Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner - Features, Reviews, and Ratings

The Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner is the latest in the Dyson line-up, and comes in several models, All Floors/Multi Floor (DC25AF / DC25MF – yellow), Animal and Animal Plus (DC25AN – purple). These vacuums are identical with the exception of their color and the accessory package that they come with, however additional accessories can be purchased separately to suit personal needs.

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Update: Dyson recently changed the name of their DC 25 All Floors to the DC25 Multi Floor (DC25MF).

Dyson DC25 All Floors
Dyson DC25
Multi Floor (All-Floors)
Dyson DC25 Animal
Dyson DC25
  • Powerful
  • Easy empty dust cup
  • Lifetime washable filters
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver
  • Not as stable as a standard Dyson upright
  • Exhaust tends to stir up dust on bare floors
  • Power cord could be longer
The Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight and versatile. The revolutionary ball design makes the DC25 very maneuverable around furniture and other obstacles. Its suction is good and the brush roll rejuvenates carpet nap nicely. There is just something about a Dyson that makes vacuuming fun!


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Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner Review

The DC 25 series features Dyson’s Ball technology, which represents a new way to steer. Dyson Ball™ vacuums ride on a ball, which pivots around itself so you can instantly change direction with just a turn of the wrist. Inside the ball is the motor, giving the machine a lower center of gravity and improving maneuverability even further.

Every Dyson vacuum cleaner is made from tough, durable components that have been rigorously tested, which is why every Dyson vacuum cleaner is backed by a 5 year guarantee on both parts and labor!

The DC25 comes equipped with a Quick-draw Telescope Reach™ Wand and hose which extend to 15 feet (4.5M) for instant vacuuming of stairs and high-reach places. Unlike older Dyson models with the reversible wand that had to be disengaged from the vacuum cleaner, removed from the hose, turned around and reinserted into the hose to use, the Quick Draw simply extends from the hose and handle, making conversion from floors to wand a snap!

Dyson developed and patented Root Cyclone™ technology. Creating a bagless vacuum that doesn’t lose suction power as you vacuum. The incoming air, and the dirt accompanying it, are directed through a series of cyclones that generate centrifugal forces of up to 150,000 G-Forces – expelling particles as small as mold and bacteria out of the air stream and into the dust bin. The vacuum cleaner exhaust air is then sent through a pre-motor filter and a HEPA post-motor filter that separate particles as small as cigarette smoke (0.1 micron). The air expelled by a Dyson vacuum cleaner has up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air you breathe. Dyson vacuums are so efficient at capturing microscopic dirt and irritants that every Dyson upright and cylinder vacuum is approved by the British Allergy Foundation and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American.


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The overwhelming majority of negative consumer reviews are of trapped debris in the dust bin, the brush bar not able to pick up pet hair, the dust bin being too small, and that the vacuum is hard to maneuver. As with any new appliance or tool, the user must become familiar with this vacuum’s operation and maintenance to fully appreciate its capabilities.

With a few light taps of the vacuum dust bin assembly on a carpeted surface, the debris will dislodge from the inner surfaces of the dust bin and fall easily into the trash when the release button is pressed. Additionally, periodic cleaning of the internal fins and baffles is necessary to remove dust build-up. This can be done quickly and easily outdoors, with compressed air or a soft bristled brush.

As with any other vacuum, the brush bar can become clogged with hair and carpet fibers and must be cleaned. Again, easily done with a pair of scissors and gently pulling the debris free. The vacuum’s washable filters should be washed in clean water only (no soap) about once every three months, more frequently in a high dust or multi-animal environment.

Dust bin capacity – even though the DC25 dust bin is about half the size of its predecessors, it is still as large as most bagged vacuums, and it is quick and easy to empty. You’ll likely agree with our staff who feel that the DC25’s smaller bin isn’t much of an issue. It is a minor inconvenience to empty the bin more frequently, and that is only necessary if you have a very large home or very dirty floors.

And finally, maneuverability. Give yourself and your body time to adapt to the new motions and sensations of using a steerable vacuum. Ball vacuums handle differently than their wheeled cousins, resulting in an initial awkward feeling. As you acclimate to this new style of vacuum, using it will become second nature.


Common Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Ball™ Technology that steers smoothly with a turn of the wrist.
  • Telescope Reach™ Wand and hose extend to 15 feet (4.5 M) for high-reach places and stair cleaning while the vacuum remains upright and stable.
  • Patented Root cyclone™ technology that doesn’t lose suction power as you vacuum.
  • Auto-adjusting vacuum brush head that senses changes in flooring types and automatically adjusts for transitions between carpets and solid flooring.
  • .31 Gallon (1.36L) dust bin capacity.
  • On-board tools include a combination Crevice Tool / Dust Brush and an Upholstery Brush.
  • Impressive 40.3 ft. (12.3 M) operating radius.

Unique Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner Features

Dyson DC25 All Floor Includes: Dyson DC25 Animal Includes:

  • Yellow body
  • Stair tool attachment

  • Purple body
  • Low reach floor tool
  • Mini turbine head
  • Carpet care kit


Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Dyson DC25 Tools

Integrated Tools
These vacuum cleaners come standard with two cleaning tools. Useful for cleaning upholstery, shelves, baseboards, and more, all are conveniently stored on-board.

  • Upholstery Brush
  • Combination Tool – The Dusting Brush and the Crevice Tool have been combined into a single, easy to use unit.

Dyson Filters

Dyson Lifetime Filter and HEPA Filter
Vacuum cleaner exhaust air goes through a pre-motor filter and a HEPA post-motor filter, separating particles as small as cigarette smoke (0.1 micron). Both filters are washable.

Miele Hyclean Dustbag

Mini Turbine Head (Animal Model)
Cleans pet hair and dirt from confined spaces, upholstery, drapes, car seats, etc.


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Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Specifications

Vacuum Type: Upright
Construction: Durable ABS body
Motor: 1200 Watt Motor
Airflow: 220 Air Watts
Power Controls: Conveniently located on/off switch and brush bar switch
Dust Bin Capacity: .31 Gallons (1.36L)
Standard Filters: Pre-motor filter, post-motor HEPA filter
Included Attachments: Combination Dust Brush/Crevice Tool, Upholstery Brush
Suction Wand: Telescopic wand
Operating Radius: 40.3 ft. (12.3 M)
Dimensions: 42.4" H x 15.4" W x 12.2" L
Weight: 16.23 lbs. (7.36Kg)
Warranty: 5 years on parts and labor
Amazon.com: Dyson DC25 Multi Floor (All-Floors)
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Dyson DC25 Animal
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  1. E Staley says

    Dyson sucks (in the best way)!!! Lives up to everything you’ve heard!
    I test-drove a Dyson Animal DC28 the day after my vacuum broke (and it broke after vacuuming) and I was disgusted & embarrassed by the volume of dirt and yuck (and hair from my Attack Sheltie).

    I then compared the reports for the Dyson Animal DC25 to the DC28, and chose the DC25 for these reasons:

    Weight–the DC25 is 16 pounds — 4 pounds lighter than the 20 lbs on the DC28. The motor is in the ball, so its low center-of-gravity makes it feel lighter.

    Ball Technology–again, lives up to the hype for maneuverability, and allows you to get into the corners. Learning to “steer” is intuitive.

    Some of the cons you might think of:

    Suction and amperage–the DC28 has 1 more amp, and suction power is 25 greater. BUT, I bought my DC25 one day after vacuuming with the DC28, and picked up even more yuck and hair and dirt.

    Cleaning path width — the DC28 is 1.5″ bigger. You might think this would decrease your cleaning time. The reality is that the Ball decreases your cleaning time. Also, the smaller head seems to fit into and under more things.

    Cord length — the DC25 cord length is 24.6′, while the DC28 is 35.2′. For me, a longer cord means more tangles.

    Dirt Catch bucket — half the size. (.31 vs .61)

    That’s why I chose the DC25 over the DC28.

  2. Fantastic blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of any message boards that cover the same topics talked about in this article? I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Also would you mind if I show your blog with my myspace group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back down the road Thanks!

    • Unfortunately, there are no good forums on the subject that I know of, and believe me, we’ve looked! It is one of the reasons why we started our Q&A section. It was clear that people needed a place to get help with their questions and to share their experiences with their machines.

      As for sharing our site with your Myspace group, please, by all means, have them stop by, look around, and ask a question, or share their experiences, as you have done. We appreciate people taking the time to help us and our readers out with their floor care and cleaning needs.

  3. Curtis N. Cook says

    One of the primary differences between a new Dyson machine and a refurbished Dyson machine is its appearance—a scratch here or there or a slightly clouded bin may provide a clue that it has been previously used. After it has passed all of the tests, the machine is then packaged and sent out. All Dyson refurbished vacuums come with a 6 month parts and labor warranty.

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