Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners - Using The Power Of Water To Clean

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners have been manufactured by Rexair LLC since 1936. Utilizing the power of water, Rainbow vacuums clean 99.997% of dirt and allergens from the home.

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Within a few short years of its release, the Rainbow vacuum was being hailed as a major breakthrough in eliminating dust from the home. Medical professionals were even recommending Rainbows for use by allergy and hay fever sufferers, instead of traditional bagged vacuums.

While the general look of the Rainbow has stayed the same for decades, the technology behind this revolutionary ‘water vacuum’ sure has changed. Todays Rainbows come with state-of-the-art ‘Hurricane’ motors and computer controls, yet are still easy to use.


Rainbow Ratings

Consumer reviews of Rainbow vacuums generally rate them very high, with overall customer satisfaction upwards of 90 percent. Overwhelmingly, consumers report their Rainbows are far superior to their previous vacuum in removing dirt and allergens.

Several independent labs have tested the Rainbow and found that it not only removes soil well, but contains the dust and dirt it removes, and dramatically improves the carpet’s appearance. Their tests also confirm the Rainbow’s filtration efficiency, rating it very high in reducing air pollutants and improving indoor air quality.

The Rainbow has received quality certifications from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

Since 1959, Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners have been sold via in-home demonstrations by independent Rainbow vacuum distributors. To schedule an appointment for a free demonstration, simply call or email Rex Air and they’ll arrange to have an authorized Rainbow distributor come to your home.

Rainbow vacuums can also be purchased online at Amazon.com, along with many Rainbow vacuum cleaner accessories and parts.


How The Rainbow Works

The Water
The typical vacuum cleaner uses a porous paper bag to collect dirt. Almost immediately dust and dirt begin to clog the bag, inhibiting airflow, forcing dust back into the room.

The Rainbow uses plain old tap water to trap 99.997% of typical household dirt in its water reservoir. When your done vacuuming, simply empty and rinse the reservoir and your done!

Advanced Dirt Separator
The Rainbow’s technologically advanced Separator keeps nearly all dust, dirt, and debris contained within the vacuum, so only clean air escapes.

Powerful Motor
Utilizing Rexair’s exclusive ‘Hurricane’ motor and the latest computer technology, the Rainbow has considerable power and flexibility. There are also no carbon brushes used in the motor, which means no carbon particles are released into the air during use for you and your family to breathe in.

Micro Filtration Technology
While the Separator sends the majority of the dirt into the water, the Rainbow’s HEPA Neutralization Filtration System captures even more minute particles, producing nearly 100% clean air exhausted from the machine.


Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Powerful "Hurricane" Motor with Two-Speed Power Controls
  • On-Board Computer Controls
  • Water Filtration
  • HEPA Neutralizer Filter
  • Adjustable Height Power Nozzle
  • Stainless Steel Wands
  • Included Attachments – Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush, Floor and Wall Brush, and Crevice Tool

How Rainbow Vacuums Are Made

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Rainbow Vacuum Models

Rainbow E Series

The E Series is the latest lineup from Rainbow. Compared to its predecessor, the E Series is more powerful, yet quieter. The newly designed separator provides better performance and the improved motor design is even more durable.

Models in the E Series include: E1, E-1C, E-1N, E2, E-2C, E-2N, E-2 2 Speed, E3, E-3N

Rainbow D Series

The D series went out of production in 1998 when the last D-4 was made. However, used and refurbished units are still available and independent service centers can still repair them when necessary. Factory reconditioned units are often restored to ‘like new’ status and come with brand new tools and substantial warranties. We’ve found dealers offering up to a 10 year motor warranty on their reconditioned units.

Models in the D Series include: D1, D-1C, D2, D-2, D3, D-3, D4, D4C, D-4SE, D-4 SEN

Consumer Reviews of Rainbow Vacuums

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  1. Jamee Lock says

    I’ve owned my Rainbow E series for about 7 years now. I HATE IT! I’ve hated it from the moment I purchased it. It does not clean as well as the reviews say. Their customer service stinks and forget about replacement parts, it will cost you a small fortune.

    I don’t see it cleaning any better than the previous 4 vacuums I owned. The water is actually a pain in the rear to work with. I have 4 kids, so things are constantly being spilled. I can’t just go to my closet and clean it up quickly. It turns a 5 minute clean up into a 20 minute clean up.

    I would say it is definitely NOT worth the money. You’d be better off buying a cheaper one and replacing it every 5 years or so. I wish I would have thought of that.

    Definitely NOT satisfied with my Rainbow.

    • B. Davenport says

      I can guarantee that there are no “four vacuums” that would clean better than a Rainbow. Remember that Rainbow’s don’t lose airflow like regular vacuums do. Yes, the system is a bit more complex than your average vacuum. You shouldn’t have purchased it if you didn’t like it from day one.

  2. Lindsay Yount says

    We’ve had our rainbow for about 5 years now and I love it. We have two young children, two dogs and three cats. With all the activity in and out of the house and the pet hair on the rugs, carpet, hardwoods,walls….we have lots of dust and pet hair bunnies. This vacuum is phenomenal in the way it sucks it all in and contains it. Yes, filling up the water reservoir and emptying it can be annoying at times, but when you see all the dust/dirt/hair in the water after vacuuming, you’ll be thankful you’re not using a bag or bagless. I use it to vacuum, dust furniture, on the walls, plantation blinds, curtains. I have even vacuumed our Labrador retriever and she loved it….LOVE IT!

  3. louise pachard says

    Nothing cleans better than the “Rexair”. I have used this machine since I was a teenager. I have this model that was discontinued; however where in Mass. can I have it ovehauled?

    • Louise, I would suggest you contact Rexair, LLC’s customer service department directly for help in locating a repair facility near you. Their contact information is above.

  4. Coming from a CLEAN freak I can tell you this system does WORK. Yes, it takes a little more effort & I think they are TOO expensive but at least they are made in the USA and they are built VERY well & very durable. Someone who has this machine and uses it properly will probably never have to buy another vacuum again. There are other vacuums that I like but this keeps you from having to clean so often. First, use the power nozzle to get all the carpet…..Then, Start at one end of the room and use the dusting brush & floor and wall brush to dust everything floor to ceiling. Once you’ve got all the crap out of your house, you won’t have to clean nearly as often. Don’t let the water get too thick before changing it…I can definitely tell a difference in the level of dust since I’m so OCD and always checking everything to make sure it’s clean. I don’t mind going through the little extra effort knowing that everything is spic n span at the end. This is definitely NOT a lazy persons machine. Anyone who says you can get the same result from a cheap wal mart vacuum is CRAZY! After checking the hepa filter on mine after five years on both sides it is still SNOW white. I even took it OFF and ran the machine without the hepa to see if there was any increase in airflow & I noticed NO noticeable increase. This is after five years! I think water filtration vacuums are the way to go. I prefer rainbow because they are USA made, the others aren’t.

  5. Janet Carter says

    The rainbow does take a little more effort because you have to get the water and then when finished dump the water. It is definitely worth it, though. I do not ever want another type of vacuum cleaner. I used to professionally clean houses and I have used Kirby and other brands. None of them are as good as my rainbow. It is more expensive, but it is made in USA and is very high quality and durable. I like the idea that when I have cleaned my house, I dump the dirt out with the water outside instead of leaving it in a machine and sticking it in the closet.

  6. Hate the thing! The carpet cleaner has broken several times, tech said it’s a bad design but they still charge for repairs. Now the hose will not release from the blower side, first time I tried to use this feature. So AGAIN I can’t use it until I take it in and have it fixed. I have found it a pain in the rear and wish I had my $100 Kenmore they took back. I tried to return it in the first 30 days like they said you could, instead they pushed the product , and promised me I would be happy with it and gave me a bunch of extra junk I have never used. Like I said HATE the thing! Buyer Beware!

  7. Honestly, I own Rainbow D Series and I’m quite happy about it! It’s pretty good!

  8. Well…for sure, the vacuum Rainbow D Series promises a lot to me.

    Thanks for sharing this out.

  9. Thanks for the information. I’d never heard of the Rainbow Vacuums before and actually came across this when searching for a Dyson to replace my old vacuum. The idea that you catch the dirt in water and stop it getting back into the atmosphere of your home and affecting the air quality is very simple but sounds like it’s effective. Is any one model better for pet hair in your view?

    • It is best to contact a sales rep for details on the latest models, but, in our experience, they all handle pet hair pretty well. The differences between models in a series are generally for things like motors with 1 or 2 speeds, quieter design, etc., and different power nozzles for different types of flooring and environments, that sort of thing.

      With pet hair, it is important to have excellent vacuuming power (think 2 speeds) and to choose the best power nozzle for your situation, i.e., mostly carpet or hard flooring. For carpets you want a quality powered beater bar, but for hard flooring, especially wood, you want to be able to turn the beater bar off, or use a non-powered floor tool so as not to mar or damage the surface.

      The biggest thing with Rainbow vacuums for most people is the handling of the dirty water. So, make sure you’re okay with that before buying.

  10. We bought our Rainbow 15 years ago. We live in the country, so have dirt & mud constantly tracked in the house, plus 3 dogs (that shed) and many cats. We used to have to buy a new vacuum every year, but this one is still going strong. It works better than any vacuum we’ve ever tried and it’s never needed repair. Yes, there are times when filling it up with water and emptying it is a hassle. But I can’t complain about the job it does and how long it’s lasted! We are not very wealthy, this vacuum was way out of our price range. After 15 years, I have to say we’ve saved money not having to buy bags or repairs or new vacuums. I always recommend the Rainbow vacuum and people think I’m crazy for spending that much, but how many people have a vacuum that’s lasted 15 years? My husband has a client that has an even older model than ours, so they are built for life.

  11. I have had my Rainbow for 20 years! Just now needing some replacement parts. Love it!

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