Best Selling Stick Vacuum Cleaners

The Current Best Selling Stick Vacuum Is The:

Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum

Best Selling Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum Image

The Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum (BH50010) has been a top seller for over 3 years, with more than 850 four and five star reviews at Amazon alone.

Popular selling points are its ease of use and excellent cleaning ability, especially on pet hair and cat litter. Users uniformly praise the LINX’s ability to quickly and easily go from hard floors to rugs or carpets, and to clean both surfaces surprisingly well, especially for a cordless stick vac. With its on/off powered brushroll and soft, non-marring rear wheels, the LINX is ideal for delicate wood floors.

The LINX utilizes Hoover’s patented WindTunnel technology and an 18-volt Lithium battery to provide powerful, upright performance in a convenient, cordless stick vacuum.

This is one terrific little stick vac. There is good reason why it has been the #1 bestseller at Amazon, and other big retailers, for so long!

Watch a video of the Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum in action

[FMP width=”420″ height=”315″]/media/hoover/hoover_linx_cordless_vacuum_system.flv[/FMP]


Top 10 Best Selling Stick Vacuum Cleaners:

  1. Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum (BH50010)
  2. Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1, 96H
  3. Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik All-in-One Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  4. Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum – SH20030
  5. Hoover Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle, S2220
  6. EL1030A Ergorapido Ion Bagless Cordless Stick and Hand Vac
  7. BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum
  8. BISSELL FeatherWeight Vacuum, Bagless, 3106B / 3106-1
  9. Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra 2 In1 Stick Vacuum EL1022A
  10. Electrolux ErgoRapido Bagless Cordless Handheld/Stick Vacuum Cleaner, EL1014A

These are currently the most popular stick vacuums according to All vacuum cleaners on this list are available at deeply discounted prices via the above links. Just click on them for more information and in depth reviews.

The selection of bestselling stick vacs above includes both stick only and stick/hand vac combos and is a great starting point for comparing the various stick vacuums and the different options available.

Whether you are searching for a stick vacuum for yourself, or as a gift for another, one of these will surely fit your needs perfectly.

When searching online, as mentioned above, these stick vacuums are available at incredibly low prices at Amazon’s discount prices change daily, so be sure to check out the April 23, 2021 sale price for these items now by clicking on the bolded links above.


  1. Lena E. Henson says

    We have had our original Boss vacuum over 3 years and found it to be a really great addition to using a regular vacuum. It doesn’t pick up like a standard vacuum but because it is so easy to use, the house gets vacuumed more often (and therefor stays cleaner). I can do almost the entire main living area of our house on a single charge and bought an additional battery pack when a single battery isn’t enough. Ours get used 3 to 7 times a week and we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 boys to clean up after.After 3 years here’s the “good and not so good”:Good:– Lighweight, manuverable, and mechanically reliable– Battery life is acceptable and replacement batteries are relatively cheap– Dirt container is easy to empty and cleanCould be better:– Battery connection to unit is cheap and corrodes after time (we found that what we thought was weak batteries was just poor connection — it’s easy to clean but not the best design)– Dog and cat hair poses an issue with the rollers on the bottom of the unit – it clogs the rollers and is difficult to clean out without dismantling the vacuum brush head– The roller design is cheap and is the only mechanical item on the unit to fail — the shafts supporting the rollers broke their mounts and came offAs mentioned above — we use this unit ALOT and I figure for over 3 years of use the $29 purchase price is well worth it so I came back to purchase another one.

  2. Trinidad E. Huff says

    Update 6/21/12 Like so many others I was faced with the non-replaceable dead battery problem. I really liked my Electrolux vac but until I was not willing to fork over another item with planned obsolescence. I purchased the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner and I was surprised to find that not only is the removable battery was more convenient but the power of this unit surpasses my electrolux.

    If you are having to replace your unit I do suggest glancing at the Hoover Linx.. I’m pleased.

    **Original Review** Having building a 3700 sq ft home, I found that I was sweeping my tile floors into little piles and then waiting..waiting..waiting for the ambition to get out the full size vacuum to eliminate the piles. The Electrolux stick vacuum came to the rescue and now it just takes a moment to access this cute little vacuum and finish the job. A quick once over in my cooking areas and my house maintains a clean feel.

    Crumbs, pet hair, and sand are no match for this little machine. I found that I now use it daily and the motor is quiet enough not to frighten my pets. I love the long handle of the stick vacuum, yet the hand-held part is easily accessible. I would highly recommend this to all my friends, as I am extremely pleased with the quality of this unit.

  3. Matthew A. Hall says

    Looks extremely convenient and lightweight. I used to have a Hoover years ago but it did finally give up the ghost. I loved it so much! This one looks incredibly handy to do the stairs. Hoover’s are always so stylish too.

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