Eureka Vacuums - Makers Of The Famous Boss Smart Vac

Eureka Vacuums got their start in 1909 as the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company. They’ve sold millions of vacuums since then, even selling as much as one third of all vacuums manufactured in the U.S. during the 1920’s.

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In 1974, Eureka was purchased by AB Electrolux of Sweden and officially changed their name to Electrolux Home Care Products North America in 2004.

Electrolux currently manufactures vacuums under the Electrolux, Eureka, and Sanitaire brand names.

Eureka offers a full line of vacuums and carpet cleaning products, including uprights, canisters, sticks, handhelds, cordless, central vacuum systems, steam cleaners, and carpet cleaners. Many of which can be purchased at a local retailer or online at Amazon also carries many Eureka vacuum cleaner accessories, bags, filters, and parts.

Eureka is also committed to improving the environment. From new product development to RoHS compliance (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) to their SmartWaySM Transport Partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

To learn more about Eureka’s sustainability efforts, go to

Featured Eureka Vacuums

Eureka SurfaceMax Series

The bagless SurfaceMax™ has a 30 foot power cord, 15-inch wide cleaning path, HEPA filter, and on-board tools.

Models in the Surface Max Series include: SurfaceMax 300 (2976AVZ, 2976) and Surface Max 200 (2977AV)

Eureka SurfaceMax Upright Vacuum

Eureka LightSpeed Series

Lightweight and efficient, the LightSpeed™ comes in bagged and bagless models that are designed to help you get the vacuuming done fast, so you can move on to other things.

The LightSpeed 300 is basically a LightSpeed 100 with a few of the features from the Eureka SurfaceMax thrown in. All three vacuums are bagless and share the same motor, as well as most other characteristics.

Models in the Light Speed Series include: 4700, 4700A, 4700D, 4710, 4710AV, 4710GRN, 4710MDR, 4710TRQ, 4750A, 4752A, LightSpeed 100™ 4709AZ

Eureka LightSpeed Vacuum

Eureka Boss SmartVac 4870 Series

These bagged vacuums are equipped with a 30 foot power cord, 15-inch wide cleaning path, floor height adjustment, and sealed HEPA filter.

Models in the Boss SmartVac Series include: 4870GZ, 4870HZ, 4870MZ, 4870PZ, 4870T, Clean Living 4870K, Pet Lover 4870RZ, 4870SZ, 4870SZX

Eureka Optima Series

The Optima® vacuums are adjustable, versatile and highly maneuverable. Their uniquely designed handles make it easy to reach under furniture with comfort and ease. Eureka Optima lightweights deliver the full power of an upright vacuum at only half the weight.

Models in the Optima Series include: 431, 431A, 431BE, 431BX, 431BXZ, 431DX, 431F, 433BE, 437AZ, 437AZE, 439AZ

Eureka Mighty Mite (3670G)

Formally known as the Boss® Mighty Mite®, the new Mighty Mite weighs only 8.2 lbs. and cleans powerfully with a 12 amp motor. It also has a unique blower feature that conveniently blows debris out of the way.

Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac (71B)

The Easy Clean™ cleans cars, stairs, and quick messes easily. The built in Risor Viser™ flips to easily clean upholstery and stairs vertically or horizontally. The on/off brushroll picks up dirt from bare floors and area rugs.


Additional Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Models

Upright Vacuum Cleaners:

Eureka AirSpeed VacuumsEureka AirSpeed Series

The bagless AirSpeed™ uprights are built with Eureka’s exclusive AirSpeed technology which utilizes wide tubes to increase the amount of airflow for improved suction. These 18.5 lb. vacuums come with multiple height adjustments, easy empty dust cups, and HEPA filters.

Models in the Air Speed Series include: AS1000A, Gold AS1000A, Gold AS1000AX, AS1001AX, Pet AS1002A

Eureka Air Extreme Upright VacuumEureka Air Extreme (4870UZ)

The 21.5 lb. AirExtreme has a 15 inch wide cleaning nozzle with multiple height adjustments. It comes with a sealed HEPA filter, 30 foot power cord, and a good assortment of attachments.

Eureka Pet Lover VacuumEureka Pet Lover Series

Eureka Pet Lover vacuum cleaners are specially designed to pick up pet hair and odor. Powerful Cyclonic Technology maintains suction power longer and easily picks up pet hair and large debris. The charcoal filter with HEPA filtration absorbs pet odor and reduces allergens for a cleaner home.

Models in the Pet Lover Series include: Pet Lover 3276AVZ, 3276AZ, and 3276BVZ; Pet Lover Plus 8862 AVZ, 8853AVZ, 8862AVZ, 8863AVZ; Pet Lover Deluxe 8811, 8811AVZ

Eureka Altima VacuumEureka Altima Series

The bagless Altima comes with the Power Paw™ with Riser Visor™ that vacuums upholstery and stairs while the Edge Kleener™ cleans close to the baseboards. With a 15-inch wide cleaning path, this vacuum covers a large area quickly, and the HEPA filter captures dust, dirt, and other particles.

Models in the Altima Series include: 2991AVZ, 2993AV, 2996AVZ

Eureka Boss 4D Pet Fresh VacuumEureka Boss 4D Pet Fresh

The 5893 is ideal for people who need to clean up after pets. The Pet Power Paw™ easily removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery. The sealed HEPA System with Pet Fresh provides twice the power of baking soda to eliminate pet odors while capturing allergens.

Models in the Boss 4D Pet Fresh™ Series include: 5893, 5893BVZ

Eureka Capture VacuumEureka Capture Series

The bagless Capture™ features dual-powered Edge Kleeners™, a telescopic self-cleaning duster and Power Paw™ Power Brush, comfort-gripped oval handle, and HEPA filtration.

Models in the Capture Series include: 8802AVZ, 8803, 8807AVZ, Boss Capture 8803AVZ, Capture Pet Lover 8806BVZ

Eureka Capture+ VacuumEureka Capture+™ Series

These bagless vacuums have an electronic on/off brushroll that allows for quick and easy transitions from carpet to bare floors to area rugs. The sealed HEPA filtration system traps 99.97% of the allergens and dust in your home.

Models in the Capture Plus Series include: 8851AVZ and Pet Lover 8852DVZ

Eureka Comfort Clean VacuumEureka Comfort Clean Series

Ergonomically designed to reduce strain with its telescopic comfort-grip oval handle with adjustable height for each user. The Comfort Clean™ vacuum also comes with automatic cord rewind and easy foot controls for adjusting the floor height of the power head.

Models in the Comfort Clean Series include: 4236AZ, 4238AZ, Comfort Clean OH! 4235AZ, Comfort Clean with Reach & Rewind 4239AZ

Eureka Envirovac VacuumEureka Envirovac Series

The Eureka Envirovac™ line of vacuum cleaners are designed to use less energy and produce less waste than most other vacuums. The 8 amp motor delivers powerful cleaning results while using 33% less energy than a typical upright vacuum and the washable Allergen Filter can be washed and reused many times, instead of being replaced.

Models in the Enviro Vac Series include: 3041, 3041AZ, 3041BZ, 3041RED, 3041AQU

Eureka LightForce™ 300 VacuumEureka LightForce 300

This 16.5 lb., bagless vacuum and its 12 amp motor is good for those quick pickups. The telescopic, self-cleaning duster allows you to get to those hard-to-reach areas and the Power Paw™ with Riser Visor™ easily removes pet hair from stairs and upholstery.

Models in the Light Force Series include: 4717AVZ, 4718AVZ

Eureka Maxima (4711BZ) VacuumEureka Maxima

Combining lightweight design with 12 amps of power, Eureka Maxima upright vacuums offer a quick, effective way to clean your carpets. They work equally well for quick pick-ups and everyday cleaning.

Models in the Maxima Series include: 4704BLU, 4704BLM, 4704LMP, 4704LTA, 4704ONG, 4704PNK, 4704PUR, 4704RED, 4711AZ, 4711BZ

Eureka Pet Pal VacuumEureka Pet Pal

The 16 lb. Eureka Pet Pal is built to tackle pet hair and dander. With the specially designed Pet Power Paw™ Power Brush, removing pet hair from carpets, stairs, and upholstery is a breeze. And the washable Allergen filter effectively captures allergens, dust, and pet dander.

Models in the Pet Pal Series include: 4716, 4716AVZ

Eureka Power Plus VacuumEureka Power Plus (4703D)

Formerly known as the Boss® Power Plus, the New Power Plus™ vacuum comes with an Allergen filter, Flip Bottom Dust Cup, 13-inch wide cleaning path, and weighs only 14.2 lbs.

Eureka Powerline Upright VacuumEureka Powerline (2905A)

This lightweight upright, with its 13-inch wide cleaning path, multiple height adjustment, quick access hose, and on-board tools, makes for quick and efficient cleaning.

Eureka True Clean VacuumEureka True Clean (2961BVZ)

The 2961 with its 15-inch wide cleaning path, Power Brush and Telescopic Self-Cleaning Duster makes vacuuming your entire home simple and convenient. The powerful HEPA filter traps dirt and dust, and the Easy-Empty Dust Cup means no messes when you empty your vacuum.

Eureka Uno VacuumEureka Uno Series

The bagless Uno™, with its Telescopic Comfort-Grip Looped Handle, reduces strain and offers a comfortable, adjustable height for each user. The Power Paw™ with Riser Visor® removes dust, dirt, and pet dander from upholstery and stair risers.

Models in the Uno Series include: 2997BVZ, 2998AZ, 2999DVZ

Eureka Whirlwind Upright VacuumEureka Whirlwind Plus Series

The Whirlwind’s powerful 2-stage Cyclonic Technology maintains suction power and keeps large debris off the filter for less-mess cleaning. Its Power Paw® Brush with Riser Visor™ removes dust, dirt, and pet dander from upholstery backs and stair risers.

Models in the Whirlwind™ Plus Series include: 3277AVZ, 3277AVZX, 3279AZ, 3282AVZ

Eureka Commercial VacuumEureka Commercial – Bagless

This versatile, hard-working commercial upright vacuum comes with a sealed HEPA filtration system, on-board tools, clog resistant air path, and a powerful 10-amp motor, the Eureka Commercial Bagless will meet all your floor cleaning needs.

Models in the Commercial Bagless Series include: C2132B, C5712A, EUK SC5845B

Eureka Commercial VacuumEureka Commercial – Bagged

This bagged upright comes equipped with a 6.5 amp, commercial ball bearing motor and chrome steel ball bearing brush roll with replaceable bristles, plus a 50 ft. heavy duty power cord and six position carpet adjustment.

Models in the Commercial Bagged Series include: C2094G, C2094H

Eureka Superlite VacuumEureka Superlite

The Super Lite weighs less than 9 lbs. and comes equipped with a telescopic handle to adjust the vacuum’s height for each user and an On/Off Brushroll Switch to pick up dust and allergens from carpets and bare floors.

Models in the Superlite Series include: 409B, 442A, 442B, 443B

Eureka Pet Lover Lite VacuumEureka Pet Lover Lite (460AZ)

The Pet Lover Lite’s Quick Draw Wand in the handle reaches to clean furniture and baseboards where pet hair collects. It comes with a Pet Power Paw® that removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery. Plastic teeth loosen it, a rubber strip grabs it, and bristles remove it.

Eureka Mini Lightweight (442B, 443B)

Eureka Mini Lightweight VacuumThis lightweight Eureka vacuum is strong enough for any job with a wide track base and a motorized brushroll that turns on for deep cleaning carpets and turns off for gentler cleaning of delicate rugs and bare floors. For added convenience, Eureka combines a telescopic handle, stair cleaning handle, and easy empty dust cup making the vacuum easy to use and easy to store anywhere.

Available in Canada.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners:

Eureka Air Extreme Canister VacuumEureka Air Extreme (6500A)

Eureka AirExtreme canister vacuums are designed to maximize airflow, ensuring powerful vacuuming performance on any surface including, hard flooring, carpeted stairs, and upholstery. You can also move easily between carpets and bare floors with the push of a button.

Eureka Boss® Canister VacuumEureka Boss Canister Vacuum

The Boss’ motorized brushroll cleans large carpeted areas and can be turned off for bare floors. Vacuum stairs, upholstery and above-floor surfaces easily with the Suction Control Switch and Power Paw™ with Riser Visor™.

Models in the Boss Canister Series include: 6833, 6833B

Eureka Completeclean Canister VacuumEureka CompleteClean Canister Vacuum (955A)

The Complete Clean comes with an electronic on/off brush roll for easy transition from carpets to bare floors. Also standard is a HEPA filter and an automatic cord rewind for quick and easy storage.

Eureka LightForce Canister VacuumEureka LightForce Canister Vacuum (915A)

The bagless LightForce® with its 10-inch wide cleaning path weighs in at 19 lbs. It comes equipped with a 12-amp motor, HEPA filtration, and automatic cord rewind.

Eureka Maxima Canister VacuumEureka Maxima Canister Vacuum (972B)

At only 13 lbs., Eureka Maxima canister vacuums are lightweight and versatile. They allow you to easily move between low-pile carpets and bare floors.

Eureka Pet Lover Canister VacuumEureka Pet Lover Bagged Canister Vacuum (3684F)

Like the upright version, the Pet Lover Canister Vacuum is specially designed to pick up pet hair and odor. The Pet Power Paw™ removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery. The HEPA filter and Arm & Hammer® High Filtration Bag eliminates pet odors and captures allergy-causing dust and pet dander.

Eureka Pet Lover Canister VacuumEureka Pet Lover Bagless Canister Vacuum (940A)

Like the bagged version (3684F) of the Pet Lover Canister Vacuum, this bagless edition (940A) was designed for pet owners in mind. It also comes standard with the Pet Power Paw™ and a HEPA filter, but unlike the bagged version, this Pet Lover Canister Vacuum also features an adjustable telescoping handle, suction control switch, and automatic cord rewind.

Eureka ReadyForce Canister VacuumEureka ReadyForce Canister Vacuum (900A)

This bagged canister vacuum has a 12-amp motor and variable speed control for adjusting the level of power you need. It comes standard with a suction control switch, filter change indicator, and automatic cord rewind.

Eureka SurfaceMax™ Canister VacuumEureka SurfaceMax™ Canister Vacuum (6833D)

Equipped with an on/off brush roll switch, automatic cord rewind, and electronic suction control, the SurfaceMax makes vacuuming all floor surfaces a breeze.

Eureka WhirlWind VacuumEureka WhirlWind Canister Vacuum (6510A)

Eureka WhirlWind® canister vacuums are specifically designed for helping you clean multiple surfaces in your home. With just the push of a button or flip of a switch, you can set your WhirlWind canister vacuum to use the most effective tool and setting for the part of your home you’re cleaning.

Stick and Hand Vacuum Cleaners:

Eureka Boss Cordless Combination Vac (580A)

Eureka Boss Cordless Stick VacThe Boss® 2-in-1 vacuum converts from a stick vac to a hand vac for quick pick ups – in one compact design. It uses Cyclonic Technology and has an on/off Brushroll Switch to more easily pick up dirt from bare floors and area rugs. This model is available only at Walmart.

Eureka Easy Clean 2-in-1

Eureka Easy Clean 2-in-1 Cordless Stick VacThe lightweight Easy Clean™ can easily get into spaces where dirt lingers. Its 2-in-1 cordless design converts from a stick vac to a hand vac to tackle any mess quickly.

Models in the Easy Clean Series include: 108A, 109A, 166DX (formerly Boss®)

Eureka Easy Clean II Stick VacEureka Easy Clean II

Formally known as the Quick Up, the 2-in-1 Easy Clean II weighs less than 5 lbs. and can easily get into spaces where dirt lingers. Its On/Off Brushroll Switch allows you to pick up dirt from bare floors and area rugs.

Models in the Easy Clean II Series include: 169B, Quick Up 169D, Quick-Up Cordless 96B, 96DZ and 96F

Eureka 4-in-1 Stick VacEureka 4-in-1 Stick Vac

The Easy Clean cleans cars, stairs, and quick messes easily. The built in Risor Viser™ flips to easily clean upholstery and stairs vertically or horizontally. The on/off brushroll picks up dirt from bare floors and area rugs.

Models in the 4-in-1 Series include: 166DBL, 166F, 166GRN, 166ONG, 166PUR, 166YEL

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