Upright Vacuum Cleaners - Reviews, Ratings, and Top Recommendations

Upright Vacuum Cleaners are excellent for cleaning large areas of wall-to-wall carpeting. While upright vacuums, with the aid of attachments, also clean solid flooring, stairs, drapes, blinds, and ceilings, generally canister vacuum cleaners handle these tasks better.

Which models are the best upright vacuum cleaners?

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Well that, of course, all depends on what your needs are. Here are a few things to consider when choosing any vacuum and features to look for in an upright vacuum cleaner:

Do you have allergies?

What about pets?

Do you have stairs?

Just carpeting to vacuum? Mostly solid flooring? Or a combination of both?

Need to vacuum under beds and other low furnishings?

How about high ceilings and hard to reach areas?

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What to look for in an upright vacuum cleaner:

  • Upright vacuums are best for carpeting. If you need to vacuum solid flooring, especially hardwood, make sure your upright comes with a good attachment for vacuuming solid floors and/or the ability to turn off the power brush.
  • Dirt sensors are the latest rage. The theory is that when the vacuum senses less dirt being picked up, that the area is clean. However, our experience has been very poor with this feature. We don’t find that it adds anything to the performance of the vacuum, just to its cost.
  • Bags vs. bagless. We are big fans of bagless vacuums, however, if allergies and dealing with potential dust when emptying your vacuum are issues, you should consider purchasing a vacuum with a bag. Be sure to factor in the cost of replacement bags and filters as well.
  • Filtration is extremely important, especially if you are dealing with allergies, in which case a HEPA filter is an absolute must. Most manufacturers offer HEPA filters as options on many of their models. They are usually standard equipment on the more expensive vacuums.
  • It can be difficult to clean under low furniture with an upright. If you’re going to be vacuuming under beds, coffee tables, and other low furnishings, select an upright with a low profile or consider using a stick vacuum for the task.
  • If you have vaulted ceilings or other high places you need to reach, look for a vacuum with a longer hose and telescoping wand.
  • If you need to vacuum a large area without having to unplug the vacuum, or your electrical outlets are few and far between, look for a vacuum with a longer cord.
  • While many manufacturers are making powerful, lighter weight uprights, some models can be quite heavy. If you have a multi-level home and will have to carry a vacuum up and down stairs, get the lightest weight vacuum you can find, or consider purchasing a canister vacuum, which are often much lighter.
  • Most vacuums come with an assortment of tools. Be sure to compare the variety, and quality, of the attachments and accessories that come with each vacuum. They are not all created equal.
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Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Top Recommendations

Model Features Specs Comments

Dyson DC25

Dyson DC25 Vacuum
  • Ball™ Technology that steers smoothly with a turn of the wrist.
  • Patented Root Cyclone™ Technology that doesn’t lose suction power as you vacuum.
  • Auto-adjusting vacuum brush head that senses changes in flooring types.
  • .31 Gallon (1.36L) dust bin capacity.
  • Impressive 40.3 ft. (12.3 M) operating radius.

42.4" H x 15.4" W x 12.2" L

16.23 lbs. (7.36Kg)

220 Air Watts

Pre-motor filter, post-motor HEPA filter

5 years on parts and labor

The Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner is the latest in the Dyson line-up, and comes in two models, All Floors (yellow) and Animal (purple).


Shark Navigator

Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22W)
  • Less than 15 pounds with smooth glide rubber wheels for effortless navigation around furniture.
  • Utilizes Infinity Technology’s patented dirt separation system (21 cyclones) to maintain constant suction power.
  • 2 motor system with brush roll shut off.

46" H x 11.25" W x 10" L
(117cm x 28.5cm x 25cm)

14.7 lbs. (6.6kg)

5 year limited warranty

$199.99 (MSRP)

The Shark Navigator (NV22, NV22W, NV22L, NV22LCO, NV22T, NV22C, NV22P, NV22Q, NV22X) is a compact, lightweight vacuum cleaner designed for ease of use. It has all the features of a full-sized upright vacuum in a package that is about half the size.


Miele S7260 Cat & Dog

Miele S7 Vaucum
  • Powerful 1,200 watt, Miele Vortex Motor System™
  • A second, high-speed, 4,800 RPM motor to power the floor head
  • Patented SwivelNeck™, 360° front castor wheels, and exclusive automatic height adjustment
  • Sealed System™ construction

13.5” W x 14.5” D x 46” H

19.5 lbs.

1-year limited parts and labor; 7-years on motor

$715.00 (MSRP)

The Miele S7 Cat & Dog Vacuum is tough on pet hair, easy on you. As all pet owners know, pet hair gets everywhere and you need a vacuum cleaner capable of removing stubborn cat and dog hair from furniture, floors, and just about every other surface of your house … enter the Miele S7260 Cat and Dog.




Bissell Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Bissell CleanView Helix Vacuum

Bissell CleanView® Helix™ Vacuum (21K3, 22C1, 82H1)

With its exclusive Helix™ Separation System and a variety of easy to use tools, you can clean both carpet and hard floors as well as stairs, furniture and other hard to reach areas with this bagless vacuum.

Bissell 50c9 Heavy Duty Vacuum

Bissell Heavy Duty Vacuum (50C9, 50C91, 50c9-1)

The Heavy Duty has two motors for optimal cleaning and durability. It features an anti-tip design and an anti-clog hose. Its lifetime belt never needs changing and the entire unit is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum

Bissell PowerForce® Bagless Vacuum (6579-3, 6584)

The lightweight design of the PowerForce Bagless Vacuum makes it easy to maneuver and carry. It features an Easy Empty™ dirt container with exclusive Lock ‘n Seal™ lever and a host of ready to use, on-board tools.

Bissell PowerForce Turbo Vacuum

Bissell PowerForce® Turbo Vacuum (6585)

The bagless PowerForce® features 5 height adjustments to clean surfaces from bare floors to high pile carpet, 3 Stage Filtration with HEPA, wide beam headlight, 30′ power cord, and deluxe stretch hose.

Bissell PowerForce Vacuum

Bissell PowerForce® Vacuum (71Y7, 46E5)

This is the bagged version in the PowerForce series. It is still lightweight and easy to maneuver, but requires regular bag changes to maintain suction.




Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Dirt Devil Easy Lite Quick Vacuum

Dirt Devil Easy Lite Quick Vacuum

The Easy Lite Quick Vacuum features on-board tools, a stretch hose, automatic height adjustment, a Clean Release Dirt Cup, HEPA filtration, and automatic height adjustment.

Models in the Easy Lite Quick Vacuum Series include: UD40230

Dirt Devil Featherlite Vacuum

Dirt Devil Featherlite

The Featherlite comes in both bag and bagless models. It is the lightest, full size upright WITH tools. A powerful 12 amp motor, ready-to-use hose, and on-board tools provide extended cleaning reach to get in, above, or around obstacles.


Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Dyson DC33

Dyson DC33

The DC33 was designed for homes with multiple flooring types. With its push button control, the DC 33 easily transitions from low, medium, or high pile carpeting to hardwood, tile, or vinyl, turning the brush roll on or off as necessary.

It features 240 air watts of suction power, a lifetime HEPA filter, bin capacity of .61 gallons, and a 15.7 foot, quick-draw telescope reach wand.

Models in the DC 33 Series include: DC33MF Multi Floor
Models available outside the USA: Animal, Stubborn, MultiFloor

Dyson DC25

Dyson DC25 Ball

With its Dyson Ball technology, the DC25 maneuvers easily around furniture and obstacles. The ball also encapsulates the machine’s 11 amp motor, creating a low center of gravity for even easier maneuverability.

Models in the DC25 Series include: All Floors and the Animal.


Electrolux Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Electrolux Versatility EL8505 Vacuum

Versatility (EL8500, EL8501, EL8501A, EL8502, EL8502A, EL8502B, EL8505, EL8505A)

The Versatility Series has a unique Quick-Release Wand that brings everything easily within reach. Within seconds the wand and hose system are released from the vacuum for cleaning up high and down low.


Eureka Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Eureka SurfaceMax Upright Vacuum

Eureka SurfaceMax™ Series

The bagless SurfaceMax has a 30 foot power cord, 15-inch wide cleaning path, HEPA filter, and on-board tools.

Models in the Surface Max Series include: SurfaceMax 300 (2976AVZ) and Surface Max 200 (2977AV)

Eureka LightSpeed Vacuum

Eureka LightSpeed™ Series

Lightweight and efficient, the LightSpeed comes in bagged and bagless models that are designed to help you get the vacuuming done fast, so you can move on to other things.

Models in the LightSpeed Series include: 4700A, 4700D, 4750A, 4752A, LightSpeed 100™ 4709AZ


Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum (UH30010COM)

Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum (UH30010COM)

Part of the Hoover Platinum Collection™, the Lightweight Bagged Upright features Hoover’s patented WindTunnel Technology™. The unit also comes with a versatile, portable canister vacuum for floor to ceiling cleaning and Hoover’s best six year limited warranty.


LG Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

LG Kompressor LuV300B Upright Vacuum Cleaner

LG Kompressor LuV300B Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The LG LuV300B is redefining what a vacuum cleaner should be. With top notch features and performance, the LuV300B is comparable to a Dyson in cleaning ability, plus a few additional innovations.


Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Miele S7 Vaccum

Miele S7 Series

The new, ultra maneuverable S7 upright vacuum features Miele’s innovative, patented SwivelNeck™ which allows steering in all directions. The SwivelNeck™ is so maneuverable the S7 can even be laid flat to the floor which makes getting under beds and other low furnishings easier than ever before.

Models in the S7 Series include: S7580 Swing, S7580 Tango, S7580 Bolero, S7280 Calypso, S7280 Jazz, S7280 Salsa, S7210 Twist, S7260 Cat & Dog


Oreck Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Oreck XL Pro Plus Vacuum

Oreck XL® Pro Plus

Available only at Costco, the Oreck XL Pro Plus is a very lightweight, yet powerful upright vacuum cleaner. Also included is Oreck’s Deluxe Handheld Vac with eight attachments.

Oreck XL Signature Plus Vacuum

Oreck XL Signature Plus

At just 9 lbs., the Oreck XL Signature Plus is an amazingly powerful and incredibly lightweight upright vacuum. It has a 12-inch wide cleaning path, fingertip brushroll controls, a 30 ft. cord, and also comes with Oreck’s Deluxe Handheld vacuum for above-the-floor cleaning.

Oreck XL Platinum Pilot Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck XL Platinum Pilot

The Oreck Platinum Pilot with 360° Glide moves like nothing else. Go everywhere dirt goes, with easy steering and amazing maneuverability. At just 10 lbs., it features a re-engineered, powerful, pile-lifting roller brush that moves through carpet easier and cleans better than ever.


Shark / Euro-Pro Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22W)

Shark Navigator (NV22W, NV22L, NV22LCO, NV22T)

The Shark Navigator is a compact, lightweight vacuum cleaner designed for ease of use. It has all the features of a full-sized upright vacuum in a package that is about half the size.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

Shark Navigator Lift-Away (NV350, NV350A, NV350E, NV350T, NV350WM, NV351, NV352 26, NVLFT199)

The Shark Navigator Lift Away is two vacuums in one. It is both an upright vacuum, perfectly suited to all floor types, as well as a portable canister vac to handle all your above the floor needs.

Shark Navigator Light Vacuum

Shark Navigator Light (NV100)

The NV100 is the lightest model in the Navigator line up, weighing just 10.6 lbs. It comes with a large capacity (1.8 qt.), easy empty dust cup, lifetime washable filters, lifetime belt, 25 foot power cord, and 3 year warranty.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro Vacuum

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro (NV355, NV355CS, NV356, NV356E, NV356KCS, NV356K, NV357)

The Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro is a slightly larger version of the Shark Lift Away. It has a larger dust bin capacity, a longer (30 ft.) power cord, plus a special bare floor tool with a micro-fiber bonnet.

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