Miele Red Velvet Canister Vacuum Review

The Miele Red Velvet Canister Vacuum (S6270) represents Miele’s relaunch of the S6 series vacuum cleaner. A high quality, full-featured vacuum that balances beauty with power and functionality. Price: $469.00 (MSRP) PROS Very quiet Agile Excellent suction and filtration CONS Cannot use hose or attachments without the handle BOTTOM LINE The Miele Red Velvet works […]

Miele S2 Series Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Chart

The Miele S2 Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner Series includes four models, the Olympus S2121, Capri S2121, Delphi S2121, and Titan S2181. The basic features of these compact canister vacuums are the same, where they differ is in the floor tools provided with the machine. Further, the Olympus and Capri models have non-electric implements, while the […]

Miele Olympus S2 Series (S2121) Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Miele Olympus S2 Series Canister Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be a basic vacuum, yet maintain the same high quality and performance standards that are synonymous with its Miele name. Price: $299.00 (MSRP) Save at Amazon PROS Quiet Lightweight Powerful Excellent performance CONS Cord could be longer Tool storage is awkward BOTTOM LINE The […]

Miele Jubilee (S5281) Vacuum Cleaner - Features, Reviews, and Ratings

The Miele Jubilee S5281 Vacuum Cleaner commemorates 25 years of Miele/U.S. partnership, 80 years of floor care expertise, and 110 years of family ownership. The Jubilee joins a legacy of award-winning Miele vacuum cleaners, offering a unique flexibility that delivers optimal cleaning results. The Miele Jubilee is designed for medium to high-pile carpeting, area rugs, […]

Miele S5 Vacuum Cleaner Series - Powerful Floor Care Solutions

The Miele S5 Series of canister vacuum cleaners includes a host of models with features specifically targeted at particular needs. For instance, there is a vacuum cleaner designed for people suffering from allergies (Allervac Sensor 5000), another for pet owners (Cat and Dog TT 5000), and one for larger homes and several different types of […]

Miele S5 Ariel Vacuum Cleaner (S5211) - Features, Reviews, and Ratings

The Miele S5 Ariel vacuum cleaner, like all Miele vacuums, is built to exacting standards and includes a host of features designed to make it durable, efficient, and easy to use. Price: $519.00 (MSRP) Save at Amazon PROS Quiet Lightweight Powerful Excellent performance CONS None BOTTOM LINE The Miele Ariel S5211 is a great canister […]

Miele S500 Vacuum Cleaner Series - The World's First Ever HEPA-Certified Canister Vacuums

With the Miele S500 Vacuum Cleaner Series, Miele’s legacy as a world leader in vacuum cleaner design and engineering continues. These vacuums offer great versatility and value for the price. Perhaps most impressively, the S500 (and S600) series represent the world’s first ever HEPA-certified vacuum cleaners. Installing the optional certified HEPA filter is important, because […]

Miele S7 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Superior Cleaning For Pet Lovers!

The Miele S7 Cat & Dog Vacuum is tough on pet hair, easy on you. As all pet owners know, pet hair gets everywhere and you need a vacuum cleaner capable of removing stubborn cat and dog hair from furniture, floors, and just about every other surface of your house … enter the Miele S7260 […]

Miele Vacuum Cleaners - The Mercedes of Vacuums

Miele The Company Miele, a German manufacturer of high quality vacuums and appliances since 1899, has but one mission … quality without compromise. It permeates every aspect of the company, from the boardroom to the showroom. [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t2-top.shtml] More than 100 years after Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann founded the company, it is still family-owned […]