The Best Vacuum Cleaner You Can Buy - How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Your Needs

Find the Best Vacuum Cleaner based on price/value, performance, features, and consumer reviews.

Things to consider when choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner:

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What types of flooring will you be vacuuming? Lots of wall-to-wall carpeting? Mostly solid flooring? Or a combination of both? Do you have delicate flooring like hardwood? Consider the following:

  • Upright vacuum cleaners are excellent for cleaning large areas of wall-to-wall carpeting. With the aid of attachments, they can also clean solid flooring, stairs, drapes, blinds, and ceilings, but generally canister vacuum cleaners handle these tasks much better.
  • A powered brushroll that can easily be turned off if you need to transition from carpeting to hard floors.
  • For delicate hardwood floors, get a vacuum with non-marring wheels and a good, non-powered brush head.

If allergies are an issue in your household you’ll want:

  • A vacuum equipped with a good HEPA filter. They are usually standard equipment on the more expensive vacuums.
  • A completely sealed system that keeps all the dust inside and eliminates emissions during vacuuming, like a Miele.
  • Bagged vacuums, water filtration vacuums, and central vacuum systems reduce or eliminate dust when emptying.

What about pets?

  • All pet owners know how difficult it can be to get dog and cat hair out of carpets and off furniture. The best vacuum for pet hair will have a powerful, motorized brush roll and excellent suction.

Do you have a multi-level home and/or stairs?

  • You’ll want a long hose and a good, preferably powered, hand brush head for cleaning carpeted stair treads.
  • Light weight – If you have a multi-level home and will be carrying the vacuum up and down stairs, get the lightest weight vacuum that you can manage easily.

Need to vacuum under beds and other low furnishings?

  • It can be difficult to clean under low furniture with some uprights. If you’re going to be vacuuming under beds, coffee tables, and other low furnishings, select a canister vacuum or an upright with a low profile.

How about high ceilings and hard to reach areas?

  • If you have vaulted ceilings, or other high places you need to reach, look for a vacuum with a longer hose and telescoping wand.

Other considerations:

  • If you need to vacuum a large area without having to unplug the vacuum, or your electrical outlets are few and far between, look for a vacuum with the longest power cord you can find.
  • Most vacuums come with an assortment of tools. Be sure to compare the variety, and quality, of the attachments and accessories that come with each vacuum. They are not all created equal.
  • Dirt sensors are the latest rage. The theory is that when the vacuum senses less dirt being picked up, that the area is clean. However, our experience has been very poor with this feature. We don’t find that it adds anything to the performance of the vacuum, just to its cost.
  • Bag vs. Bagless – We are big fans of bagless vacuums, however, if allergies and dealing with potential dust when emptying your vacuum are issues, you should consider purchasing a vacuum with a bag. Be sure to factor in the cost of replacement bags and filters as well.


Best Vacuum Cleaners Based on Price / Value

Dirt Devil Featherlite

Dirt Devil Featherlite VacuumThe Featherlite comes in both bag and bagless models. It is Dirt Devil’s lightest, full-sized upright WITH tools. A powerful 12 amp motor, ready-to-use hose, and on-board tools provide extended cleaning reach to get in, above, or around obstacles.

We found the Featherlite to have impressive bang for the buck and consumers agree. Read the full review on the Dirt Devil Featherlite here.

Bissell CleanView Helix Vacuum

Bissell CleanView Helix VacuumWith its exclusive Helix Separation System and a variety of easy to use tools, you can clean both carpet and hard floors as well as stairs, furniture and other hard to reach areas with this bagless vacuum.

For an inexpensive vacuum the Bissell CleanView Helix bagless upright vacuum cleaner is a pretty decent performer. It is a little noisy, but that is to be expected with most vacuums, particularly those in the $100 price range. Read the full review on the Bissell CleanView Helix here.

Best Vacuum Cleaners Based on Performance

Miele S7 Cat & Dog (S7260)

Miele S7 Cat & Dog VacuumThe Miele S7 Cat & Dog Vacuum is designed to last a lifetime. It is a durable, high-quality vacuum cleaner that performed extremely well in all of our tests.

We also found the S7 Cat & Dog a joy to use, it actually makes vacuuming fun. Read the full review on the Miele S7 Cat & Dog here.

Best Vacuum Cleaners Based on Features

Miele Jubilee (S5281)

Miele Jubilee S5281 VacuumThe Miele Jubilee S5281 joins a legacy of award-winning Miele vacuum cleaners, offering a unique flexibility that delivers optimal cleaning results. We are always excited to see a Miele vacuum come in for review and the Miele Jubilee S5281 didn’t disappoint!

You can rest assured, with the purchase of a Miele Jubilee, that you will be delighted by both its suction power and the quality of the vacuum’s fit, finish, and operation. Read the full review on the Miele Jubilee here.

Shark Navigator (NV22W, NV22L, NV22LCO, NV22T)

Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22W)The Shark Navigator is a compact, lightweight vacuum cleaner designed for ease of use. It has all the features of a full-sized upright vacuum in a package that is about half the size.

For a compact vacuum, the Navigator does a good job with both carpets and bare floors. Its small size makes it well-suited for small apartments and homes. Read the full review on the Shark Navigator here.

Dyson DC25 Ball

Dyson DC25With its Dyson Ball technology, the DC25 maneuvers easily around furniture and obstacles. The ball also encapsulates the machine’s 11 amp motor, creating a low center of gravity for even easier maneuverability.

Models in the DC 25 Series include: DC25 Blueprint, All Floors, and the Animal. Read the full review on the Dyson DC25 here.

Best Vacuum Cleaners Based on Consumer Reviews

Once again the Miele Jubilee, Shark Navigator, and Dyson DC25 come in tops with consumers. Each one consistently rated among the highest in overall customer satisfaction.

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  1. What about the robot vacuum cleaners? Have any information about those?

    • We don’t currently have any reviews or recommendations on robotic vacuums. However, you can read about iRobot’s Roomba vacuums here.

  2. I’m looking for a vacuum for cleaning the hardwood floor? Which one above is the best for doing the job?

    • A good, non-marring canister vacuum is best for hardwood floors and Miele makes some of the best canister vacuums you can buy. Check out our recommendations specifically for wood floors here.

  3. I do like the Dyson DC25 you recommended but, like all Dysons it seems, it’s the price that is off-putting. I do wish Dyson would introduce a budget range of cleaners.

  4. I really like the robotic vacuum cleaners. They get to the tight places easily. Though slightly expensive, I love their ease of operation.

  5. Pooja Desai says

    What about robotic vacuum cleaner.? I am going to but iRobot Roomba

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