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What are other vacuums besides Dyson that have root cyclone technology?

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I have seen several vacuums that say they use cyclone technology. Just how many other vacuums are there, besides Dyson, that actually have root cyclone technology?
asked Mar 30, 2012 in Vacuums by CindyCummings (140 points)

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1 Answer

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The term Root Cyclone is a registered and patented trademark of Dyson, they are, however, not the only one making vacuums with cyclonic technology.

LG has developed its own vacuum cleaner that uses cyclonic separation that is on par with Dyson. LG also added a paddle to the dust bin that compresses the contents into debris cakes. What this gives you is a vacuum cleaner with a bin capacity that is 3 times greater than any other vacuum brand and the compacted debris cakes drop out with zero mess.

answered Mar 31, 2012 by Andy (3,950 points)