World's First Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

British industrial design student Jake Tyler of Loughborough University has created the world’s first cardboard vacuum cleaner. So impressed with his design was Vax, the UK’s top selling floor care brand, that it is now preparing a limited production of his revolutionary machine, dubbed the Vax ev.

Vax ev Cardboard Vacuum CleanerTyler’s motivation behind this unique vacuum cleaner was sustainability, using recycled and recyclable materials in the construction of the vacuum cleaner. The body of the vacuum starts life as the box in which the vacuum components are sold, which is then transformed into the vacuum itself.

Using cardboard for the body represents a significant reduction in manufacturing costs over using plastics or other materials. Parts that must be more durable than cardboard are made from recyclable nylon plastic that is cheaper than the more conventional materials and processes.

Working in collaboration with Vax’s student placement program, Tyler developed the Vax ev vacuum cleaner as part of his graduate degree. His prize winning design has won him recognition from the university, the New Designers Exhibition, and a new job at Vax, where he’ll see his design through to production.


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