Bissell CleanView Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner (21K3, 22C1, 82H1)

The Bissell CleanView Helix® bagless upright vacuum cleaner is a full-featured vacuum that is great for total home cleaning. With its exclusive Helix Separation System and a variety of easy-to-use tools, you can clean both carpet and bare floors as well as stairs, furniture, and other hard to reach areas.

The CleanView Helix® comes in several models, the CleanView Helix 21K3, 21K32, 21K3-2, 22C1, and 82H1. Standard features among these vacuum cleaners range from the Easy Empty™ Dirt Container and onboard tool selection to a 12 amp motor, wide beam headlight, and dual edge cleaning. See a side by side comparison for the unique features of each model.


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The Bissell CleanView Helix® vacuum has 5 floor height adjustments to clean surfaces from bare floors to high pile carpet. The ready-to-use, on-board tools can be used to vacuum upholstery, drapes, furniture, blinds, shelves, baseboards, and much more. The Clean View switches from vacuuming floors to doing above floor cleaning and back again, quickly and easily.

Watch a video of the Bissell CleanView Vacuum in action

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Because the Bissell CleanView Helix® is a bagless vacuum, there are no bags to purchase, greatly reducing operating costs over the life of the vacuum. The clear dirt container allows you to see how much you have vacuumed up and to remove things that get vacuumed up by accident. The biggest advantage of a bagless vacuum over a bag style vacuum is that they don’t lose suction as they pick up dirt. The dust and debris is removed from the air stream through centrifugal force and deposited into the dust bin, rather than being captured by a bag that loses air flow as the lining becomes caked with dust.


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Bissell CleanView Helix Vacuum Cleaner Features


1. TurboBrush®
2. Quick Release Cord Wrap
3. Easy Empty™ Dirt Container
4. HEPA Media Post Motor Filter
5. Post Motor Filter
6. Lock ’n Seal™ Lever
7. Wide Beam Headlight
8. 5 Height Adjustments
9. Dual Edge Cleaning
10. Ultra Soft™ Bumper
11. Wide Cleaning Path

Bissell CleanView Helix
Bissell CleanView Helix 12. Stretch Hose
13. Carrying Handle
14. Twist ‘n Snap™ Hose Connector
15. Crevice Tool
16. Quick Reach® Handle
17. Upholstery / Dusting Brush
18. Long Power Cord
19. Extension Wand


Included with the Bissell CleanView Helix Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell CleanView Helix

Wide Floor Head

Wide path makes vacuuming with the Bissell CleanView fast.

Bissell CleanView Helix

Helix Separation System

The exclusive Helix System separates dust and debris into the large, clear Easy Empty™ Dirt Container, keeping filters cleaner longer.

Bissell CleanView Helix

Unique Onboard Tools

10″ Crevice Tool and Unique Swivel Combination Brush / Upholstery Tool.


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Standard Features:

While each model in the Bissell ClearView Helix Vacuum Cleaner Series has its own unique features, they also share many common traits. Here are the technical specifications that are shared by the CleanView Helix 21K3, CleanView Helix 22C1, and the CleanView Helix 82H1.

Bissell CleanView Helix Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Specifications

Bissell CleanView Helix 21k3 CleanView Helix 22C1 Bissell CleanView Helix 82H1
Model: CleanView Helix Deluxe (21K3) CleanView Helix Plus (22C1) CleanView Helix Base (82H1)
Color: Dangerously Elegant/Kasper Purple Intuitive/Cool Grey Black/TenorioTeal
Vacuum Type: Upright – Bagless
Motor: 12 amp / 1400 Watt
Cleaning Width: 15″ (38cm) 15″ (38cm) 13.5″ (34.3cm)
Operating Radius: 35ft (10.6M) power cord / 8ft (2.4M) hose 27ft (8.2M) power cord / 8ft (2.4M) hose 27ft (8.2M) power cord / 8ft (2.4M) hose
Power Controls: On/Off located on side of chassis
Dust Bin Capacity: 1.5qt (1.6L)
Standard Filters: Helix separation, HEPA Filter
Filter Cleaning: Clean Filter Indicator
Other: Extra HEPA Filter
Included Attachments: Dust Brush/Upholstery Combination Tool, 10″ Crevice Tool, TurboBrush®
Suction Wand: 11″ Extension Wand
Dual Edge Cleaning: Yes
Auto Cord Reel Rewind: No
Thermal Safety Shut-off: Yes
Dimensions: 44″ H x 15″ W x 13″ L
(111.7cm x 38cm x 33cm)
Weight: 16 lbs.
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
Price (MSRP): $149.99 $129.99 $89.99 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now


Bissell CleanView Helix Vacuum Cleaner Review


Some assembly is required when you purchase the Bissell CleanView Helix vacuum cleaner. Assembly consists of attaching the handle to the chassis of the vacuum, assembling and attaching the Twist ‘n Snap™ Hose and Quick Reach® Handle, and installing the onboard tools. These are all simple procedures that are well outlined in the owner’s manual.

Controls on the Clean View are straight forward. The on/off switch is located on the top left corner of the chassis. While it would be better suited higher on the handle, the switch is not inconvenient. There are three handle positions controlled by a foot activated release.

  • Upright – For storage and above floor cleaning with tools.
  • Normal Cleaning – Press handle release pedal once. Use for most household floor cleaning tasks.
  • Low Cleaning – With the vacuum in normal cleaning position, press handle release pedal again, use for reaching under low furniture such as tables, chairs, or beds.

The floor height adjustment is a large dial-type knob in the center of the floor head. It is easy to adjust to five different settings, depending on floor surface type and thickness. The one major flaw with this vacuum is that the brush roll is always active, whether you’re vacuuming bare floors or doing above floor work. This can lead to carpet damage if left in one spot too long, delicate bare floor damage, and reduced performance as the brush roll tends to flip things out from under the floor head when on hard surfaces.

Replacing filters and emptying the Easy Empty™ Dirt Container is a breeze, simply slide the release lever to the left and the container drops down out of its cradle. Remove the container and empty into waste basket. The motor filter is conveniently located in the cup below the Easy Empty™ Dirt Container. The HEPA filter is located on the side of the chassis. Simply remove the cover and slip out the filter for maintenance or replacement.

General cleaning and maintenance of the CleanView Helix is also quite simple. The owner’s manual clearly outlines the procedures for cleaning the brush roll, belt maintenance, filter maintenance, clearing hose clogs, and headlight lamp replacement. Should you have problems using your Bissell vacuum, there is a comprehensive troubleshooting guide included to help you through most common problems.

For an inexpensive vacuum the Bissell CleanView Helix® bagless upright vacuum cleaner is a pretty decent performer. It is a little noisy, but that is to be expected with most vacuums, particularly those in the $100 price range.


Consumer Reviews of the Bissell CleanView Helix Vacuum Cleaner

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