Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners - Over 90 years of Innovation*

*The history of Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners can be a bit confusing since there are actually two companies involved with the “Electrolux” brand name.

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The “new” Electrolux models discussed here and available at local retailers, or online at Amazon.com, are made by Electrolux Home Care Products North America, which also manufactures vacuums under the Eureka, Sanitaire, and Volta brand names. The “original” Electrolux vacuum cleaner that your mother and grandmother used and trusted is now called the Aerus Lux and is manufactured by Aerus LLC. Lux vacuums are only available through an authorized Aerus Healthy Home Consultant.

Electrolux Home Care Products North America offers a wide variety of vacuum cleaners to choose from, including, uprights, canisters, a robotic vacuum, stick and hand vacuums, central vacuum systems, and a carpet shampooer / floor polisher. Many of which can be purchased at a local retailer or online at Amazon.com. Amazon also carries many Electrolux vacuum cleaner accessories, bags, filters, and parts.

Featured Electrolux Vacuum Reviews

Electrolux Versatility

The Versatility Series has a unique Quick-Release Wand that brings everything easily within reach. Within seconds the wand and hose system are released from the vacuum for cleaning up high and down low.

Models in the Versatility Series include: EL8500, EL8501, EL8501A, EL8501AZ, EL8502, EL8502A, EL8502B, EL8502D, EL8505, EL8505A, EL8505D

Electrolux Versatility EL8505 Vacuum
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Electrolux UltraSilencer™ (EL6986, EL6986A)

Update: The UltraSilencer EL 6986 has been replaced by the Ergospace EL4100A. The new EL 4100A is nearly identical to its predecessor, with the primary differences being a longer hose (9 foot vs 6 foot) and a 12 amp motor instead of the 9 amps of the EL6986A.

Models available outside the USA: Ultra Silencer Deluxe ZUS3386, ZUS3385, Z3300

Models in the Ergo Space Series include: EL4100A, Green EL4101A
Models available outside the USA: EL 4100, ZE340

Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986 Vacuum

Electrolux Oxygen3 (EL7024, EL7024A)

The EL 7024 comes with fingertip controls, a multi-surface power nozzle, a motorized @hand™ powerbrush that’s perfect for pet hair, and a telescopic wand that gives you ultimate multi-surface convenience.

Electrolux Oxygen3 EL7024 Vacuum

Electrolux Oxygen3 Ultra Combination Vacuum (EL7025, EL7025A)

This vacuum provides the best all-around cleaning for all surfaces. The EL 7025 comes with two power nozzles – one for bare floors and one for carpets and the optimum sensor system automatically monitors the cleaner’s performance to ensure peak efficiency.

Electrolux Oxygen3 EL7025 Vacuum

Electrolux Nimble

The bagless, cyclonic Nimble upright vacuum weighs 17 lbs. and features swivel steering, 1 qt. dust bin, Quick-Release wand and hose for up to 14 feet of reach, 30 foot cord, washable HEPA filters, and lifetime belt.

Models in the Nimble™ Series include: EL8602A, EL8605A

Electrolux UltraSilencer Green (EL6984, EL6984A)

The EL 6984 has many of the same features as the EL 6986, plus 55% of the plastic used in the product is made from recycled materials. It also uses 80% recycled, unbleached cardboard in packaging.

Models available outside the USA: EL 6984A, ZUSG3000

Electrolux Oxygen3 Ultra (EL7020, EL7020B)

Thoughtful design details like fingertip controls and automatic cord reel rewind takes the strain out of vacuuming. And with the EL 7020’s fully featured power nozzle, it easily cleans all types of carpets and hard floor surfaces.

Electrolux Oxygen EL6988

With the EL 6988, you will never have to bend to get that perfect clean. You can switch between carpets, hard floors, and more using fingertip controls.

Models in the Oxygen EL 6988 Series include: EL6988D, EL6988E, EL6988EZ

Electrolux Ergorapido 2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vac

The Ergorapido vacuums are a combination lightweight stick vacuum designed for quick, cordless cleaning of bare floors and a hand vacuum for quick pickups around the home.

Models in the Ergorapido® Series include: EL1005, EL1006, EL1006A, EL1009A, EL1012, EL1012A, EL1014, EL 1014A, EL1014AZ; EL1016A Ultra, Ultra+ EL1020A, EL1022A; Ion EL1030A

Models available outside the USA: ZB271BF, ZB271GF, ZB271RF, ZB271TF, ZB271WF, ZB2812, ZB2813, ZB2815, ZB2820, ZB2821


Additional Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Models

Canister Vacuum Cleaners:

Electrolux UltraActive

Electrolux UltraActive VacuumThe bagless, cyclonic UltraActive canister vacuum weighs 12.5 lbs. and features fingertip controls, easy empty 1.2 qt. dust cup, 21 foot power cord with automatic rewind, washable HEPA filters, and a 5 year limited warranty.

Models in the UltraActive™ Series include: DeepClean EL4300A, Turbo EL4325A

Electrolux UltraSilencer DeepClean (EL7060, EL7061)

Electrolux UltraSilencer DeepClean (EL7060, EL7061)With its double-hull construction, sound absorbing and "V" belt technologies, the UltraSilencer DeepClean removes deep down dirt, debris, and pet dander without the noise.

It also features a totally sealed system with HEPA filtration that contains microscopic particles inside the vacuum, capturing 99.97% of dust and allergens for a cleaner home.

Models in the Ultra Silencer Deep Clean Series include: EL 7060, EL7060A, EL 7061, EL7061A, EL7061B, Delux EL 7066 / EL7066A

Electrolux UltraOne EL7070 VacuumElectrolux UltraOne EL7070A

The UltraOne EL 7070 delivers what its name promises: ultra efficient vacuuming. The cleaning performance of the Ultra One is extremely powerful – it gets top scores in cleaning performance tests.

Models available outside the USA: EL7070, EL 7070A, Z8871P, Z8821P

Electrolux Maximus EL4200 VacuumElectrolux Maximus EL4200A

The controls on the EL 4200 convenient and easy to use. You can modify the suction power with a dial knob allowing you to move between different surfaces with little effort.

Available in Canada.

Electrolux Versatility EL4050 VacuumElectrolux Versatility (EL4050A, EL4050B)

The bagless EL 4050 features a powerhead with height adjustment for deep carpet cleaning and a bare floor brush for easy cleaning of hard surfaces.

Available in Canada: EL4050

Stick and Hand Vacuum Cleaners:

Electrolux UniRapido Stick Vacuum Electrolux UniRapido Stick Vacuum

The Uni Rapido is a lightweight and handy rechargeable stick vac that comes with a powerful 12V motor for superb performance and a large dust capacity. It has great maneuverability and can be used on both carpets and hard floors.

Models in the UniRapido™ Series include: EL852A, EL855A
Models available outside the USA: ZB2802

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners:

Electrolux Trilobite 2.0

Electrolux TrilobiteThe Trilobite, introduced in 2001, was the world’s first fully automatic domestic vacuum cleaner, or robot vacuum.

Electrolux recently released the new and improved Trilobite 2.0. It still has all the great benefits of the original plus more than 200 improvements.

Models available outside the USA: ZA2

Central Vacuum Systems:

Electrolux QuietClean™ Series

Electrolux QuietClean Central VacuumThe QuietClean central vacuum system’s power unit takes the noise out of cleaning. The power unit’s patented sound-reducing technology reduces the sound level to less than a dishwasher’s.

While most vacuums require a new filter every couple of months and a cloud of dust that comes when you replace them, the Quiet Clean never will. It comes with a permanent HEPA filter that cleans itself after every use, keeping the air inside the home clean.

Models in the QuietClean Series include: CS3000, PU3900, PU3650

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