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How do I clean a arm and hammer vacuum filter

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for a upright bagless hoover windtunnel system? Please help, I'm at war with fleas
I believe the package said washable but how do I do that? I saw one place say to wash it with detergent and another said just warm water and there's too many conflicts.
asked Nov 1, 2014 in Repair & Maintenance Advice by anonymous

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1 Answer

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It’s always best to get the manufacturer’s recommendations for how to care for their products, however, Arm & Hammer’s site is currently down.

In general, we recommend NOT using soap to wash vacuum filters. Soap leaves a residue that attracts and holds dirt and odors. It is best to rinse washable filters under running tap water, then allow them to dry completely before re-installing them into your vacuum.

answered Nov 1, 2014 by Andy (3,950 points)