Shark Steam Cleaners, Steam Mops, And Portable Steamers - Made By Euro-Pro

Shark Steam Cleaners are manufactured by Euro-Pro, which also makes a line of affordable vacuum cleaners.

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Sold mostly via late night commercials, or infomercials, the Shark Steam Cleaner line includes canisters, mops, and portable / handheld models.

Steam cleaning is an excellent way to clean and sanitize your home without the use of harmful chemicals. It’s also very economical, since the only ingredient you need is simple tap water. In fact, adding any type of chemical to a steam cleaner will often void its warranty.

Euro-Pro / Shark steam cleaners are reasonably priced, lightweight, and easy to use. Most models come with a good assortment of attachments and/or consumables included. However, they are made for light cleaning around the home. If you will need to use your steam cleaner for extended periods of time, or have heavily soiled, greasy, or moldy projects, you will need a steam cleaner that is more durable and operates at a higher pressure and temperature.

Because Shark Steam Cleaners are sold primarily online, directly from the manufacturer, consumables, accessories, and other parts aren’t always readily available from local suppliers. Even from the company’s own website, parts and supplies for older models aren’t always readily available. Fortunately, is carrying more and more Euro-Pro / Shark steam cleaners, accessories, parts, replacement Micro-Fiber pads and other supplies.

Finally, be warned, steam cleaning can be addictive! Once you start cleaning with steam, you’ll find more and more uses for it and may find yourself needing to upgrade to a more versatile and more durable unit.


Shark Steam Cleaner Models

Shark Steam Pocket Mop

The Steam Pocket Mop is Shark’s next generation in Steam Cleaning featuring several new features and improvements in design for faster and easier cleaning of your floors. New changes include:

  • A unique 2-sided pad that allows you to clean dirt and grime with one side, and sanitize with the other.
  • 3 mop heads that allow for faster more effective cleaning: a rectangular head, an extra large head that covers 50% more area than the original steam mop, and a triangle head that fits easily into smaller areas and tight corners.
  • Includes a special steam duster pad for hardwood floors.
  • Upgraded design that improves floor surface contact, releases and captures more steam … leaving floors cleaner and drier.

Models in the Steam Pocket Mop Series include: S3501, S3501A

Shark Vac-Then-Steam Mop

This 2-in-1 Vac Then Steam cleaning system is designed to first vacuum up loose dust and dirt then quickly convert into a steam mop to clean and sanitize hard floors.

It comes with 5 reusable, washable microfiber steam pads, a 30 foot power cord, and a one year limited warranty.

Models in the Vac-Then-Steam Series include: MV2010, MV2010A, MV2010W

Shark Steam Mop (S3101)

The Steam Mop is designed to replace your standard kitchen mop. It weighs only 3 lbs. and produces steam in just 30 seconds. It comes with two washable, reusable micro fiber pads that lift and lock in dirt, a 20 foot power cord, and a one year warranty.

Shark Portable Steamer

The SC 630 is a multi-purpose handheld steamer that combines the power of steam with the anti-microbial solution Shark Boost to clean and disinfect in one step. The SC630 comes with an extension hose, concentrator nozzle, nozzle cleaning tool, several attachments, cleaning pockets, and filling flask.

Models in the Portable Steamer Series include: SC630, SC630W, SC630D, SC630CO

Shark Ultra Steam Blaster (S3325)

Shark Ultra Steam Blaster (S3325)The Ultra Steam Blaster is a 1500-watt canister-style steam cleaner that is rated to produce steam in 8-10 minutes. Its 47 ounce tank can last up to 50 minutes, meaning longer cleaning intervals between refilling.

It comes with a Steam Pocket floor attachment with a machine washable, 2-sided Microfiber cover, stainless steel steam generator, and multiple cleaning accessories with an onboard storage compartment. Accessories include: a clip-on squeegee, steam diffuser with bonnet, straight and angled concentrator nozzles, brass and nylon brushes, 2 extension tubes, accessory adapter, funnel, and measuring cup.

Shark Light & Easy Steam Mop

Shark Light & Easy Steam MopThis pump-activated, steam-on-demand mop features a backs aver handle and swivel mop head for easy access to tight areas and crevices. It weighs 4 lbs. and comes with 2 microfiber pads for hard floors and a carpet glider to freshen rugs and carpets.

Shark Portable Pro Steam Cleaner (SC505)

Shark Portable Pro Steam Cleaner (SC505)The SC 505 is a 1600-watt handheld steam cleaner that heats up and is ready to use in 4 minutes. It comes with a 30 ounce stainless steel boiler, floor brush, window squeegee, detail brush, hose, two extension tubes, and a 1 year warranty.

Shark Super Steamer (SC710S)

Shark Super Steamer (SC710S)The handheld SC 710S steamer, with its 10 ounce water tank, ready light indicator, and adjustable steam flow, is not only light weight and portable, but also functions as a garment steamer.

The included accessory package contains an extension hose, window squeegee, angle adapter, steam concentrator, detail brush, cleaning cloth, funnel, and filling cup.

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