SteamFast SF 275 Steam Cleaner - Steam Clean Fast And Easy

The SteamFast SF 275 Steam Cleaner (AKA SteamMax SF275) by Top Innovations uses the power of steam to clean and sanitize your home without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. Steam cleaning provides an environmentally friendly alternative to allergy sufferers, chemically sensitive individuals, and anyone wishing to reduce or remove hazardous household cleaners from […]

SteamFast Steam Cleaners - Affordable Home Steam Cleaning Products

SteamFast Steam Cleaners are manufactured by Top Innovations, Inc., which also makes SteamMax and McCulloch Steam Cleaners and CleanFast cleaning products. They have developed affordable steam cleaners that are simple to use, and with performance you’d expect from much more expensive steam cleaning machines. [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t2-top.shtml] Steamfast debuted its first product, a garment steamer, in […]

SteamFast SF-246 Portable Steam Cleaner - Fast, Portable Steam Cleaning Power

The SteamFast SF-246 Portable Steam Cleaner (AKA SteamMax SF246) from Top Innovations combines the power of a full-size steam cleaner with a compact design to create a handheld, portable steam cleaner. The SF-246 eliminates dirt, grease, grime and more, quickly and easily. Free of harmful and caustic household cleaners. Steam cleaning leaves behind a truly […]