Bissell 50c9 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner - Features, Reviews, and Ratings


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Everything about the Bissell 50c9 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner, from its strong, lightweight body to its dual motors and multi-cyclonic technology, speaks to Bissell’s 130+ years of designing and building quality floor care products.

The Heavy Duty has been designed to hold up to the rigors of household use with a lifetime belt that will never need changing and an anti-clog hose. Bissell backs the 50c9 with a 5 year warranty.

One of the key features of the Bissell 50c9 is the multi-cyclonic technology at its heart. Centrifugal force created by the cyclones throws dirt out of the air stream and into the Easy Empty™ dirt container, keeping the filters cleaner and more efficient for a longer period of time. The 50c9 Heavy Duty vacuum cleaner is a bagless vacuum, further increasing efficiency and longevity.


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From the moment a bag begins to fill, a vacuum starts losing suction. With a bagless design, this restriction of airflow never exists, improving vacuum performance. The added benefit of a bagless system is never having to buy replacement bags which can add up to hefty yearly savings.

The 50c9 sports a 12 amp suction motor, plus a second motor to drive the 15" dual edge cleaning floor head to maximize cleaning efficiency. Other features of the Bissell 50c9 Heavy Duty vacuum cleaner include a 30 foot power cord and 12 foot reinforced hose, when combined, they make for an impressive cleaning radius. The Heavy Duty has an array of cleaning tools such as the TurboBrush®, crevice tool, combination dust brush/upholstery tool, and telescoping wand, all conveniently stowed onboard so you’re never searching for the right implement for the job.

The Bissell 50c9 Heavy Duty vacuum cleaner quickly and easily converts from vacuuming floors to spot vacuuming or cleaning draperies and upholstery with the quick-draw hose. Simply pull the hose handle from its cradle and suction transfers from the floor head to the hose. Reinsert the hose into its cradle and you’re back to vacuuming floors in the blink of an eye. The hose itself stores quickly and easily around the handlebar of the vacuum cleaner.

A nice accessory for pet owners, purchased separately, is the Pet Pack®, loaded with specially designed tools for cleaning up after pets. The innovative Pet Contour Tool® bends and flexes to pull out dirt and hair stuck on problem areas such as upholstery and stairs. Universal adapters that fit most vacuums and the wider Pet TurboBrush® make cleaning faster. Great for beds and your pet’s favorite spot on the couch!


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Bissell 50c9 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner Features

1. Fingertip Power Control
2. TurboBrush®
3. Crevice Tool
4. Multi-Cyclonic System
5. Telescoping Extension Wand
6. HEPA Media Filter
7. Easy Empty™ Dirt Container
8. 7 Floor Height Adjustments
9. Headlight
10. Lifetime Belt
11. 15" Wide Path
12. Dual Edge Cleaning
Bissell 50C9 Heavy Duty
Bissell 50C9 Heavy Duty 13. Brush Roll On/Off Control
14. Stretch Hose
15. Quick Release™ Cord Wraps
16. 30′ Power Cord
17. Twist Off Easy Access Hose
18. Extension Wand
19. Upholstery Brush


Included with the Bissell 50c9 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 50C9 Heavy Duty

Cyclonic Action

Multi-cyclonic action separates large debris from the air stream and deposits it into a large dust bin.

Bissell 50C9 Heavy Duty

HEPA Filter System

Large, easy access HEPA filter.

Bissell 50C9 Heavy Duty

Wide Floor Head

15" wide path makes vacuuming with the Bissell 50c9 fast.

Bissell 50C9 Heavy Duty

Ease of Maintenance

Empty the dust bin with the press of a button.


“Amazon’s discount prices change daily so check out the June 20, 2021 sale price for this item right now by Clicking Here.”



Bissell 50c9 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Specifications

Models: 50C9, 50C91, 50c9-1
Vacuum Type: Bagless Upright
Motor: 1300 Watt
Power Controls: On/Off and brush roll controls on handle
Dust Bin Capacity: N/A
Standard Filters: Pre-Motor Foam Filter, HEPA Filter
Included Attachments: Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, TurboBrush®
Suction Wand: Telescoping Extension Wand
Operating Radius: 30ft (9.1M) power cord / 10ft (3M) hose
Auto Cord Reel Rewind: No
Thermal Safety Shut-off: Yes
Dimensions: 44.5″ H x 15″ W x 14″ L
(113cm x 38cm x 35.5cm)
Weight: 18 lbs. (8 kg)
Warranty: 5 year limited warranty on any defective or malfunctioning part.
Price (MSRP): $279.99 Buy Now


Consumer Reviews of the Bissell 50c9 Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

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  1. We just settled on and bought the Bissell Heavy Duty vacuum after spending too much time combing over vacuum reviews online.

    Without a doubt it is the best vacuum I’ve ever purchased. Assembly is simple and quick. The accessories are well engineered and practical. The quality of construction gives me confidence in its promise of durability and value.

    Most of all though is this vacuums ability to clean!!! The suction is truly amazing. We have two cats in our home and I was under the impression that my wife and I were keeping it quite clean with the Kirby. After the first two minutes of vacuuming with the Bissell it was obvious that we were not. Our experience was similar to when we periodically steam clean and are amazed at the nasty junk we get out of seemingly clean carpets and furniture. This vacuum is worth every penny.

    Thank you Bissell.

  2. Good ideas, terrible execution. Worst dirt cup design ever/messy. Light weight compared to what, a Ford F-150? Average suction, typical advertising 101 with “cyclonic power”. Our older $100 Momentum has more power and suction. Buy a bagged unit, no extra garbage. Cirrus, Miele, some hoovers, etc… I have researched and tested dozens of residential vacs from $100-1500, short term and long term. Don’t fall for the Dyson/cyclonic phenomenon. Direct suction, hepa bags and metal parts equal happy vac owners.

  3. had this vaccume 1 week and the brush stoped working… 4 days later the extension wand broke…(because i was trying to vaccume the steps)it cracked right in half!!! for the money i paid for it and the name brand i expected alot more!!!! now i had to go buy another vaccume that was not a BISSELL…. thanks BISELL for the wasted money.. i love wasting money in todays ecomony…. and yes i did contact customer support and never got a reply.!!!

  4. With a shedding black Lab and a fuzzing new carpet in the house, I need a good vacuum. Tried a cheaper bagless Bissell, no go. Had a bagged Hoover and a bagged Kenmore, no go. Finally, I spent a little more money and got this Bissell 50C9-1. It did the job, (1st vacuuming in 3 weeks). After the first cleaning, I went over the carpets a 2nd time, not much more dirt came out. The dirt container was easy to empty, I like it that the brush won’t work when the vacuum is upright at rest. I have used it 5 times now. (I am not in the habit of being rough on plastic parts.)

  5. I just brought the Bissell Heavy Duty 509c vac and when I first used it on my carpet I was astonished at the amount of dirt it took up. My daughter came in and seen it turned it on to try and by golly more dirt turned up. The vacuum was great but what scares me is will it be too late to get parts later since I found out it no longer is on the Bissel web site.

  6. This back is absolutely awesome! The first time I used it my carpets looked comparable to when I steam cleaned. I sucked up a dryer sheet with the damn thing. Took it like a champ.

  7. AWFUL! Very Disappointed. Bought this tro replacce my far cheaper older Bagless Bissell. The new Heavy Duty one cost me more than double the old one. Suction is almost non existant. I have had it less than a week. It wont vacuum tiny bits of sand, paper or much off the floor. The Side (Edge) suction is another feature that I wanted, and I find there is no vacuuming suction at the edges either. I have to pass over and over and it leaves behind tiny bits of paper, dirt etc. The only thing it sucks up is pet hair, and not very strong at that. With the brush button pushed and the beater brush rotating the sound is extremely loud, as if something is not right. Id love to know the decibles on that function! It is awful, and I am not being overly picky about that. I cant even turn it on it is so loud. I have all hard surface tile floors, and you’d think it would vacuum well, but NOPE. The only positive is the new large rubber like wheels which are already wobbly from the get-go.. Beside the lack of suction, it is heavy and the dirt cup is large and cumbersome to empty.
    I want my money back so I can go buy 2 of some other vacuum. NO SUCTION! LOUD.



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