scheduled magnetized to the refrigerator and vacuum in hand, we sucked, mopped, and cleaned like our house had never seen. In fact, we did so much sucking that the vacuum broke and we had to replace it.

    As our fearless leader perused her choices, she said “eureka” when she saw the price of this vacuum cleaner. Tears of joy streamed from all of us when our savior returned with our new vacuum cleaner.

    However, upon first usage, the vacuum belt broke and left us all in disarray. Our lives seemed ruined. While some of us worked furiously to look through the instruction manual to piece our broken lives back together, another looked for these reviews.

    As you can see, every single review told us how awful the vacuum cleaner was. There was no hope for us.

    But then, a ray of hope…we saw a spare vacuum belt in the box and replaced it immediately. The vacuum once again rose to its prominence as the king of suck that it is. All of us rejoiced as once again our castle could be clean and mountains of dust, hair, and broken dreams could be once again be sucked away.

  6. Bradley Johnson says

    I have had this vaccum for 2 weeks. I was walking through Wal-mart when i saw this box for the surfacemax 300 it was cheap but had a respectable company name on it so i bought it after the first use it started sucking hot and blowing dirt everywhere. now it wont even suck the dirt up to blow it back at my feet as soon as i try and vaccum something with it the beater brush stops and overheats and stinks up the whole house i hate it so much and want my mney back

  7. pamela bauer says

    This vacuum has been horrible from the first time I have used it. I wish I would have read the reviews before buying it. It doesn’t suck anything up, not even dust. It seems to spread more dirt then it does clean. It is not user friendly (hose, duster, attachments). I would never reccomend this vacuum to any one. I wish they would just recall it and return my money.

  8. I bought this vacuum approx 4 months ago based on price and features. Looking back now, I wish I had read the reviews. This is the worst vacuum I have ever had. On surface floors, it drops more dirt than it picks up….yes, that is correct! It does the opposite of what it is supposed to do.

    Yesterday, I began using it and it started smeliing something burning. At first I thought that something got stuck in the bristles, but nothing was stuck. I am at the point where I will trow this vacuum out and purchase another entirely different model.

    Please do not buy or use this model!

  9. I don’t know that any of you reading these reviews need one more word of caution, but, here’s my opinion. DO NOT BUY THIS VACUUM CLEANER!!! We recently moved to a new home with mostly wood and tile floors and wanted a lightweight vacuum that would handle pet hair. The Power Paw looked like the perfect tool for us! First of all, when we opened the box, once home, the Power Paw was missing. A replacement was sent promptly with an apology – one positive – maybe I should change my review to 1 star… NO. Upon using the vacuum, I must agree with other reviewers in that it only moves dust and debris around. It does not suck it up. Also, the hose is a problem… very little of it is useful. The extension for the hose is so short that you might as well use it on your knees… and i’m short! As for the Power Paw, it does work, however, if you need to try to get dog hair off of a carpeted room, plan to spend the day as the attachment is only approx. 5 inches wide! Needless to say, we will be purchasing a new vacuum cleaner soon… and it won’t be a Eureka.

  10. This vacuum should immediately be removed from the market. Like others I wish I would have read the reviews first. Its not even worth donating to charity. Shame on you Eureka!




  12. well, unlike many of these other reviews, I think the vacuum works great, when it works. I had it for 2 weeks, and it sucked up the dog hair great, and quickly too because it has a wide vacuum swath. However, the belt broke after 2 weeks. I was already skeptical when I opened it up and found a replacement belt comes with the new vacuum. Well, it was easy to replace, but I know this belt won’t last long and I am already looking to have a few in reserve for when the belts continue to break.

  13. I’ve had this vacuum approximately 5 months and HATE it! Our old cheap $40 vacuum gave out after 4+ years. Well we decided to spend a bit more and needless to say less in this case is better. This vacuum clogs up every single time I use it. I’ve taken into the local dealer who of course didn’t have very good reviews neither. I’ve already replaced the belt once already. I was told not to put the settings on low carpet but on high carpet settings it doesn’t pick a darn think up. My carpet isn’t shag nor new, it’s normal carpet, and yet it clogs and doesn’t pick up anything. I would never recommend this vacuum or ever in my lifetime buy a Eureka again. Oh yeah I emailed the company when it was clogged waited two weeks no response. So I called the phone number was on hold for 22 minutes prior to reaching anyone. A month after my original email was sent the company inevitably emailed me back. What a useless company and vacuum.

  14. Charlene DuBuque says

    Please, read these reviews!

    Everyone is right, this vacuum sucks. I initially thought that I had found my dream vacuum. Four months later I eat my words.

    And now what? I am left with a piece of junk that only does not work, but does not have any type of warrenty.

  15. This is a terrible vacuum cleaner !!! It has never worked right. It clogs every time I use it. It won’t suck even a piece of string off the carpet and only blows the dust around on the hardwood. I have spent more time working on it ,than actually vacuuming with it. I could give many examples of why it is the worst vacuum ever made, but from the looks of the other reviews they have the same complaints as me. I’m obviously not the only one who has been frustrated by it.

    It should be taken off the market.

  16. I bought this at Target based on the name brand and the price. I used the first one twice and I had smoke coming out of the motor and a smell of burnt wires. I took it back and was told that I could not have a refund because I did not have the box but they would trade one out for me. With no choice I took the trade….Well, here we are two months later with the exact same problem.

    This does not mention the fact if you put this on a bare floor that the only thing it does is move the dirt across the room, it does not pick up. I will say I did not have the belt issue as everyone is stating and it did a very nice job on the carpet when it was not smoking or smelling like wires were on fire.

    As you will see, there are many bad reviews on this product; if I had researched this before buying I would have not even given it a first or second thought. This item sucks!!! I feel it is a safety hazard and needs to be recalled and pulled off the shelf…It is one thing if I was the only person or maybe two or three, but the fact that every review on here is a negative should give you a good idea that there is a MAJOR ISSUE with this item…..Someone from Eureka needs to step-up and make it right with us consumers…Remember, it is us that keep you in business!

  17. We bought this vaccum because we were moving and wanted a great vaccum. I was sold on the name and description. It was horrible from Day1. We kept it because we thought that maybe we just didnt put it together properly. but, we redid the bolts and screws and it was all correct.

    It just makes big clumps of dust balls with everything is sucks up and then turn around a regurgitates it back up. I have tried cleaning the hoses, the turn brush at the bottom…This is a POS…I want my money back, but, when we moved I tossed the reciept and the box…AUGH!!!

  18. I just bought this today. So far this is the best vacuum cleaner I have bought. I can feel the suction while vacuuming. I vacuumed one room and the canister was full. WOW I have no compliants, but this is day one.

  19. I have been having problems withthis vacuum for a few months now. I notices it woul dnot suck even the smallest thing up. My carpet has been looking dirty and not well vacuumed. I read through the reviews and actually did what onwe person said to do; set the settings on HIGH carpet. Well, it is sucking almost everything up now, so I am so glad I got on here and read these reviews. It is working so much better. I have been sweeping my carpet with the little hand tool for the stairs because the hose still has great suction. Now I don’t have to do that. I hope this helps people with this vacuum

  20. This vacuum is a POS. I bought it at Target and was originally confident because of the name. Well, it’s never worked very well and now it’s broken and I’ve no idea how to fix it. It has always sucked poorly. then it started regurgitating dust all over the place. Now the brush isn’t turning and I believe the belt is broken. I still haven’t figured out how to remove the baseplate to replace the belt. I should have sprung for a Dyson.

  21. drick andersen says

    I bought this vacuum 2 months ago, it looks good at the store, but when you bring the ”thing” ( it is NOT a vacuum) home, you will be dissapointed. My wife is scared to use it, it doesn’t suck ANYTHING!!!! You will just walk around after each use picking up the carpet it rips up and spits back out. It takes a bodybuilder to pick it up, and yes the hose is ridiculously short. I don’t ever write reviews, but had to WARN MORE PEOPLE.

  22. I went to the store needing a vacuum quick when mine stopped working and found this one as a floor model on clearance I got a great price so I figured I would try it out- I think it works really well- I have had no problems at all with it- I vacuum almost every day with 3 kids and this did the job and actually surprized me on how much was picked up- After reading the reviews WOW I must have got a good one compared to everyone else that doesn’t like this- I agree with the attachment hose being a little short and the cord shorter also but the price on this is really a great price being under $100 – The one thing I don’t like is that when you use the hose alone the brush continues running but for the price I am really happy with it and have cleaned about 5000 square feet and works great for me

  23. I purchased this vacuum in December and by January it started clogging up. Now it doesn’t pick up anything….my carpet never looks like it been vacuumed….ugh!!! I have an old dirt devil in my closet that I’ve had since 2005 that I pulled out the other day to pick up behind it and even its on its last leg. Now I’m in the market to purchase a new vacuum and it will NOT be a Eureka!!! I’ve taken this thing apart several times trying to find the problem and nothing is wrong….IT JUST DOESN’T WORK!!!

  24. I got this for a Christmas gift so I can’t gripe that I wasted money on this vacuum. However, It clogs constantly, doesn’t pick up anti skid pebbles and I have had to take this thing apart and clean it or replace a belt everytime I vacuum the house. This thing is going in the trash as soon as I use this last belt.

  25. Mandy Kirkpatrick says

    Dont buy this piece of plastic unless you have a child that wants a play vacuum! Worked good first month. Owned it for about 6 months. It wont pick up even the smallest particles. I had to use my shampoo machine to vacuum my carpets…this is sad. I have emailed customer service and am waiting a response. I would not buy this again or recommend it to anyone.

  26. I’m not sure why others are reviewing this cleaner so badly. Mine has been working 2+ years and I have never had a problem. As long as you keep your filters clean like you are supposed to, it will work wonders. I love mine!!

  27. Our old realiable 40 vacuum of 5 + years finally gave out. Saw this at Target and much like the other reviewers, i found out this vaccuum does NOT suck up anything. I’m better off getting some duct tape, creating a circular wrap around my hand using the sticky side picking up the stuff on my carpet!

  28. I not only bought this model for my home, but also for my office (I purchased them at the same time), because of the great features it offers. The features would be great if they worked. The vacuum will hardly pick up anything – it spreads the dirt around (and that was from the beginning before the filters even had a chance to get dirty). The hose does not have enough suction. I have owned them for about 6 months but have to replace both of them – ugh!!!!

  29. I’m a wife of an Army Officer so I have gone through my share of vacuums and this is by far the worse vacuum I have every owned!! I bought this vacuum hoping it would get me thru the last 2 years of our time with the Army before we retired and I could buy a high-end vacuum without fear of moving it. I have owned this vacuum for almost a year now and every time I vacumm I want to throw it out the front door ~ I usually end up vacuuming on my hands and knees to get the carpets half way clean. We are a family of only 3 and the top floor is all hard wood so I really only vacuum 2 bedrooms, a play room and a family room and it does a horrible job!! DO NOT waste your money on this vacuum!!!

  30. kelly markle says

    if u would rather spend more time cleaning the hose out than vacuuming, this is the vacuum 4 u!!!! i hv only had this vacuum 7 months and the dirt or whatever it is sucking up does not make it 2 the canister it is suppose 2, i am constantly taking it apart 2 get the dust bunnies out of the hose. i do not hv an exceptionally clean house, but i do not hv a dirty house either. i should NOT b hvg these problems. my previous vacuum i owned 4 about 6 yrs, unfornately i thru it out, otherwise i would b using that one instead of this POS!!!!!! seriously!!!!

  31. wanda eichaker says

    this is probably no doubt the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever had in 40 years of housecleaning……
    what more is there to say.?????????????????????????/

  32. Kris Stinson says

    I have to agree with other reviewers. This really is a hunk of junk. I would Not buy it again. Purchased less than one year ago.

    Being a bit of a neat freak keeping our family home clean for 25 years now. Have two dogs – family of four – vacuum all the time. Not with this one. Can’t stand it! You have to clean two filters monthly or it will clog up quickly. I don’t like the fact that you have to clean a vacuum before you wish to use it. Used the telescopic handle two times and now it won’t go back into it’s place correctly. When I try to use the attachments dust just blows all over the place.

    I can’t wait to replace it. Once I do, this one will be going straight to the curb. This is my third bagless. I’ll be going back to a bagged vacuum next month.

  33. Julia Mette says

    First off, if you have issues getting your trash from the floor to the canister, you need to clean out the little… thingy… in there. If you pull out the canister, there is a yellow catcher/sieve in the top of the vacuum that you can reach my pulling out the canister and reaching up. Turn it counterclockwise to unlock it and pull it and all the nasty crap out. You need to do this once a week or so. Then it will suck fine.

    My problem is that I have owned this vacuum just about 7 months now, and checked the belt because there was a melting smell that you always get when your belt breaks. Come to find it’s not the belt –which is fine– but the rollerbrush. The right end cap actually melted a bit and broke off. I have always had faith in the Eureka brand, but this is shaking it. If something so elemental is faulty, then why can’t I go online or call them and get a replacement one?

  34. Janelle Lawrence says

    The only reason I still own this Surface Max 300 is because I’m very very busy! So…. more than a year has gone by since I purchased this LOUSY vacuum cleaner from Target.

    I think the least EUREKA could do for me is to give me a BIG discount to try again and THIS TIME for a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t kick the dirt behind it, or get plugged up every other time I use it. I also hate how easily the hose comes out. It’s so frustrating to have vacuumed half of the room only to realize that the hose was disconnected. GRRRR.

    I would LOVE To give a positive review. Maybe that will be forthcoming with a certificate toward a good vacuum!

  35. Previous postings are spot on–I should not have to “clean out” my vacuum in order for it to work. The hose keeps clogging and now I cannot get the dirt from the floor to the canister (yes, I cleaned out the “thingy”) and have had this vacuum for almost 1 yr. I too, have now run into the issue of the rollerbrush melting on the side–so it’s not like I can replace the rollerbrush and it has created a new position in the housing unit, so even if I was able to replace the brush-it wouldn’t sit right in the housing.

  36. I loved it for a few months, great suction, easy to empty canister, now just frustration and disappointment. The hose is too short (much shorter than it claims to be) the wands don’t fit into the hose, the teeny little brush they give you doesn’t fit into the wand or the hose without popping off constantly. You cannot buy a simple apholstery nozzle. Now it has stopped sucking even the tiniest piece of lint. I had an old Hoover with a duct taped hose and cord before this and that thing did a better job

  37. I bought this model because of the Power Paw attachment which, I thought, indicated this product would be effective on pet hair. It’s not. Regardless of how frequently I empty the canister and the filter, I can go over the same area two or three times and afterwards, my socks pick up more dog hair than the vaccuum did. Additionally, as it runs on hardwood, there is a “draft” that blows the debris on the floor as the vaccuum approaches – it sends dust, dog hair and other light debris flying around the room instead of sucking it in, meaning the dirt ends up on my countertop and curtains too. Like the other reviewers indicate, the suction on the vacuum is terrible and the hoses clog regularly on even light to moderate hair and dust. I am constantly taking the machine apart and snaking the hoses to dislodge clumps. In addition, the cheap plastic parts routinely snap, crack and break off. The lever to clean the self-cleaning dust wand attachment (which does not self clean as advertised) broke the second week after I bought it. My new problem is the hepa filter door and the filter unit which blow out after the vacuum runs for a minute or two. When I called to complain, Eureka agreed to send me a new door. They were nice, but the machine itself is a piece of garbage. I am sorry I bought it and will never, ever buy another Eureka product again.

  38. This vacuum is kind of like the government – it pretends to do a lot of different things (with plastic doodads) very well, but when it comes to what it is really supposed to do – suckage – well, it sucks.

    Warning: the beater bar will rip the filaments out of your carpet by the roots and clog the hoses, tubes, and plastic widgets every time you use it; which means your carpet will be thread bare in a year or two. I am going to donate it to someone that has a dirt floor, and buy one that is recommended.

  39. I was just given the Eureka 300; it was used, and is one of the most effective vacuums I have ever used. I took it for a test around our living room carpet. Dumped the bucket and went over the area again. Man I had to dump the bucket again. Our old dirtdevil would have sucked, and sucked all morning and still have room in the bag, Then I cleaned the filters, my dogs feet are cleaner coming in from a wet fall day compared to the caked up dirt in the filters. Even the inner trap was plugged with old dirt. The power paw did more in five minutes then my dirtdevil ever could. The belt looks good and once the filters are dry, should it self destruct? Will I get flagged and deleted if I actually like this machine, too bad it’s made in China.

  40. From the day I got this vacuum it was horrible. I can’t even say it “sucked” because it doesn’t. I go through a carpet area over and over and over because nothing gets suctioned and then when it finally does, it blows it right back out of the sides. I just tried it again hoping it would act right this time only to be feeling right now like my lungs are full of dust. I feel like coughing up a dust ball. I HATE THIS VACUUM! Don’t waste your money. My $50.00 Bissell that is 3 years old still kicks it’s butt.

  41. As like many other who have reviewed this vacuum it is not worth buying.

    Purchased one year ago (December 2009) at Target, like others I thought it had a good brand name and looked like good features for the price. WRONG…….initially it worked fine then there were problems creeping in. First the dust wand came apart, then the filters kept clogging, we changed them when they were due and followed each vacuuming session with washing and cleaning out the dust cup, foam filter, filter screen etc. Out of nowhere last week it just stopped picking stuff up. Limited suction through the hose- so my husband blew out all the components and we ordered all new filters and screen (also a hassle- no one carries the stuff and had to mail order from two different places the items we needed). The parts came and we felt confident that would be the solution- NOPE!!! No suction!!!! The beater bar/roller works, it makes noise, the belt is intact, nothing shows up in the dust cup??? My carpets are still dirty, not even enough suction to run the power paw!! Not happy!!!! Don’t buy it!! Waste of time and money without service.

  42. Leslie Maki says

    This vacuum appears to have very good suction, but it kicks so much of the dirt out the back, that it makes for extra work. If you are vacuuming a carpet near a hard surface, it will kick the dirt off the carpet onto the hard floor, requiring you to sweep the hard floor. You can’t use the vacuum on hard surfaces, because it just moves the dirt around. Sweep, or dust mop and then vacuum up the pile with the vacuum hose. Also, the vacuum hose is to short. I really hate this machine and wish I never bought it!

  43. Kimberly Workman says

    Do NOT waste your money.

  44. Well I’ve had this vacuum for over a year. Actually this is my 2nd because after the 1st one stopped working after the 3rd use I was ready to throw it out the window or take it back to Target, minus refund since i’d thrown out the box, just to get it out my house. That’s how pissed I was. Instead I emailed Eureka who didn’t respond until I emailed them again a couple of months later. They sent me a replacement. I should have demanded my money back! Now the 2nd one was the same as the 1st & is used to hold up the stepstool against our balcony so my youngest doesn’t fall off the balcony. Going to buy another cheap Bissell since it won’t cost as much to replace & works a lot better! This is a piece of crap & I’ll never buy anything from Eureka again.

  45. I have had more issues with this vaccume!!!! What a waste of money. I will NEVER buy Eureka EVER EVER again.

  46. I have owned this vacuum for 6 months and it is the worst!! It doesn’t suck up anything and the motor is burning and stinking up the whole house. I will never buy another eureka vacuum.

  47. This vacuum cleaner is the worst vacuum cleaner known to man! Both me and my husband have spent more time cleaning out the clogs of dust in the vacuum than we have spent time vacuuming! I don’t even bother vacuuming kitchen and bathroom floors because it sucks up the dirt and spits it right out the back. Basically if you want to rearrange the dirt in your house, this is the perfect vacuum for you.

  48. i agree with carrie me and my wife have spent more time cleaning out wads of hair and dirt out of the filter than actual vaccuming. please take all these advises and save your money for a bissell or save a little more for a kirby!

  49. Let me preface this by saying that we only vacuumed maybe once every 2 weeks -if that- and always made sure to clean the filter and dust trap thoroughly before each use.

    We had this vacuum for just over a year and for the first month or two, it worked great. After awhile it began to emit a ‘burning smell’ which I eventually surmised to be coming from the belt — it was only 3-4 months in when the belt became no good. Thankfully it had come with a replacement belt — this new belt lasted less than 3 uses before it too began to give off that burning rubber smell.

    Our carpet is somewhat high, however the ‘high’ setting was never able to actually pick up anything — and we have cats, so you can usually tell when the carpet is cleaned — so we gradually turned it to the only setting that would, which was ‘low’. The vacuum pulled along the carpet and you could instantly see the difference. Perhaps our carpet just does not like this machine but it gives out so easily, which is unfortunate given how nicely it cleans — when it elects to.

    The attachments are few, and the telescopic duster is just unwanted in the long run — it never settles into the ‘clicked’ position and when it does, often becomes loose during operation.

    Maybe if you have a short carpet this would work for you, but if you have any kind of even moderately thick/tall carpeting AND you have loose hairs/cats/dogs that shed, then expect to get only a few good uses out of it before you start leaving behind clumps of hair that just won’t get sucked/brushed up into the machine.

  50. This is the worst vacuum ever!!!!!! I had it for 2 weeks, vacuumed twice and it stopped sucking. There was a burning smell so I replaced the belt as suggested. I read the cleaning instructions and cleaned and replaced the filter and nothing helped. It now just spits dirt out the back! Don’t ever buy this!

  51. Tammy Foster says

    Just like most people who purchase this vacuum, you think your getting a great deal, until you get it home to find out it’s sooo heavy to lift, big & bulky too. I must say I thought it’s suction was pretty powerful too. Ive had this vacuum for over a year now & it just started to smell like it is burning when using it, the other day the smell was sooo bad I thought the thing was going to start on fire just like my friend’s did & her mother, same vacuum. Well next garbage night, I’m saying Bye Bye – NEVER AGAIN will I buy a EUREKA product!

  52. Lorraine Mendoza says

    I wasn’t planning on buying a vacuum cleaner when I went out looking at yard sales. But I ran into this family having a moving sale. I saw the vacuum cleaner, it looked almost new. The girl said it’s a great vacuum cleaner but they had another new vacuum cleaner so they were selling this for 10 bucks. So I bought it. Wow it works great. I have 2 long hair cats and this is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. It is very powerful even when using the hose to clean the corners. It works great on floors and I love the self cleaning duster. I would definately recommend this product to my friends, family, co-workers. 🙂 God job Eureka, Lorraine in California

  53. If you like a vacuum that has zero suction power, constantly gets clogged, and burns out a belt every other time it gets used, then the Eureka Surfacemax 300 is the piece of shit for you! If you like a vacuum that actually works, avoid this one at all costs.

  54. If you love the smell of burnt rubber and dust I highly recommend this worthless pile of garbage. It makes good target practice at the range. If you want a low quality turd of a vacuum this is a must buy. I love spending more time cleaning the vacuum then the vacuum spends cleaning. If you hate someone buy them a surface Max 300.

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