The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

We are often asked what is the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair? Is it an upright vacuum cleaner, a canister vac, bagged or bagless vacuum?

The ability to vacuum up pet hair has less to do with the style of the vacuum cleaner than with its beater bar bristle design and vacuuming power. Using a bag vacuum or a bagless vacuum is a matter of personal preference.

Finding The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

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Anyone who has a dog or cat knows how important a good vacuum is … and how difficult it can be to find one! Many vacuum cleaners are marketed at pet owners with words such as "Animal" or "Pet" emblazoned on the side. However, any good quality vacuum, one with excellent suction and a quality, powered beater bar, will perform well in a pet environment.

Most vacuum manufacturers have at least one model that is specifically designed for pets, which usually means it comes with special attachments that are good at removing pet hair. Dyson, for instance, has animal models which are equipped with accessories such as a turbo brush to remove pet hair from carpets, upholstery, and car interiors.

Many inexpensive, poor quality vacuums only have a “vacuum for pet hair” decal on the side and are actually prone to clogging and shortened life span when used in a pet hair environment.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune on a good vacuum, only that you must choose wisely when determining the best vacuum for pet hair for your home. The Hoover Wind Tunnel Anniversary Edition uprights (bagged U5491-900 and bagless U5786-900) retail for under $200 and are excellent on carpets, bare floors, and at general cleaning, as well as picking up pet hair.

A few other best vacuums for pet hair as rated by consumers include:

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  2. I find the robotic vacuums are very good too. They are not as powerful, but you can use it everyday!

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