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Aerus Electrolux or Aerus Lux, which is it?

Aerus Electrolux Vacuum CleanerA lot of people are confused about who actually makes the Electrolux brand of vacuums. The confusion is justified, as there are two companies involved with the “Electrolux” brand name.

The “new” Electrolux models available at local retailers, or online at, are made by Electrolux Home Care Products North America, which also manufactures vacuums under the Eureka and Sanitaire brand names. The “original” Electrolux vacuum cleaner that your mother and grandmother used and trusted is now called the Aerus Lux and is manufactured by Aerus LLC.

Aerus Lux vacuums are only available through an authorized Aerus Healthy Home Consultant, though many Aerus Lux vacuum cleaner accessories, bags, filters, and parts can be purchased online at

Aerus began in 1924 under the name Electrolux when Gustaf Sahlin introduced the Electrolux tank vacuum cleaner to the United States. Almost overnight, its unique design became the standard of excellence. Since then, Aerus products have been proudly owned by over 50 million households and businesses.

All Aerus products have always been, and continue to be, tested and improved to meet the demands of contemporary homes and busy lives. For instance, in 1921, Electrolux / Aerus introduced the first vacuum cleaner on runners which allowed people to drag the vacuum along instead of having to carry it.

In the 1950s, when wall-to-wall carpeting became all the rage, Electrolux / Aerus was the first to introduce a commercial-duty carpet shampooer for consumer use.

While Aerus is most well known for its line of canister vacuums, they also offer several upright models and even a central vacuum system.

Aerus Lux Canister Vacuum Features

There are 3 primary problems with vacuum cleaners that the Lux line of canister vacuums is designed to overcome.

  • A loss of power occurs in conventional vacuums when dust blocks the pores of the bag or filter, causing a decrease in airflow. Lux vacuum cleaners operate with cyclonic suction, preventing clogs and keeping power at its peak.
  • Blow-through occurs when fine dirt and dust pass through the bag and filter, re-entering the air when using a conventional vacuum cleaner. Lux canisters are equipped with high efficiency filters to capture even the tiniest of pollutants.
  • In conventional vacuums, insufficient airflow is a consequence of using flat tools on a flat surface. All tools for the Lux line are air breathing, permitting consistent, high-velocity airflow for more efficient cleaning.

Aerus Lux Vacuum Cleaner Models

Canister Vacuum Cleaners:

Aerus Lux Guardian Ultra CanisterAerus Lux Guardian Ultra Canister

The Lux Guardian Ultra is a true HEPA sealed system with a newly designed motor that produces 40% more airflow than the previous version, the Lux Guardian. It’s also 20% lighter and comes with a 20-year warranty.

Aerus Lux Guardian Canister

Aerus Lux Guardian CanisterThe Lux Guardian is a completely sealed, HEPA system with 99.97% efficiency in removing particles 0.3 microns and larger from the air you breathe. It is a 3-motor brushless system that produces 395 air watts of cleaning power and comes with an unprecedented 25-year warranty.

Aerus Lux Legacy

Aerus Lux Legacy VacuumThe unique L-shape designed power nozzle with headlight provides front, side, and rear cleaning of table and chair legs. When used with its convenient attachments, the Lux Legacy can clean not only your carpets and floors, but also walls, drapes, upholstery, ceilings, window screens, bedding, mini blinds, and overhead fans.

Aerus Lux Classic

Aerus Lux Classic Canister VacuumThe 2-motor system in the 11 lb. Classic provides a powerful 395 air watts for efficient cleaning in a compact form. It comes equipped with a 20 foot power cord and automatic rewind, on-board tools, and a thermal protector that shuts off the motor to prevent overheating in an emergency.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners:

Aerus Lux Guardian Upright

Aerus Lux Guardian Upright VacuumThis model comes with many automatic protection features like, when locked in an upright position, the brush roll will automatically stop to prevent damage to flooring; if an object is entangled in the power nozzle, it automatically shuts off to prevent damage; the motor automatically shuts down if it overheats; and the Guardian will not operate without a filter bag, protecting the motor.

Aerus Lux Commercial Upright VacuumAerus Lux Commercial Upright

The Commercial comes equipped with an extra wide 15-inch cleaning path to cover more area for faster cleaning; powerful commercial motor that can handle carpet and bare floors with equal efficiency; a reinforced power nozzle, bag housing, and handle that gives added durability.

Aerus FreshEra VacuumAerus FreshEra™

The FreshEra weighs in at only 10 lbs. This latest model has an improved roller-brush and edge-cleaning bristles that ensure debris in tight spaces is removed. A 2-speed switch controls suction for normal cleaning or more delicate jobs such as rugs and wood floors. It also features quick and easy bag replacement, with larger capacity bags than previous models.

Central Vacuum Cleaner:

CentraLux Central Vacuum

CentraLux Central VacuumThe CentraLux can be installed in either existing homes or homes under construction. The powerful motor offers more than twice the suction power of most portable vacuum cleaners and noise is virtually eliminated with the main unit hidden in the basement or garage. The CentraLux’s brushed aluminum, 6-gallon, rustproof tank is bagless, saving money and the tank only needs to be emptied twice a year with normal use.


Consumer Reviews of Aerus Lux Vacuum Cleaners

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  1. I recently purchased an Aerus Electrolux Legacy model and I couldn’t be happier. When we decided to upgrade our vacuum, we wanted to make sure we made a smart decision. When we considered maintenance and reliability, there really was no other choice than an Aerus. My mother had an old Electrolux and never once had a problem. Other machines require much more repair and it is often difficult to get parts because the machines are no longer in production. I know that my Aerus dealer isn’t going anywhere and that I will always be able to get parts and supplies delivered to me for free.

    My new vacuum cleans so well, and when you consider the warranty and the trade in I got, it wasn’t outrageously priced. I’d rather pay a little more now, and get a quality machine that will last me 20 years.

    Thank you

  2. Maurine Kennedy says

    I got this in May ’11 to replace a Hoover cordless vac that just quit working one day. I was actually looking for another cordless/bagless type, but when i visited the Electrolux store and was shown this vacuum, I opted for it. My old cordless stick vac would only run for about 15 minutes then it would die. Then one day it just totally died. It wasn’t the battery, because the vac would make the noise as though it were running, but it was not suctioning anymore. Nothing was hung up in it, it just did not suction anymore.

    The Quick Lux plugs in and has a very long cord, so I love knowing i have endless power. It is not very big so it is easy to use yet does a good job on hardwoods and tile floors. It’s not really designed for carpet.

    The suction on the Quick Lux is excellent. The only thing I don’t like is cleaning the filter. I much prefer a bin to just empty. This one has something shaped like a “shower cap” that i have to take off now and then and pick and shake out the dust and dirt. That kind of bothers my throat and lungs. I don’t have to clean it every single time, maybe only every 3rd or 4th time. It’s definitely worth the little extra work, but i would like to see Electrolux come out with one with a bin that can just be emptied. Before i bought it, the salesman showed me the cup that the dirt was supposed to go in. Well, that made it look like it would be a simple matter to just open and empty it. But in reality the dirt and dust all clings to the little “shower cap” filter, so it’s not just a simple matter to dump it out. That was a little deceiving.

    I would definitely buy it again unless Electrolux comes out with the removable cup style that you truly just empty and don’t have to worry about the “shower cap” filter.

  3. Mrs. Olga Taylor says

    I have two Original Electrolux vacuums before they became Aerus. After 28 years of daily use, my upright gave up.
    I first opted to trade it in for a new model, but after trying some of their models, I decided that older is better and had
    it repaired. I am so glad I did! It sweeps and picks up much better than I found the new ones to do. My other Electrolux
    is an Original canister type…love it, love it, love it!

  4. I used to love my Aerus Central Vac. Unfortunately a couple of days ago it just stopped working. I tried a few things myself to see what the problem could be (reset switch etc.). Then I called the dealer and he came over and said it was the motor. My system is only 10 years old, and of course they only cover it for 5 years. It’s so disappointing that for all that money that the motor only lasts 10 years. I talked to another repairman because I saw online that they can last for 20 years. He said that now they last about 10 years max most of the time! I called Aerus customer service and they just stand by their 5 years like that was good. I have had vacuums that lasted way over 10 years, and the old Eureka upright that I have is still working and that’s about 20 years old. I asked the woman at Aerus how she would feel after spending all that money for it only to last 10 years and she was ok with that. lol. Anyway, I am going to look around for another unit by another company if anyone has any suggestions. Also, I will find out about replacement motors. One repair man said $250 and the Aerus rep said about $400 for a new motor.

  5. Am considering purchasing an older refurbished aerus electrolux classic canister vacuum and wanted any opinions as to whether or not it would be a good investment. It is priced at around $300.00. Looks good in pics. I am so tired of paying the same amount for new Hoovers & Eurekas that literally fall apart after a few yrs. Any thoughts?
    Thank you!

    • Purchasing anything used from an unknown seller is always a gamble, however, if you can verify that the vacuum has been recently refurbished by an authorized Aerus Lux dealer, then chances are good that it will provide you with years of good service.

      Regardless of Aerus being a quality brand, over time motors and other components do wear out and require replacement. Depending on how old the vacuum is, expense and availability of parts may be issues if anything is wrong with the vacuum.

      Good luck!

    • Hi:
      My advice to you is this.
      Don’t buy a refurbished Aerus vacuum. This is not a good idea for many reasons. I strongly suggest you go to an authorized Aerus dealer in your area and ask for a demonstration on the Aerus legacy. This vacuum is by far the best for the price of any vacuum sold today. If you figure that they last about 25 years with proper use and care it would cost you about $10.00 monthly to own. Taking into consideration that they clean the way you won’t believe and this vacuum has a free 10 year warranty it make sense. The Hoovers & Eurekas are not made to last of for that matter clean well. Furthermore, the Aerus legacy has two filters, three motors counting the sidekick attachment that cleans bedding, upholstered furniture and anywhere that the large power head can’t reach it is one heck of a cleaning machine.
      I have been using Aerus for about 18 years and I have never had a problem. Furthermore, the bags, filers and any other needs are delivered to your home free of charge by a aerus representative. This eliminates the need to go to the store to shop. Finally, the only place to buy a Aerus Legacy of any of their products is from an authorized Aerus store.
      However, there are places advertising the Aerus products that are bogus of made to fit Aerus vacuums. Whatever, you do avoid these places since they are cheap imitations.
      Go to your area Aerus store and see all of their products. You will never be unhappy with their vacuums.

  6. olga taylor says

    Last year I wrote regarding how much I loved my Electrolux products. Well today, I have changed my opinion only after picking up my much loved Canister Vacuum from having a new motor put in. This is the second motor repair. The first
    motor was replaced approximately 10 years ago and worked fine until it burned out this past week. Total bill was $475.00 including labor costs. However, when i turned the vacuum on, I could tell that it just didn’t sound the same. I sounded very weak compared to the other motor. I called the repairman at the Santa Ana, Ca. location, and he told me that now the
    motor had been reduced to a 9 amp motor instead of the original 12 amp motor. But, he assured me that the suction
    would be better. Well not so! It is not better! Plus the fact that the motor rives up straining to compensate when cleaning
    upholstery for example.
    It is very sad to see what used to be an excellent product be no better then the cheap vacuums under the name of Electrolux being sold at Lowe’s.
    After decades, yes decades of living with Original Electrolux and loving it, I would NO longer recommend this product.

    • Your post regarding the motor burning our was caused by your inability of knowing how to use this vacuum, A motor for this vacuum used according to the owner’s manual should last at least 25 year. Obviously, the new motor will burn out fast taking into consideration that you have not read the owners manual and or you are using the vacuum the wrong way.

      • What a snarky comment. You have no idea how she used it, Let me guess- you sell these vacuums. With a personality like yours I’ll bet you don’t have a lot of repeat customers.

  7. David A. Gilliland says

    Today I am about to purchase my 4th Areus Lux vacuum……I currently have a 2008 Legacy model that I will be taking to my vacation home to replace and “Off Brand Electrolux Vacuum” (the orange one). Actually I have had 5 Electrolux vacuums…..the first being a 1950 model that was my mothers that she allowed me to take with me when I was in the Navy and later in college….it was still running when I gave it to Goodwill in 1965.

  8. i would never buy anything but a aerus lux vacuum still the best in this world of terrible cheap vacuums id rather spend more and get more

  9. Brandon Reynolds says

    I have a rainbow that I love. Would not trade it for anything but sometimes gets old dealing with water and clean up. How do these compare to the rainbow

    • I would not buy an Aerus Electrolux. They are very, very expensive and very, very heavy to push. Mine has always had an odor to it before the bag is 1/2 full. I keep all the filters properly changed and have to change the bags frequently because of the above. The bags and filters are very expensive as well. Mine is about 5 years old, and I’m looking for another one to replace it. My problems have been ongoing since I bought it.

  10. I will never by another Electrolux. My mother and mother-in-law both used them forever. Good quality back then. I purchased one a couple years ago (they are expensive) and have had nothing but problems with it. Have had to ship it off for repair 3 times. Not the quality they use to be.

  11. Dee Michele says

    BUYER BEWARE…..This has been the biggest disappointment ever. I bought this vacuum a few years ago and absolutely hate it. The worst issue is trying to separate the hose handle. I cannot do it, my man cannot do it, and the person who does repair work in our home cannot get them separated. So the extra tools are useless because they cannot be attached, the only thing I could use is the attachment that was attached by the sales person. If this was not bad enough the changes they made such as the on/off switch on the machine rather than the handle and the attachments (that you can’t change anyway) are on this ridiculous attachment to the handle; both of which are horrid change. All in all this was a huge waste of money and I had to buy another brand vacuum that was usable. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE…. IT IS USELESS.

  12. what is your return policy

  13. Suzi Palmer says

    I have an Electrolux Hi-Tech 2100. It is now 34 years old. The power nozzle was shutting off on me so I took it to be repaired. The tune up and new hose will cost 550.00. The repair person said the nozzle is working fine for him, but that it needs a tune up and new nozzle. I agree to both those repairs. Meanwhile he is trying to sell me the Aerus Lux Classic Canister – priced at 1900.00 before tax, he is willing to give credit for my old machine and sell me the new for 1600-1700. He is going to ask his boss as to what deal he can give I am torn between keeping the old or buying the new. Does any one have any advice on the matter? I’m reading conflicting reviews…

  14. I found mine in the trash all it needed was a new bag it runs great quiet and Brake suction

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