Eureka LightSpeed 100 Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Features, Reviews, and Ratings

The Eureka LightSpeed 100 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be lightweight and maneuverable. Weighing in at less than 14 pounds the LightSpeed 100 is one of the lighter vacuums on the market.

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The Eureka LightSpeed Series actually comes in several models, all based on the same design and motor, but with slightly differing feature sets. The LightSpeed 100 (4709AZ) and the LightSpeed 4700D are bagless models with height adjustments, while the 4750A and the 4752A have a bag and no height adjustment. The Light Speed 100 also comes with a Power Paw Turbo Nozzle. See our complete comparison chart for more details.

The Light Speed 300 is basically a LightSpeed 100 with a few of the features from the Eureka SurfaceMax thrown in. All three vacuums are bagless and share the same motor, as well as most other characteristics. See the comparison chart for more details.

The Eureka LightSpeed 100 requires some assembly when taken out of the packaging. Fortunately, the pieces are few and the instructions are clear. If you can use a screwdriver, you can assemble this vacuum cleaner in minutes.

Controls on the Eureka LightSpeed 100 are straightforward. They consist of a single red ON / OFF foot activated switch, located on the left side of the motor. Simply depress the switch to turn the vacuum on, depress again to turn it off. Just below the ON / OFF switch is the floor head release lever. Step on the release and pull handle back to a comfortable position. Press again to lower handle further to clean under furniture. The vacuum cleaner is still just over nine inches high when fully reclined, a bit high to reach deep under low furniture. Returning the Lightspeed 100 to its full upright “parked” position to use the hose and attachments requires depressing the floor head release pedal, partly to make it easier to return the vacuum to its “park” position, partly to hold the vacuum still while executing the maneuver. On the front of the floor head is a 5-position height adjustment knob to set the vacuum for everything from bare floors to high pile carpet. Cautionary note: The brush roll is always active, which can damage delicate floors and kick debris out from under the floor head while vacuuming bare surfaces.

The Lightspeed 100 comes equipped with an integrated hose, 16" extension tube with a 16" nested crevice tool, a duster brush, and a Power Paw™ Brush with Riser Visor®. The hose is a stiff but flexible plastic. Our experience with this type of hose is that it is hard to work with because of its rigidity and has a short life span. Another drawback is that the hose connects directly into the floor head, requiring the user to bend down to the floor to disengage the hose for spot cleaning. A number of consumers complain that the hose often comes loose on its own and spews debris.

The hose is also looped through an “anti-tip over” loop, which limits the user to about a 5′ working radius. While this may work well for low level cleaning no higher than waist high, it is completely inadequate for above floor tasks such as vacuuming furniture, drapes, bookshelves, or reaching high corners. Even with the use of the extension wand and crevice tool, high reach is limited.

We also didn’t like the Lightspeed 100’s Power Paw accessory. The Power Paw’s key feature is its Riser Visor® which is a hinged hood that exposes the brush bar either to the bottom or the tip of the Power Paw. This is an unnecessary feature that reduces suction due to air leaks around the hood. It is also cheaply made and consumers report problems with their Power Paws breaking easily or just not working at all.

The Eureka Lightspeed 100 does have one feature that stands out and that is the convenient handle located under the dust cup. The handle allows for two handed operation when vacuuming stairs or other elevated flat surfaces.

The Eureka Lightspeed 100 boasts “cyclonic action”, which is a massive overstatement of the capabilities of this vacuum. The design has the air stream enter the side of the dust cup, which does indeed create a whirlpooling effect inside the canister, however, it is not nearly strong enough to remove anything but the largest debris particles. Filtration is actually handled by a washable filter located within the dust cup. This makes the Lightspeed 100 no better than the average bagged vacuum as far as maintaining suction, as the filter quickly clogs with debris suction will drop dramatically. The easy-empty, flip-bottom dust cup isn’t so easy to empty, generally requiring two hands to open and close the dust cup. The head of the dust cup is removable to access the filter, making maintenance of the filter easier. The filter within the dust cup is the only filter on the Lightspeed 100.

The Eureka Lightspeed 100 is simple in design and performance that targets the entry-level vacuum class and price range. Don’t expect much from this vacuum or you’ll be disappointed.


Included with the Eureka LightSpeed 100 Vacuum Cleaner

LightSpeed 100

Floor Head

Wide path makes vacuuming with the LightSpeed 100 vacuum cleaner fast.

LightSpeed 100

Turbo Brush

Power Paw® Brush with Riser Visor™ conveniently located onboard.

LightSpeed 100

Stair Handle

For use when cleaning stairs or upholstery, hold the cleaner by the regular handle with one hand and by the stair handle with the other hand.



Eureka LightSpeed 100 Vacuum Cleaner
Technical Specifications

Vacuum Type: Upright – Bagless
Motor: 12 Amp / 1400 Watt
Power Controls: Main Power On / Off Only
Dust Bin Capacity: 2.2 qt.
Surface Types: Bare Floors, Carpet, Upholstery
Filters: Standard
Included Attachments: Nested Crevice Wand, Dusting Brush, Power Paw Turbo Nozzle
Suction Wand: Plastic, one piece
Edge Cleaning: No
Operating Radius: 25ft (7.6M) power cord
Cleaning Width: 13" (38cm)
Weight: 13.6 lbs (6.2kg)
Dimensions: 42.5″ H x 13″ W x 12 ” L
(107.9cm x 33cm x 30.5cm)
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
Price (MSRP): $69.99 Buy Now


Compare the Models:

The Eureka LightSpeed is available in four models, the LightSpeed™ 4700D, LightSpeed™ 4750A, LightSpeed™ 100 (4709AZ), and the Lightspeed™ 4752A. See these models in a side by side comparison to choose the model that best suits your needs.


Consumer Reviews of the Eureka Lightspeed Vacuum Cleaner

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  1. I think this vacuum does what it’s supposed to. It vacuums fine. I’ve had much more expensive vacuums with Hepa filters, lots of onboard tools, etc. — but had no need for more than just a basic vacuum with a few tools for corners and floors. I didn’t want to pay a big price for the basics I needed and this vacuum fit my needs perfectly… if it starts to ‘spread the dirt around’ or not pick up properly, CHECK THE BAG – it’s probably full (you can tell by the little window to peek in – no need to open it and get dusty just to see if it’s full…

  2. I should have done my homework more thoroughly. I would have never bought this vacuum. My two biggest issues are: 1) The hose won’t stay inserted into the sweeper. Am I missing a part or is this just a bad design? and 2) The exhaust vent blows things everywhere; including what you’re trying to vacuum. If you have papers or a plant nearby forget it. It will blow things everywhere. I would not recommend this vacuum nor will I ever consider buying another one. It makes me wonder if this model was ever consumer tested before it was marketed.

  3. Having purchased and been satisfied with several of this class of vacuums previously, I was willing to give this vacuum a chance when I received it as a housewarming gift. Within 5 minutes of putting the Lightspeed together, I decided to return it to the store of purchase. The Lightspeed has very little suction power, yet manages to blow around drapes, tablecloths, dirt, etc. all over the house. Furthermore, it will not pull any dirt or debris off carpets on any but the lowest setting, at which point you may be in danger of ruining a brand new area rug… which happened to me. Don’t waste the five minutes it takes to assemble this vacuum- just buy another.

  4. Sherrie Ryan says

    This is the worst vacuum ever! It blows the dirt around when going from hard floor to rug, or vacuuming an edge of the carpet, and blows the curtains and whatever else is nearby. The hose that you can pull out of the base of the vacuum comes out WHILE vacuuming and blows dirt everywhere. We have owned other bagless vacuums for years and the emptying of the canisters/ filters have never been as dirty as this. Not only do I have to take the whole canister AND filter apart each time but it gets dirt/dust everywhere when I clean it which is about 2 times each time I use it. I should just have to empty it over the garbage and be done, instead I have to use my hands and pry the dust off the filter. Our living habits have not changed so much that I need to do it this frequently. My other vacuums only required this every few weeks. When I shut off the vacuum I have to do it on hard floor so I can sweep up the pile of dirt and grit it leaves behind from not sucking completey. We have only had this piece of crap for 4 months. I strongly recommend not buying one-ever!

  5. Angeline says

    This is really the worst vacuum ever. It definitely prevents me from ever buying another eureka product. Whenever you try to vacuum anything up, it just blows everything everywhere. all the dirt you were hoping to vacuum ends up getting dispersed around the room. Worst. Vacuum. Ever. Made.

  6. It’s a get-what-you-pay-for vacuum, for sure. I found out accidentally that the finciky filter cannister is the culprit in the high winds :). If it isn’t snapped *exactly* in place, air and debris shoot out all over the place. Ladies above, give that a try.

    This isn’t a unit I’d ever buy again, but if you’re willing to do the (endless) regular maintenance on it, it actually doesn’t work half bad, and I agree with the review that the stair handle is very convenient and not found on a lot of other models.

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