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How do you change the belt on a Eureka pet pal?

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I have a Eureka Pet Pal Vacuum model 3271AVZ with a broken belt? I have a replacement belt but I lost the manual for the vacuum. I’ve looked everywhere, including Eureka’s site and can’t find a manual anywhere. Can someone help?
asked Dec 13, 2011 in Vacuums by green-barracuda (120 points)

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1 Answer

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Eureka does indeed have the manual on their site, though it’s hidden quite well. Here’s the rundown on changing a Eureka Pet Pal 3271AVZ belt. This description is accurate for all models within the 3270 - 3275 series:

1 - Release the handle from the parked position and lower it to the floor.
2 - Remove the screws from the top cover. They are located at either end of the brush roll.
3 - Lift off the top cover and set it aside.
4 - Lift out the brush roll and belt. Install the new belt over the brush roll and motor shaft.
5 - When reinstalling the brush roll, start with the end away from the belt first. Seat the brush roll cap fully into its slot. Now pull the belt side of the brush roll to stretch the belt and slip the brush roll down fully into its slot.
6 - Turn the brush several times by hand to center the belt and make sure it rotates freely.
7 - Set the top cover back into place
8 - Reinstall the screws.

Congratulations, you’ve just changed your Eureka Pet Pal vacuum cleaner belt.

Tip: While the brush roll is out of the vacuum cleaner, this is the perfect time to remove any hair, threads, or carpet fibers that may be wrapped around it, as well as cleaning out air passages within the floor head of your vacuum.
answered Dec 13, 2011 by JGreene (550 points)