Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Methods

Low-moisture carpet cleaning methods have many advantages over water extraction, including, faster drying times, greater water and energy efficiency, and less contaminated waste water. There is also less risk of over-wetting, re-soiling, and wicking than hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is the traditional method of cleaning and restoring carpets. It is still often the […]

World's First Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

British industrial design student Jake Tyler of Loughborough University has created the world’s first cardboard vacuum cleaner. So impressed with his design was Vax, the UK’s top selling floor care brand, that it is now preparing a limited production of his revolutionary machine, dubbed the Vax ev. Tyler’s motivation behind this unique vacuum cleaner was […]

Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers Provide Repair Assistance To Consumers

  [include file=/includes/ads/ads-t3-top-right.shtml] Times are definitely tough out there, which is causing more and more people to opt for repairing their household appliances rather than replacing them. This trend has spurred many manufacturers to focus additional resources towards customer help lines and online tutorials to accommodate the increase in demand from people wanting to do […]