Electrolux EL8505 Versatility Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Features, Reviews, and Ratings


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The Electrolux EL8505 Versatility Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a sleek vacuum, from its ergonomic handle and stylish curves, down to its blue backlighting on the floor head. Designed to clean all surfaces, the EL 8505 is both beautiful and amazingly quiet.

The Electrolux Versatility comes equipped with an onboard hose, integrated telescoping wand and dusting brush, crevice tool, and @hand turbo brush. The wand release is fast and simple, however the wand is spring loaded and frequently catches fingers and knuckles as it jumps out of its moorings.

The wand on the EL8505 is telescoping, extending from 23" to 33" with positive locks every inch along the way. The dusting brush is integrated on the wand and is slid forward to use or back to expose the end of the wand, or to use the crevice tool. The brush cannot be removed from the wand to be used on the handle alone, nor is it angled, so unless you are dusting straight out from the tip of the wand it is of little use. Another drawback to the design is that the wand is not slim enough to slip into tight spaces, say around appliances or behind furniture that is close to the wall. The crevice tool can be used either on the wand or the handle, as can the @hand turbo brush.


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The ON/OFF switch and brush roll control is integrated into a three button switch. Pressing the top of the button starts the vacuum and engages the brush roll for vacuuming carpets. Pressing the bottom of the button activates suction only to vacuum bare floors or use the vacuum’s hose and accessories. Press the center of the button to turn the vacuum off. The EL8505 Versatility can be switched between “carpet” mode and “bare floor” mode without the need to turn the vacuum off first. While the controls operate easily, they are poorly placed on the back of the vacuum making them difficult to see and use.

The Electrolux Versatility vacuum has small, almost unnoticeable, blue lights integrated into the hood of the floor head to indicate whether the vacuum is in “bare floor” or “carpet” mode. Additionally, “check filter” and “check brush roll” indicator lights will illuminate in red should a problem occur. As mentioned earlier, the Electrolux Versatility vacuum cleaner is very quiet, so quiet that it’s not readily apparent whether the brush roll is engaged or not, all the more reason that the control buttons should be located to a better line of sight as well as the indicator lights being larger and more obvious.

The EL8505 Versatility is a bagless vacuum. Electrolux boasts “cyclonic” action, though this seems a bit exaggerated. Following the air path, the dirt enters the side of the dust cup, resulting in a light swirling effect, when coupled with the plastic screen, larger particles are dropped out into the dust cup. Next to the dust cup is the main particle filter which consists of a foam element over a pleated filter. From there the air is exhausted through a HEPA filter located just under the dust cup behind the large grill. A cyclonic vacuum should not require large auxiliary filters such as those found on the Versatility to clean the air as it passes through the vacuum.

The 1.2 quart dust cup requires emptying after each use, or as indicated by the “full” marking on its side. The screen inside the dust cup should be checked after each use and washed when debris is visible. Wash the foam particle filter and frame when the indicator light signals reduced suction. The HEPA filter should be replaced every 6 months. Washable filters and parts should be cleaned in warm clean water and allowed to fully air dry. The brush roll, belt, and hose connections should also be periodically inspected and cleaned as necessary.

Don’t let the looks and sound level of the Versatility vacuum fool you, the number one complaint among consumers is the weight of the Electrolux EL8505 vacuum cleaner. At 22.6 pounds it’s among the heaviest consumer models in the industry. The second biggest and far more serious complaint is premature motor and brush roll failure, bringing in to question, retailer return policies and whether or not the vacuum will last past its 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The third most frequent complaint is that this is not the Electrolux vacuum cleaner that your mother had. No, Eureka bought the American rights to the Electrolux name and started marketing their own vacuum cleaners under the Electrolux badge. The “original” Electrolux vacuum cleaner that your mother and grandmother used and trusted is now called the Aerus Lux and is manufactured by Aerus LLC. Lux vacuums are only available through an authorized Aerus Healthy Home Consultant.


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Electrolux EL8505 Versatility Vacuum Cleaner Features

Electrolux EL8505

Power Controls
The Electrolux EL 8505 shifts on the fly from carpets to bare floors and back again at the touch of a button.

Electrolux EL8505

@hand Turbo Brush
Removes pet hair from pet bedding, draperies, furniture, and car upholstery.

Electrolux EL8505

HEPA Filter
The Versatility eliminates odors while capturing pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold.



The Electrolux Versatility comes in four models, the EL8500, EL8501, EL8502, and the EL8505. The only difference between these models is their color and from what retailer they are available. Other than this, they are identical.

Electrolux Versatility Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Specifications



EL 8500


EL 8501


EL 8502


EL 8505

Vacuum Type: Bagless Upright
Motor: 12 amps
Power Controls: ON/Off, Bare Floors, Carpet
Dust Cup: 1.2 Quarts (1.32L)
Standard Filters: Foam Filter, Standard Filter, HEPA Filter
Included Attachments: Dust Brush, Crevice Tool, @hand Turbo Brush
Suction Wand: Telescopic Wand with 14 foot (4.26M) Hose
Vacuuming Width: 13.5 inches (34.29cm)
Power Cord Length: 30 feet (9.14M)
Auto Cord Reel: No
Dimensions: 47.75" High x 13.5" Wide x 12.5" Deep
(121.28cm x 34.29cm x 21.75cm)
Weight: 22.6 lbs. (10.25Kg)
Warranty: 2 years
Price (MSRP): $299.99
Amazon.com: Buy Now


Consumer Reviews of the Electrolux Versatility Vacuum Cleaner

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  1. Charles Duval says

    Just bought this yesterday. Comes pre-assembled just plug it in and go. Tried it out on my just previously vacuumed (with a the old Kenmore and Bissel carpet cleaner) and washed carpet in the living room and got a whole pile of dirt and and fiber in the new canister. Lots of suction and great power. The canister is easy to empty. It is heavy but it glides on the carpet or hardwood floors easily. Tools are easily accessible and very solid feel to them compared to other models. The whole machine doesn’t have the cheap plastic feel that other companies seem to prefer. It feels very solid and well built. The only minor negative comment is that the accessories sometimes tend to fall off the end of the wand. As first impressions I would buy this vacuum cleaner again. Let’s see how it holds out after a couple of years

  2. I purchased a Hoover 2-1/2 months ago (9/6/11) from Costco for $181 out the door. It ran great until the belt tension pulley jammed. It could not be repaired. Took it back and decided on the EL8501. Retail is generally around $300 or more even at the other Marts or Depot type stores. I was surprise to find it online at Costco for $199. When I took the Hoover back and got my money on 11/25/11, I was even more surprised that they had an additional $30 off so I got it for $170 plus tax. This vacuum is solidly built and does a fantastic job. The build quality is so much better than the other brands. Also, with a 5-year warranty on Electrolux versus the 1-year warranty on the other brands, I have much more confidence in the quality of this vacuum. So far it is quieter and has picked up dirt left behind from the Hoover. I did a ton of research before buying this time and I highly recommend this vacuum. Its slightly heavier but you get what you pay for. A Mercedes and BMW is heavier than a other cars too and for a reason – build quality!

  3. I have had the Electrolux Versatility for about 2.5 years now and the biggest complaints/problems I have are: (1) The weight–the vacuum is so heavy it is not worth the trouble to drag it up and down the stairs, plus the location of the “handle” that is supposed to be used the carry the vacuum is so high up on the vacuum that it is bottom heavy when attempting to carry and makes it really hard to carry on the stairs; (2) When switching from the floor vacuum to the want vacuum I have to force the vacuum to recognize the switch, i.e. once I remove the wand from the base I have to push the wand in and out of the base until I hear the suction switch; (3) The roller brush is not good for loosening pet hair or any other small light weight object and I have to vacuum the same spot several times at different angles in order for the carpet to actually be free of pet hair and/or small pieces of paper, fuzz, lint, etc.; (4) It has had a major loss in suction, and I have cleaned the filters regularly. When I first bought the vacuum the suction was fantastic and I could really feel it, but over time it has weakened considerably rendering the vacuum almost useless; (5) The Pet Tool was useless from the beginning. I do not know if there is just not enough suction to run the tool or if the tool itself just has a major design flaw, but the brush never rotated when placed on any object i.e. it never rotated to loosen the pet hair on even my sofa much less the dogs’ bed and/or the stairs.

    There are pros, but the cons far outweigh the pros, so I really would not recommend this vacuum.

  4. Jeanette says

    I had the 8505B which cleaned fantastically but in only 12 days the switch that switches vacuum from floor to accessories broke. I took it back to Lowe’s for another vacuum. It was the 8505F model. It seems to be made a little cheaper with more plastic. The on/off switch is however improved.We’ll see if it lasts longer. The nearest service center for us is 50 miles away.

  5. The pros of this-the model 8505 picks up well when using the floor or carpet setting and does what it is supposed to EXCEPT pick up pet hair . The cons-this model it is ridiculously heavy, especially for someone with back issues, it does NOT pick up pet hair very well and it is VERY loud and when trying to use the hose to get into corners or small spaces, it has absolutely no suction. In my opinion it is not worth the steps you have to go through to use the hose or the removable hand turbo for pet hair, because that hand tool is worthless as it does NOT pick up pet hair. This vacuum is certainly NOT worth what my friends mother in law paid for it (and it is not very old as far as vacuums go). The simple ones from Walmart that are $100.00-$150.00 do just as good as this over priced Electrolux does. I would NEVER put my hard earned money into one of these nor will I recommend one to anyone. I will certainly tell folks to just go to Walmart or Target and get one for less than half the price of this over priced machine, that has the features that do just as much as this one and in some cases, even more.

  6. Owned one of these for the last 8 years. Initially, and for the first 3 years I’d say, it was a spectacular machine. Quiet, VERY powerful suction. It had problems with the brush roll bearings collecting hair and dirt and then burning up, melting, and requiring a brush roll replacement. But since the initial days, they seem to have improved the brush roll problem because the current part has been in there for years and still works fine.

    Never broke a belt, never had a jam.

    BUT… then it started to lose suction. it was still pretty good for a few years, but now it has had a MAJOR loss in suction over the past year, rendering it useless. I have disassembled the entire machine (and I mean the ENTIRE machine, all the internals out, motor out, pipes out), and found absolutely no blockages. I cleaned, scrubbed, and washed the foam filter and screen, and even tried running it without them in place for a minute to see if the suction would improve. Nope. I doubt it could be the motor, because vacuum motors tend to either work or quit. If they still run quietly and don’t smell like they are burning, the motor is fine (and this one does). I tested all along the hose, wand, and connections with a piece of tissue to see if there were any vacuum leaks and there are none (you’d see the tissue get drawn in or blown out if there was an air leak).

    So it’s the end of the road for this thing. Which is too bad because when it worked, it was really a great machine – smooth, quiet, solid. People say they don’t like it being heavy, but I prefer that. It rolls nice and solid on the floor.

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